THOH XXXIII Act 4 Wrap Up: Everything Contained in Act 4

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In an effort to save time and energy for myself, I think these wrap-up posts might be here for a bit.   So, here’s the full round-up of everything you’ll need for Act 4.

This post will cover everything from the questlines, to character tasks, to prize breakdowns, and everything in-between.  So here. we. go…

Let’s kick off with a quick premium breakdown…

The Act 4 combo is Mad Dr. Itchy and his Castle…

Building/Decoration: Mad Doctor Itchy’s Castle
Character: Mad Doctor Itchy
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
$200, 22xp/8hrs
Indolence +20
Can Be Placed:
Grass| Pavement| Dirt

The Rundown:
-Standard price for a character/building combo
-Helps earn event currency at a premium rate
-Not Voiced
-Comes with questline
-Visual Tasks are 4 and 12hrs
-Frink has a 6hr task at the Castle (Ask to Borrow Some Transistors)

Mad Doctor Itchy’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Sharpen Scalpels 1hr $105, 26xp Mad Dr Itchy’s Castle
Test Bad Science Devices 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Freak Out Over His Electric Bill 8hrs $420, 105 Mad Dr Itchy’s Castle
Build a Revenge Bot 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Enjoy Owning a Scary Castle 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Mad Dr Itchy’s Castle

Full dialogue questline…

A Shady Day of Hazing Pt. 1

Mad Doctor Itchy: Frankenscratchy, I’ve the best mad doctor idea EVER! This will only hurt 20% more than my last idea. Frankenscratchy? Where’d you go?
Dr Colossus: *knock knock* Greetings, fellow mad scientist fiend!
Mad Doctor Itchy: Ugh. Fiend? I don’t need any more fiends. What do you all want?
Dr Griffin: We want to invite you to join the Council of Mad or Slightly-Agitated Scientists.
Frink: Or as we call it: COMOSAS!
Mad Doctor Itchy: COMOSAS?
Hank Scorpio: Sure, it rhymes with “mimosas”…kind of…sort of…not really.
Mrs Frink: But we do have mimosas for anyone who joins.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Tell me more!
Make Mad Doctor Itchy Have Morning Drinks with Mad Scientists- 4hrs
Make Mad Scientists Get to Know Mad Doctor Itchy- 4hrs
Blarg Alien: Blarg blarg! Blarg blarg, blarg blarg blarg.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Uh…is that guy actually a mad scientist?
Hank Scorpio: No idea, but his taste in Champagne is impeccable!
Mad Doctor Itchy: You all seem like a really cool group — although I gotta say, you don’t seem to be that “mad”.
Mrs Frink: I’m really not, but it’s important for girls to see women in STEM — even if it’s Mad STEM.

A Shady Day of Hazing Pt. 2

Mad Doctor Itchy: I can’t believe I’m rubbing elbows with so many mad science guys. I feel like I really belong.
Sebastian Cobb: You DO belong. So are you going to join COMOSAS?
Mad Doctor Itchy: Well, yes, of course I would love to become a member!
Dr Crab: Not so fast, Mad Doctor Itchy. First there’s an initiation.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Initiation? What are we talking about here?
Dr Colossus: Oh, nothing too onerous, just testing a few devices we’ve constructed recently.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Is that all? No problem! Are these mad science devices?
Dr Griffin: BAD mad science, sure. Hahaha!
Blarg Alien: Blarg LOL!
Make Mad Doctor Itchy Test Bad Science Devices- 4hrs
Make Mad Scientists Laugh at Mad Doctor Itchy- 4hrs
Mad Doctor Itchy: So testing those devices was just a hazing prank…to humiliate me?! No one gets the better of Mad Doctor Itchy!
Hank Scorpio: Sometimes I think our hazing goes too far.
Dr Colossus: And sometimes I don’t think we go far enough.
Hank Scorpio: Master class: Mad scientists should ALWAYS go too far.

