Turbo Tappin’ Dog Days Act 3: All Bark and Even More Bite

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Act 3 is upon us…let’s get going with the Turbo Tappin’ version of the All Bark and Even More Bite questline…

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 1

Make Quimby Brainstorm Solutions- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Brainstorm Solutions-
Collect Hydrants-x125

Completed Task Earns Dog Gang…

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 2

Make Les Moore Prep the Cages- 4hrs
Make Quimby Prepare His “Mission Accomplished” Speech-
Make Wiggum Put on the Bite-Proof Suit-
Collect Hydrants-x145

Completed task earns Dog-Proof Suit Wiggum…

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 3

Make Dog-proof Suit Wiggum Get Ravaged By Dogs- 4hrs
Make Quimby Give Up-
Make Les Moore Pledge Fealty to the Dogs-
Collect Hydrants-x125

Completed task earns Animal hospital

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 4

Make Ralph Believe He Is Danger Dog- 4hrs
Make Sarah Wiggum Be Ambivalent-
Make Wiggum Eat Dog Food in the Kennel-
Make Lou Get Locked in the Kennel Too- 4hrs
Make Eddie Get Locked in the Kennel Too- 4hrs
Make Springfielders Watch it All on TV- x20. 4hrs
Collect Hydrants-x145

Completed task earns Danger Dog…

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 5

Make Homer Make a Case for the Doggy Overlords- 4hrs
Make Brockman Broadcast From the No Kill Kennel-
Make Wiggum Take a Nap in the Cage-
Make Ralph Pretend to Be Danger Dog- 4hrs
Make Les Moore Hose Down Wiggum’s Cage- 4hrs
Make Quimby Give Laddie the Key to the City- 4hrs
Collect Hydrants-x185

Completed task earns Neuterville City Hall…

Thoughts on the questline? Act 3? Sound off below.

25 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Dog Days Act 3: All Bark and Even More Bite

  1. all bark and no bit part 4, make Springfielders watch tv. I assume this is a glitch, not sure if it’s been reported? I had about 50 characters come off the task but it did not give credit for completion. Does anyone have a solution yet? Thanks.

  2. Hello my 24-hour task keeps repeating it won’t end I have everybody on it and when I tap I collect all the money but all the players are still there I go out of town and come back and all the thumbs up are there again keeps happening over and over

  3. Hey tappers

    Anyone bought Gill’s offer of the pet fair? Is it worth the donuts spend?

    • mr.rooney.to.you

      I bought it and don’t think it’s worth the donuts, sending npc to earn more in game currency 1 at a time.

      • Everybody keeps saying that the Gil’s deal earns currency, but I don’t see that. I’m assuming you’re talking about the contest stage, but I don’t get any currency from sending a creature to do that (or at least I don’t see any hydrant symbol float up when I collect the finished contest….). What am I missing?

  4. There is at least a 30 second delay on sending characters on jobs. Any one else having any problems like this?

    • That is often the walking time from where the character is to where they need to go and order to complete that task.

      It is most evident when doing a 6 second task that takes nearly a minute, because your characters on the other end of your town.

    • Yes, 100% of jobs are delaying by 5-8 seconds, with over 500 characters it’s impossible to send people on jobs as normal. This appears whenever a new temporary quest is assigned to all characters, in this case the 4 hour quest to watch it all on TV.

  5. In my newest game I dont have any fire hydrants at all. Haven’t had any problems collecting hydrants from the Simpson house.I play on android, what do the ones with problems play on?

  6. I should have Danger Dog (New Character) by tonight – and I’m not even Grinding (actually taking the time to 😅 at the Character Dialogue!) – but I’d be happy if this Multi-Act Event wrapped things up in Act 3!

    There’s less New Content in Storage (NPC’s) and more in my Springfield (Buildings), the New Characters are great (I didn’t need the Premium Character Combos, just McGriff the Crime Dog who’s worth the 💵’s!)

    Why wrap it up now? 4 Acts over 36 Days is just too long! You run the risk of dealing with New Content that’s “meh” vs “yeah” (so far? I actually like most of what I have obtained in this Event! it’s just I feel EA can do 3 Acts over 24 Days with 1 or 2 Premium Combos).

    Wishing everyone well 🙂

  7. I haven’t been able to get in since Monday afternoon, uninstalled and reinstalled.

    Sick of EA now

  8. Good morning Alissa. Hope you’re feeling a little bit better 😞😇
    I’ve been under the weather, so I haven’t been logging in as often as I used normally do. So I was wondering if you did a SIB for Gilles deal ?
    I’m sorry to burden you at a time like this.
    But maybe it’ll help take things off your mind if only for a few minutes.
    Hope you’re 3 little angles are doing well. 😃
    Lots of love and virtual hugs. Coming your way.

    • I believe the TSTO Addicts YouTube video offered up a solid opinion that you may like the Gil Deal for the extra New Content (none of which benefits by obtaining Event Currency), but I got the impression that most of us were excited by the $9.99 deal (McGriff the Crime Dog New Character + 132 🍩’s) – especially me because I had a $5 Google Play Store discount to use up.

      Please get well soon and let’s all send Sympathetic Vibes to Alissa n’ Family 👍🏻

      • Hi CJBROWNLV.
        Thanks for the response. Did you get to watch the video?
        What did you think of Gills deal? Are you getting it ?
        Is it worth the doughnuts ? 😃
        …Thanks 😎

        • I skipped on the Gil Deal due to not quite figuring out where it would go, but I have a feeling other Tappers will find a place for what it comes with (you could create anything from a Farmer’s Market to a Faire).

          Danger Dog is 😅 (plenty of Characters that I appreciate this time).

  9. The game crashed as soon as you pick a character to collect hydrants. Deleted app and reinstalled. Same thing. Using an iPad.

    • Do you have a fire hydrant in your town?

      • Safi
        I am waiting for Tappers to realize you need to spend sprinkles for the fire hydrants first (hey they’re in Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Colours!) … and Chief Wiggum in his Attack Dog Suit is 😅 (Alissa n’ You during each Act). 👍🏻

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