Update Available in App Store: Hot Diggity D’oh

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Updated with characters to keep free below the fold. 

A new update is on the horizon!  In fact…it’s available right now in your app store!  (full disclosure, this hit the app stores a couple of hours ago I just wasn’t home to write up a post)

If you don’t see it in your list of available updates, you may need to search Tapped Out in your app store.

So what’s in store with this new update?  It’s called Hog Diggity D’oh!

As is our policy with updates where we don’t get info directly from EA in advance, we won’t share detailed spoilers on this event.  However, I can tell you this is a mini-event and it starts tomorrow, March 23rd, and runs until April 6th.  And here’s a couple of “spoilers” from directly within the game…

Here’s who to keep free:
+New Premium Character

Looks pretty awesome!  Look for this to start tomorrow, March 23rd!  (the official start time is 15oo UTC, which I believe translates to 11am ET)

Thoughts on the new mini-event?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

29 responses to “Update Available in App Store: Hot Diggity D’oh

  1. Any idea when the mini event starts? It’s after 10 Eastern time here.

  2. Astonishing update!! I can’t believe he is Caboose Chili !! I buyed his bus in 2017 now they release him!! Wonderful !!

  3. It’s 2 am on Wednesday (yes, I’m a night owl) and still no update for my ipad. I don’t know why they always wait until the event is just about to start or HAS started before offering the update in the App Store.

  4. Did anybody else mention the new trees on the mountains? Looks like they altered the look of the trees on the mountains with this update. It kinda freshens up the game a little bit and now these trees look like the ones we can use to decorate our Springfields. I like it!

  5. Oooh! I was just hoping for a Shelbyville centric update since that’s what I plan to do with my Northward Expansion and I always design more when that’s an update focus.

  6. I got my download at 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time …… aaand Hot Diggity D’oh! = either it’s a Transformer-sized Supreme 🌭 Cooker 🤖 (lol no please don’t!) OR 🤔 …. wasn’t there an Episode where Der Wienerschnitzel is briefly lampooned (eeeh, I’m probably wrong an I’m just craving a junkyard 🌭 from Der Wienerschnitzel!) 😅 ….. maybe TSTO is letting us know that ⚾ is back in Season!) 🤔

    Der Wienerschnitzel Menu


  7. Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂

  8. I’m looking forward to it!!

  9. Lisahadathought

    Any idea who we will need available to begin new update?

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