A Shady Day of Hazing Pt. 3

Mad Doctor Itchy: The nerve of those guys! Never mess with anyone who’s messed up already! My unstable psychology demands vengeance!
Frankenscratchy: Does that mean I should get revenge on you for all of the humiliating things you’ve done to me?
Mad Doctor Itchy: Don’t be ridiculous. You’re a patchwork of cat parts. Parts don’t have feelings.
Frankenscratchy The Abyssinian, Persian, and Russian Blue cat hearts beating inside my Manx chest disagree.
Make Mad Doctor Itchy Build a Revenge Bot- 4hrs
Make Frankenscratchy Contemplate Revenge- 4hrs
Frink: Hey, what the flayvin is that? Did you build an attack-cat? For us?
Mrs Frink: Oh, my gosh! That’s so sweet.
Dr Griffin: I knew you were our kind of guy!
Mad Doctor Itchy: You’re not mad that I was plotting to kill you?
Dr Colossus: Of course not! Now please accept this welcome muffin basket.
Mad Doctor Itchy:They’re spiked with sleeping powder, aren’t they?
Dr Colossus: I would never do that to you!
Mad Dr Hibbert: But the rest of us would. Heh, heh!

Ok let’s talk prizes…

Here’s the Act 2 prize track…

Zombie Billboard Bundle (Decoration)- At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 1 and 115
Bottomless Pit (Decoration)- At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 2 and 115
Reanimator (Decoration)- At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 3 and 145
Abandoned Lighthouse (Building)- At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 4 and 145
Sideshow Chicken (Character)- At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 5 and 185

Let’s break them down…

Zombie Billboard BundleDecorations for Springfield

Size: 1×4
Conform: Indolence +10 Each
Other: Lights turn on when tapped.

Bottomless Pit, decoration for Springfield

Size: 3×3
Conform: Tree-Hugging +100
Other: Animated when tapped

Reanimator. Decoration for Springfield

Size: 4×5
Conform: Vanity +100
Other: Animated when tapped


Abandoned Lighthouse. New building for Springfield

Size: 5×5
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $105,11xp/5hrs
Conform: Socialism +10
Task: Marge has a 6hr task there, Deliver Some Tasty Muffins


Sideshow Chicken is an un-voiced Character for Springfield. Comes with a full set of tasks and questline.

Sideshow Chicken’s Permanent Tasks

Task Length Earns Location
Crow About Being Chicken Supreme 1hr $70, 17xp Mad Dr Itchy’s Castle/Brown House
Give a Mad Science Lecture 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Read a Good Book 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Help Plot Revenge on Bart 12hrs $420, 100xp Mad Dr Itchy’s Castle/Brown House
Bully Other Chickens 24hrs $600, 150xp Fancy Farms/Celtus’ Farm/Springfield Zoo

And here’s the questline…

Little Chicken Monster Pt. 1

Sideshow Chicken: Well, I’m free to live the life of an experiment gone too far.
Agnes: Science always goes too far! Everything in our house talks now, and I just want it all to shut up. I don’t care what the refrigerator thinks!
Sideshow Chicken: Madame, let me educate you on the difference between science and MAD science…
Agnes: Aw jeez, more cluck-cluck talk!
Make Sideshow Chicken Give a Mad Science Lecture- 4hrs
Make Agnes Skinner Kick Her Refrigerator- 4hrs
Agnes: A four-hour lecture that boils down to “Science good, mad science bad”.
Sideshow Chicken: Heavens, no! You’ve got it backwards! Science is boring, mad science is awesome!
Agnes: Just go back to laying eggs, will ya.

Little Chicken Monster Pt. 2

Sideshow Chicken: Springfield doesn’t have much in the way of the fine arts, but at least there’s a decent museum where one may contemplate true beauty in solitude.
Cletus: Hey, chicken feller!
Sideshow Chicken:Solitude just transformed into ineptitude. What is a yokel like you doing in Springfield’s Museum of Fine Art?
Cletus: “Fine Art?” It’s “Find Art”. Art’s my coonhound’s name and it looks like he’s sniffed out a chicken man.
Mr Burns Hound: *dog howl*
Cletus: You best be hightailin’ it outta here or you’ll be in my stew pot by nightfall!
Sideshow Chicken: Ugh. I am so done with this town.
Cletus: Why’d the chicken man cross the road?
Sideshow Chicken: I don’t know. Why did the chicken man cross the road?
Cletus: You kicked in the head or something? I just asked YOU that!
Sideshow Chicken: Fine. This Chicken man crossed the road to get away from the slack-jawed imbecile.
Cletus: That’s funny but who’s this slack-jawed imbecile in yer punchline?
Sideshow Chicken: This chicken is crossing the road NOW.
Make Sideshow Chicken Read a Good Book – 4hrs

