Daily Archives: October 5, 2021

New App Store Update Available: Treehouse of Horror XXXII!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We teased it earlier this week on our spoiler video, which you can watch here if you missed it, and now it’s time to download the update!  The 2021 Treehouse of Horror Event has arrived in our app stores!

Remember, this app store update does not start the event it’s just the download for the event.  The event will start TOMORROW October 6th at 11am ET…time zone converter here ET is New York time zone. So please, don’t ask why the event hasn’t started in your game if it’s not October 6th at 11am ET…

Anywho here’s the app store description and what’s in store for us:

As of the posting of this, it’s currently only available on iOS and Google, Amazon it should hit soon so be on the lookout.  Remember, you may have to hard close and reopen your app store (and do a search for Tapped Out) to see the update…

So be sure to download the update, and be prepared for Treehouse of Horror to hit our game tomorrow (October 6th) at 11am ET!