Reminder: Dog Days Multi-Event Starts Tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you had mentioned you’d like a separate reminder post for when the next events will start.  So here’s that separate reminder post…

Act 1 of the Dog Days Event starts TOMORROW, June 15th, at 11am ET! 

*Remember this is the FIRST Act of this event.  So brace yourself as the event continues on until Wednesday, July 20th*

Here’s minimum requirements to start Act 1:

Be at least level 15 and have Chief Wiggum unlocked to start Act 1, which will auto-trigger.

You’ll also need the characters that earn event currency free.  As a reminder, they are:
Chief Wiggum
Mayor Quimby
Kent Brockman
Santa’s Little Helper
New Premium Character for Act 1 (Check out this spoiler video to see who it is)

As noted in the spoiler video and same as most past events, this new premium character will help earn event currency, and you’ll need 150 donuts for that combo should you wish to purchase it.

As a reminder, you can see full Act 1 Spoilers here.

And that’s it, all you need to know to start up Act 1 tomorrow!

12 responses to “Reminder: Dog Days Multi-Event Starts Tomorrow!

  1. There is no option to buy a tray of 132 donuts and McGriff?

  2. I’m looking forward to new material. My only concern is the amount of space needed for all the new buildings and such. I hate storing anything that earns xp and cash..especially anything new and unique… but I’m certainly looking forward to the dialogue..always pretty funny stuff…

    • Italian Beauty

      I’m the same way Mike. If it earns cash and XP, it stays in my town, no matter how ugly or big it is.

    • You’ve already used up all the new land above Springfield Heights?!? Geez… I’ve been playing this game since 2014 and I still have land left in “regular” Springfield, let alone all the land available on the Heights side! (And, yes, I actually design nice-looking neighborhoods… I’m not a “plopper” (except for a few very recent items I haven’t had time to finish doing a proper design for).

      • No…I’ve probably used about a third of the new land..and I have a few plots in original town. I just wonder if we will ever get new land again…so I always worry about space. Plus I’m probably not as good a designer as you I guess.

      • Italian Beauty

        I haven’t used it all up. Trying to move stuff around into the new area and shrinking some of my other nicely designed spaces. I don’t like anything overlapping. I want to see the whole design of the building or decoration. There are some exceptions like things I don’t like or with trees and fences and the like. Thankfully I have the yellow submarine that will give you extra Squidport tiles so I can put some things on there as well. But space is getting tight for me. I can no longer design big spaces. Gotta crunch as much as I can into as small of a space as I can.

  3. Italian Beauty

    Just did the update and now the character finder box (don’t know what it’s called) in the upper left corner is showing all my animal NPCs in town as if they’re free to do a task, but when I tap on the NPC, there’s no task list for them. Very interesting. Anyone else seeing this? Maybe animal NPCs will have tasks during this event? Or maybe it’s just a glitch?

    • Italian Beauty

      I also just noticed that when I tap on my animal NPCs, they don’t do their usual animations. Really strange. Should be interesting to see what happens with them when the event goes live.

  4. Italian Beauty

    Is Ralph no longer needed for the Event? He was listed in the spoiler video.

  5. Update is in the app store

  6. Thank You Safi
    I downloaded an Update at the Google Play Store right now! 👍🏻

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