Little Chicken Monster Pt. 3

Sideshow Chicken: So it turns out there’s not much to do around here for an intellectually superior chicken monster. So this is my life now — endlessly wandering the streets of this forsaken city over and over and over again…
Sideshow Bob: Really, Sideshow Chicken, such world-weariness is beneath an intellect such as ours!
Sideshow Chicken: Sideshow Bob!
Sideshow Bob: Of course. Now join me in the venture of plotting revenge on Bart Simpson!
Sideshow Chicken: Count this chicken in!
Make Sideshow Bob Plot Revenge on Bart- 4hrs
Make Sideshow Chicken Help Plot Revenge on Bart- 4hrs
Make Bart Feel Like He Should Watch His Back- 4hrs
Sideshow Bob: …and that will cause the whale to confuse Bart Simpson with krill and eat him alive!
Sideshow Chicken: Brilliant! But you do realize these schemes are all absurd and will never work.
Sideshow Bob: Of course! But who would Sideshow Bob be without fanatical schemes?!

And finally here’s the full dialogue version of the Act 4 main questline…

At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 1

Homer: People-chomping zombies! Run! But first it’s always more important to shoot video and post it!
Lisa: Ugh! This is what I’m talking about! People screaming, zombies slow-walking, biting, blood spraying everywhere — BOR-ING!
H P Lovecraft: A weird mind like mine could never be frightened by such banal grotesqueries.
Edgar Allan Poe: Yes. So prosaic! Now go over there and flash your big brain.
Zombie: You has-beens are just jealous because everyone loves zombies, and no one reads your dusty old “books” unless a teacher forces them to!
H P Lovecraft: Now you’ve gone too far, vile creatures!
Edgar Allan Poe: Indeed! Quoth the Raven: Eat my shorts!
Bart: Hey! That “quoth” is from the Bartman!
Make Poe Throw Zombies Down the Bottomless Pit- 4hrs
Make Lovecraft Throw Zombies Into the Bottomless Pit –
Make Bart Finally Be Impressed by These Old Dudes-
Make Mopey Mary Hide Her Laughter- 4hrs
Make Lisa Give Up on Halloween- 4hrs
Collect Eyeballs- x115
Edgar Allan Poe: The zombies are vanquished, and Halloween is near complete. I declare myself the victor!
HP Lovecraft: By what right?
Edgar Allan Poe: I ingeniously summoned Mopey Mary.
HP Lovecraft: She didn’t scare anyone!
Mopey Mary: True. My whole “crawling out of the TV” bit is pretty much all I’ve got.
Edgar Allan Poe: Fine! You have one final shot, Lovecraft. What have you got?
HP Lovecraft: Only my most twisted creation yet!
Homer: Twisted creation? As in pretzels! Yum!

At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 2

Lisa: I know you can do it, Mr. Lovecraft! Bring the true meaning of dread back to Springfield.
Edgar Allan Poe: Lisa, how could you?! I thought you were Team Poe.
Lisa: I’m Team Whoever can deliver true horror that isn’t just gore and cheap thrills. Plus, curved surfaces kind of scare me, too.
H P Lovecraft: Worry not, fellow non-Euclidean devotee. Prepare for horror beyond imagining! I’ll need a reanimator. Gently used if new is not available.
Lisa: There’s not anything like that in Springfield.
Bart: Sure there is. Mad Doctor Itchy has one at his castle on the edge of town.
H P Lovecraft: Excellent! But first we need to make a brief stop at the abandoned lighthouse.
Bart: What for? The only person who currently lives there is…Sideshow Bob!
H P Lovecraft: Exactly.
Make Lovecraft Kidnap Sideshow Bob- 4hrs
Make Sideshow Bob Get Kidnapped-
Make Bart Like Where This is Going-
Make Lisa Worry About Where This is Going- 4hrs
Collect Eyeballs- x115
H P Lovecraft: *knock knock knock*
Sideshow Bob: What is this? I was nearly napping, when suddenly there comes a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at the lighthouse door.
Edgar Allan Poe: Finally! Someone with some culture.
H P Lovecraft: Moribund and monotonous!
Sideshow Bob: Edgar Allan Poe! And H.P. Lovecraft!
H P Lovecraft: You’re probably wondering why I’m here, and why I have this chloroform, gag, and length of rope.
Sideshow Bob: I recognize a kidnapping when I see one.
Bart: He has some experience in the field.

