App Store Update: Dog Days

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like the newest update for TSTO, that we talked about here, has hit our app stores.

Here is the update description:

Available on iOS and Android.  Amazon should be soon…

Remember this is just the App Store downloaded.  THIS WILL NOT GO LIVE IN OUR GAMES UNTIL TOMORROW, JUNE 15TH, AT 11AM ET.  So please do not panic if you download the update and the new event doesn’t start up for you.  Check the date and time, if it’s not June 15th at 11am ET (that’s Eastern US time)/ 1500 UTC.  

Get ready for things to kick off tomorrow at 11am ET!  

10 responses to “App Store Update: Dog Days

  1. How do I get the crime dog mc gruff? I tried everything is there a glitch?

  2. TallSpiderCandy

    This has to be the fastest update I’ve ever experienced with this game lol! Hopefully that means it won’t be too buggy! Looking forward to what EA has planned for our towns – happy tappin everybody!! 🙂

  3. Robb Pearsall

    I loaded the upgrade earlier this morning EST and there is a glitch. There’s an issue with the character finder that is in the upper left hand corner. I sent everyone on their tasks which worked as normal, except for the cookie queen. She showed up in the finder, and I tapped it to locate her and assign her a task. The picture in the finder blanked out, and I was unable to locate the queen. Then finder started showing random images from my town. I decided to put the cookie castle into storage, and then put it back again, which also brought the queen out so I could give her a job. Then the finder went blank and starting showing random images everytime I tapped it. Hopefully, this will be caught early and fixed.

    • Same, add in that the character that is supposed to be available with a donut purchase is also missing. I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be with the $9.99 option as is typical however not only is the character missing but the entire $9.99 donut purchase option is missing.

  4. Yay Update! 😀

    I don’t know what makes me 😅 harder …. the homage to an o.g. Thanksgiving Event …. or the fact EA is back to a Splash Screen that only covers 6.1″ of a 6.8″ sized device (yep EA’s getting playfully heckled online for that!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Fun begins in a few hours! 👍🏻

  5. Greg Jablynski

    As a confirmed doggo person, I am looking forward to this event.

  6. The event looks interesting. I haven’t seen the spoilers so I had no idea what the event was going to be about. Now I have an idea of what it might be and it looks promising. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  7. The update seems buggy. All my toons are on 24-hour tasks until tomorrow morning. After the update, Bart was freed. I put him on a short, 8-hour task and now the toon indicator is showing as it someone is without a task. Touching that toon brings you to where they are, but they are on a task.

  8. The update prompt appeared. I clicked on it and the update was processed in less than one minute.
    Almost felt like it didn’t happen
    (Luckily my splash screen updated so I’m fairly certain I’m good)

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