Dog Days Building Tasks

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Now that the Dog Days Event is over, it can be a bit overwhelming to take a look at the prize haul and figure out just what to do with everything.  With an event that ran 5 weeks (almost), it can be hard to remember what arrived with week 1 and want it did.  It can also be hard just remembering what the heck came with this event.

While I break down each item individually and include character tasks there, if there are any, it can be difficult to remember just who goes where.  So I’ve compiled one list of all the character tasks associated with a building.  Now you’ve got one place to go back and look to see which character animates which building from the Dog Days Event.

So let’s take a look…

Note: In this list I only included “Odd Ball” characters to animate the buildings.  Meaning regular Springfield characters, not associated with the building in general, who have a task at one of the event buildings.  If the building came with the character it’s not included in this list.

Building Character Task Length
Springfield Animal Police Academy Lou Teach Dogs to Aim Guns 6hrs
The Pitiless Pup Attack Dog School Mr. Burns Get the Hounds Trained Up 8hrs
Pet Costumes Flanders Get Baz the Cutest New Outfit 4hrs
Cheep Cheep Cheap Dewey Largo Get Sir Winston Some Puppy Treats 4hrs
Dog Playground Willie Run with the Wolves 8hrs
Animal Hospital Bart Take Santa’s Little Helper for a Checkup 4hrs
Neuterville City Hall Ralph Help Danger Dog with a Case 8hrs
Puppy Gap Dr. Hibbert Shop for Sweater for Rosa Barks 4hrs
Abercrombie and Fetch Lisa Try to Make Fetch Happen 6hrs
Bones and Noble Ralph Find Books that are More his Speed 8hrs

Thoughts on the list?  Have you been sending these characters on tasks at these buildings?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

13 responses to “Dog Days Building Tasks

  1. Great list thanks.
    There’s so many buildings now I wonder if EA would consider adding a link to the animating characters via clicking on the buildings?

    • I’ve been wanting that for years! And, at this point, with 560+ characters, it would be nice to have something to tap on to collect their finished tasks, like the Sky Finger statue that collects building tasks (but that doesn’t have a 24-hour “cooling period” like that does…it should be at most 16 hours, like the Where’s Maggie game).

  2. This is great, thanks Alissa. I’m always wondering about what can be done in new buildings. Also, I didn’t notice “Make fetch happen”, that cracks me up.

  3. Really disappointing, weak event, building laden, MEH?!

    • Yes one of the weaker events

    • What would you prefer..1 L Bil?..or a Mr. John Millar?…what would you 2 like to see in an event?..iA critique is fine..but at least provide a proposal for something better. Any suggestions?

      • I’ve been playing the TSTO for years now & used to comment on ideas for improving the format, much of which used to be in the game originally. Sadly it looks like we are stuck with these repetitive updates. Recently a few tweaks were introduced so maybe there is still some hope.
        Newcomers of course don’t know any different & I hope you enjoy playing the game as it is .

    • I like most of the buildings for this event, because they were appropriately sized and easy to fit into my Springfield’s design (except for the fire hydrant city hall thing). I’m not sure what the problem is with it being “building laden”…what would you have preferred to get instead — decorations? skins? We did get a few new characters!

    • Personally I was very pleased with this number of really nice detailed buildings, absolutely not the unsophisticated ones we got used to receive… far better than some absurd or useless decorations.

  4. I like when they give charactesr like Lou and Mr. Largo the jobs at the buildings instead of the usual characters. I understand why they have to do it but how many jobs can Homer, Bart,Lisa, Willie and Skinner have?

  5. Thanks Alissa
    Yep I’ve been sending Lou, Mr. Burns, Ralphie, Willie, Bart, Lisa the most on their Character Tasks to the New Buildings (so glad they don’t take up Real Estate). 😀👍🏻

  6. Where is Laddie from the first prize track and what is his task going forward

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