At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 3

H P Lovecraft: Pardon us for dropping in unannounced on All Hallow’s Eve, Doctor Itchy.
Mad Doctor Itchy: You can call me “Mad”.
H P Lovecraft: I have a friendly wager with Mr. Poe as to who can create the greatest horror. I’ve something in mind that will chill you to the very marrow.
Mad Doctor Itchy: If there’s marrow involved, count me in!
Make Lovecraft Make an Insane Pitch to Doctor Itchy- 4hrs
Make Mad Doctor Itchy Say He’s All About the Crazy- 4hrs
Make Bart Get Excited for Crazy-
Make Lisa Worry About How Crazy This is Going to Get- 4hrs
Collect Eyeballs- x145
H P Lovecraft: The first thing I need is—
Mad Doctor Itchy: *cuts off Sideshow Bob’s head*
H P Lovecraft: How did you know that’s what I needed?
Mad Doctor Itchy: First I was going to cut off your head, but you were talking so…
Bart: Best Halloween ever!

At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 4

H P Lovecraft: All I need is but a moment at Mad Doctor Itchy’s reanimator, and Springfield shall know true horror at last!
Edgar Allan Poe: You’re getting desperate, Lovecraft! All you’ve got is the head of a sideshow buffoon and some spare parts.
H P Lovecraft: Just wait and see!
Make Poe Mock Lovecraft’s Desperation- 4hrs
Make Lovecraft Create a New Horror-
Make Bart Root for Lovecraft-
Make Lisa Root for This to End- 4hrs
Collect Eyeballs- x145
H P Lovecraft: I give you the greatest horror Springfield has ever known!
Bart: Eaggh! Sideshow Bob’s head!
Mad Doctor Itchy: You’re forgetting the body of a chicken!
Lisa: And deer antlers? Why?
H P Lovecraft: Eh, I had them laying around. Behold! Sideshow Chicken!
Sideshow Chicken: Cluck-cluck-kill!
Edgar Allan Poe: I admit it, Lovecraft: you have beaten me. I can conceive of no horror greater than this.
Sideshow Chicken: Now to lay an egg of terror in the heart of Springfield!! *runs out of the castle*
H P Lovecraft: I’m so proud. It’s like seeing your child go off to college.
Bart: Cool! If that’s college, I wanna go!

At the Suburbs of Madness Pt. 5

Sarah Wiggum: Oh my God! It has the body of a chicken!
Smithers: And the head of Sideshow Bob!
Otto: And a nice set of honkin’ antlers!
Sideshow Chicken: Quit staring at my rack! My eyes are down here!
Wiggum: It’s so horrible! So monstrous!
Sideshow Chicken: That’s right, Springfield! Flee! Flee into madness!
Lisa: Really? Bob’s head on a chicken body? That’s what gets this town to feel real terror?
Wiggum: It’s so scrawny…no plump white meat or delicious dark meat! Aaagh!
Make Lisa Cringe as Sideshow Chicken Rampages- 4hrs
Make Springfielders Get Bored of Sideshow Chicken- x5.
Collect Eyeballs- x185
Wiggum: *yawn* Okay, that’s enough excitement for one night. I’m hitting the sack. By which I mean my trick-or-treat sack. Then I’m going to bed.
Skinner: Me, too. See everyone next Halloween.
Sideshow Chicken: Wait, what? Aren’t you terrified of me anymore?
Otto: Sorry, chicken dude. We’ve been overrun by so much weird stuff that nothing freaks us out for very long.
H P Lovecraft: So that’s it?
Edgar Allan Poe: Halloween ends not with a scream, but with a yawn?
Marge: Now we roll right into Thanksgiving!
Agnes: That’s the turkey holiday, so no chickens allowed!

