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Hell on Wheels Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 1 (Mrs. Pennyfeather)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the update…time for another fun and exciting prize post!

Act 4 of the Hell on Wheels event consists of 1 new building, 3 new decorations, and 1 new character.

Let’s take a look at character prizes on the Act 4 Prize Track: Mrs. Pennyfeather.  (we’ll cover the rest of the prize track in another post)…

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Should You Buy Truckasaurus II?

(Just a side note here…if anyone in the US is willing to go to Costco and look to see if they have baby formula for me please email me at Alissa@tstoaddicts.com.  Our Costco’s are completely sold out, and obviously baby Teddy needs formula as he’s only 6 months old…thank you!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Spending actual cash on donuts for an item is once again here in TSTO.  This is something EA’s been rolling out over the last few years, and it’s a new bonus for actually spending cash on donuts. (instead of just farming them)  Where they attach a limited-time, item to one of the donut bundles sometimes in addition to bonus donuts.

And I want to be perfectly clear…you do not need to buy these items for the event itself.  You can still play this game, and complete all the tasks and prizes, 100% free.  These cash-for-items are a new type of premium currency…because donuts have been so devalued with donut farming.

This time around we’re being offered Truckasurus II, for a tray of 132 Donuts ($9.99 in the US)..no bonus this time around.  While it’s hard for me to sit here and tell you if you should or shouldn’t spend actual cash on the game (spoiler, I think you should always spend at least a small amount…even if it’s $.99/year on the game if it brings you joy and you want to see it continue) I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of the plow and anything else you might be curious about.

So let’s consider this an abbreviated Should I Buy…

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