Should I Spend Donuts On Kliff & Kliff’s Kar Chalet?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Rev those engines Tappers because Hell on Wheels has arrived! Which car will be the king of the derby?  Well, it’s up to you to find out in TSTO’s latest update…Hell on Wheels!

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Kliff & Kliff’s Kar Chalet to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this smooth-talking sales combo to your town…

Building/Decoration: Kliff’s Kar Chalet
Character/Skin: Kliff
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
$200, 22xp/8hrs
Consumerism +20
Can Be Placed:

Leaves stores May 18th

The Rundown:
-Standard price for a character/building combo
-Full character for Springfield
-Helps earn event currency at a premium rate
-Comes with questline
-Visual Tasks are 8hrs and 12hrs
-Grampa has a 16hr task at the Chalet “Try to Buy a New Jalopy”

What Did I Do?:
Standard price and a full character, I grabbed it.

Here’s a look at the tasks…

Kliff’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Award Employee of the Month 1hr $105, 26xp Kliff’s Kar Chalet
Swindle Another Customer 4hrs $260, 70xp Kliff’s Kar Chalet
Advertise Krooked Deals 8hrs $420, 105 Outside/Visual
Hide Taxable Income 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Pester Suppliers for Kickbacks 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Springfield Autoshow/Kliff’s Kar Chalet

I’ll have the full dialogue of the questline up later on, but for now, here’s the Turbo Tappin’ version of the questline…

A Cheap Kar Named Desire Pt. 1
Kliff starts

Make Kliff Advertise Krooked Deals- 4hrs
Make Kirk Sign Financing Papers- 4hrs

A Cheap Kar Named Desire Pt. 2
Kliff starts

Make Kliff Search Sales Records- 4hrs
Make Legs Loom Menacingly – 4hrs
Make Louie Loom Menacingly- 4hrs

A Cheap Kar Named Desire Pt. 3
Kliff starts

Make Kliff Award Employee of the Month- 4hrs
Make Kirk Accept Employee of the Month- 4hrs

A Cheap Kar Named Desire Pt. 4
Kliff starts

Make Kliff Perform a Hit-And-Run- 4hrs
Make Kirk Fake Getting Hit by a Car- 4hrs

A Cheap Kar Named Desire Pt. 5
Kliff starts

Make Kliff Swindle Another Customer- 4hrs
Make Grampa Shop for a Kar-

Make Moleman Shop for a Kar- 4hrs

And that’s it, my friends, the details on Kliff and Kliff’s Kar Chalet!

Thoughts on Kliff and the Chalet? Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed it in your town? Design plans?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

And feel free to share some photos of your design plan as well! If you need help (or a refresher) posting photos in the comments, check out this post

8 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Kliff & Kliff’s Kar Chalet?

  1. I bought him. I like the building and character even though I don’t remember what episode his from. Going to rewatch the episode to have a refresher.

  2. Hoping you’ll do a full dialogue write up at some point. Checked in at a holiday party not realizing I was at the end of a prize earnings and ended up missing the conversation before and after receiving the Dent A Car building.

    Unfortunately this happens to me almost every multi week event at one point or another. Tapping on the Go!

    Been a fun prize track so far!!

  3. It’s a nice place to be when all I need think about are the repeatable items.
    Anything new or unique and returning is a guaranteed yes.
    For the repeatable items it’s how many have I got, do I like it enough to want more and how mad am I prepared to go if I want a few . . .
    Between my 2 towns I got over 5,000 snowcats this winter for example !!

  4. I immediately grabbed him at the start of the event since it’s easy to get donuts by KEM farming.

  5. The answer is easy and is: YES

  6. Since it’s (IMO) so much easier to accumulate donuts without paying real $ now, I’ve grabbed all of the combos lately, including this one. One thing that’s pleasantly surprised me about this event is we’re getting a full new character as the reward in part two.

    Unfortunately, I’m a lapsed The Simpsons viewer. I’ve caught some episodes in recent years, but I haven’t watched every week like I did when I was younger. I think the game’s getting to the point where they’re introducing characters from episodes I’ve never seen lol.

    Which episodes are Kliff and his Kar Chalet and Billy from?

    • Billy is from the legendary episode where Homer gets a stroke. He appears at the beginning when homer goes to get his car checked out when he hears a tapping sound

      Kliff is from season 9 – miracle on evergreen terrace

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