The Real Horror Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

Lisa: I’m bummed that this Halloween was such a bummer.
Bart: I loved it! Now I don’t have Sideshow Bob trying to kill me anymore.
Marge: I’m still upset with Mr. Lovecraft for killing Sideshow Bob.
Sideshow Chicken: What? I’m alive and right here!
Bart: Eeaagh! Sideshow Chicken lives!
Sideshow Chicken: Bart Simpson, I hope you’re ready for one heck of a chicken pecking!
Bart: Dude, you have no chicken pecker to peck with.
Sideshow Chicken: Sadly, this is true. Reborn without a beak.
Marge: Mr. Lovecraft, I want you to return Sideshow Chicken to Sideshow Bob right this instant!
Make Marge Make Lovecraft “Fix” Bob- 4hrs
Make Bart Hope Lovecraft Can’t Fix Bob- 4hrs
Make Lovecraft Insist He Can’t Fix Bob- 4hrs
Make Mad Doctor Itchy Be Happy to Help- 4hrs
Make Lisa Be Glad This Halloween is Finally Over- 4hrs
H P Lovecraft: I must apologize, Mrs. Simpson. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to fix Sideshow Bob.
Marge: Oh, dear. I feel so bad for Bob…or at least the non-chicken half that’s Bob.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Relax, guys! I already made a clone of Sideshow Bob in his original form.
Sideshow Bob: Having one’s head chopped off is a minor inconvenience to finally having an evil intellectual equal!
Sideshow Chicken: Indeed! Come, Robert, it’s time to see what maniacal plans we can “hatch” together.
Sideshow Bob: Revenge on the Simpsons is a taste I always have an appetite for!
Homer: Wait up there. I thought you just wanted to kill Bart?
Bart: I can’t stand not knowing when Chicken Bob or Clone Bob will strike!
Lisa: Well, I’m just happy you guys finally get a taste of what real horror feels like!

Frankenscratchy (Donut Offer)

So what is the deal?  When you can find it in the Currency Tab of your Store (also by hitting Get More)…

Basically, spend $9.99 on a Tray of 132 donuts and you get Frankenscratchy

And yes for those outside of the US I know my price is probably lower than yours.  EA only charges 9.99 USD for this package…anything over that that you are currently paying goes to Google/Apple/Amazon for Tax and Duty etc.  

So here’s a breakdown on this one…

-A full premium character
-Not Voiced
-Comes with a complete set of tasks
-Comes with a questline
-Some really fun visual/animated tasks

Here’s a look at the task list

Frankenscratchy’s Permanent Tasks…

Task Length Earns Location
Stick Finger In Light Socket 1hr $105, 26xp Mad Dr Itchy’s Castle/Brown House
Get Bolts Tightened 4hrs $260, 70xp Mad Dr. Itchy’s Castle/ Brown House
Try to Stretch His Limbs 8hrs $420, 105 Outside/Visual
Do a Monster Dance 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Plot Escape from Mad Doctor Itchy 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Mad Dr. Itchy’s Castle/ Brown House

And here’s the full dialogue version of the questline:

This Cat, This Monster Pt. 1

Frankenscratchy: Another day spent tortured and tormented by the mad doctor who jigsawed me together. What’s it going to be today, Doc? Replacing my head with a television? More flamethrower testing?
Mad Doctor Itchy: No time, Frankenscratchy! It’s my turn to bring snacks to the mad scientists’ book club and these pumpkin nut sriracha muffins aren’t going to bake themselves.
Frankenscratchy: Pumpkin nut sriracha?! You really are a mad scientist.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Just get out of here and leave me with my whisks and mixing bowls.
Frankenscratchy: I’m free?! Yes! Time to go live my horrifically mangled life!
Make Frankenscratchy Try to Stretch His Limbs- 4hrs
Make Mad Doctor Itchy Perfect His Confectionary Concoction- 4hrs

This Cat, This Monster Pt. 2

Frankenscratchy: The music coming from that building…never have I heard its like before!
Colette: It’s a dance club, silly! Now come in and dance.
Frankenscratchy: But I’m a monster.
Femme Fatale: We’re all monsters on the dance floor. Just let the music move you.
Frankenscratchy: Music that moves me might rip apart all my parts!
Femme Fatale: Dance with me. I’ll shake them back together.
Make Frankenscratchy Do a Monster Dance- 4hrs
Frankenscratchy: After all that dancing, I can actually bend my elbows and knees a little!
Colette: But they’re bending the wrong way! Eww!
Femme Fatale: This creature’s messed up! Come on, Colette, let’s get out of here.
Frankenscratchy: I thought what was on the inside of a person mattered most.
Moe: Yer insides ain’t any prettier. Join the club, pal.

This Cat, This Monster Pt. 3

Frankenscratchy: What in the world? A cat who looks just like me, only less monstrous!
Scratchy: I am you! Or you’re me! Wow! Mind blown…and not in a TNT way!
Frankenscratchy: I’m just happy to not have the mouse trying to cut me to ribbons anymore! He’s really quite evil.
Scratchy: You’re preaching to the cat choir, Frankenscratchy! Hey, whadaya say we get out of here and go somewhere mice can’t find us — catch some sun, swill drinks with the little umbrellas in ’em…
Frankenscratchy: Sounds great as long as they’re not real umbrellas that blow up in my throat!
Make Frankenscratchy Plan a Scratchtastic Holiday- 4hrs
Make Scratchy Help Plan a Scratchtastic Holiday- 4hrs
Frankenscratchy: Thank you for this, Scratchy! This is the best day of my life.
Scratchy: Me too, buddy! Me too…
Mad Doctor Itchy: Haha! *cuts Frankenscratchy’s head off*
Itchy: Hee hee! *cuts Scratchy’s head off* Never gets old.
Frankenscratchy: At least our heads can live in peace.
Scratchy: Life is sweet.
Mad Doctor Itchy: Who wants to go head bowling?!
Itchy: Count me in!
Scratchy: NOOOO!
Frankenscratchy: AAAAAAH!

And there you have it my friends, the full wrap up of Act 4 of THOH XXXIII.

Thoughts on Act 4? Ready for it all to end? Sound off below…

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  1. I earned the Zombie Billboard Bundle which it stated were in my inventory but I cannot find them anywhere…….help!

  2. It’s too bad there isn’t a joint task with the reanimator and mad Dr Itchy with Frankenscratchy/Sideshow Chicken/Frinkenstein similar to Hank Scorpio and Agent Bont. Another sad missed opportunity. I am glad so many characters have tasks at Dr. Itchy’s castle, it has a great animation and I can easily direct them to my Transylvania Halloween area. Laughed at Sideshow Chicken’s 24hr task to bully other chickens.
    Going to be tough this year to narrow down photos to just 2 for this show off. Thanks as always Alissa for all the info despite how busy you must be. Don’t know what I’d do without all those character run-downs. Bring on the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas!

  3. I’m a sucker for the Halloween events, so whilst it wasn’t the best event, it still beats the other 11-months of the year 😄

  4. Just finished the main event and got to the Shattered Dreams box, which has exactly ONE item (the rolling rock I never wanted)! Really wish they’d offer *something* new in there for long-time players…I’m up to 12 tokens, with nothing to spend them on! 🙄

    • Euff! I’m on the last task, probably will be the same for me. There might be some non unique items I’d want but then you think- do I really want to use a token on what may be yet another hay cart or treasure chest to end up in inventory? *shrug. I’ll just wait until the end of the next update.

      • I keep “waiting for the end of the next update,” but it never seems to get any better. But this one was the worst, with just the one item (that I can already get in my Yearbook Mystery Box anyway). *sigh* But first-world problems, I know…

  5. I can’t end some of my Make Springfielders Get Bored of Sideshow Chicken . They seem to be in the Simpson house . Normally I just store the building if this happens but it won’t let me store the Simpson house . Any ideas?

  6. Thanks Alissa. That’s awesome.
    I’m on the shattered dreams box and only offered one prize: Monsanto flower box. Bit of a pity as I was hoping for THOH stuff.

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