Update Alert: Shiver Me Barnacles

App store update, Shiver Me Barnacles

regular splash screen

We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement . . .There’s an update circulating to get your games ready for a shiny new mini event, Shiver Me Barnacles.

Starts tomorrow, Wednesday March 22nd, 15:01 UTC.
15:00 UTC is UK 3pm GMT or US 11am EDT

I’ve been checking the websites and found the update showing for the following app stores.
These links might be handy if it’s not showing for you, but these are from a UK search so may not be the version for your country . .

• Android, Google Play: Found here
• iOS, Apple App Store: Found here
• Kindle, Amazon App Store: Found here, finally
Update for my Kindle turned up at last, woohoo

Here’s what the store blurb says:

Bart and company saved the day and fixed Milhouse’s crazy spell that tethered the town to the Kingdom of Springfieldia. All it took were the brains of Sorcerer Chalmers, the brawn of Orc Willie, and the booze of the Duff Knight. Now that the Amulet of Warmfyre has been retrieved, things can finally go back to normal. As long as you think it’s normal to have dragons wandering around your Springfield.

You’ll want the following characters available:

For the intro: Sea Captain, Quimby, Wiggum, Lou

For Part 1 tasks: Sea Captain, Judge Snyder, Blue Haired Lawyer

Collecting currency: Sea Captain, Quimby, Wiggum, Homer, Marge

There will be a new premium earning event currency and there’s also a prize character who’ll help when you get ’em too

Back when it’s live with a Rundown

24 responses to “Update Alert: Shiver Me Barnacles

  1. So happy to have an update!! I off due to having surgery so I get to spend more time in my town!! Do you think they will ever bring back where we go into our neighbors for tasks? I loved it when we did that.

  2. I wish I had known about the update in the store yesterday, so I could have downloaded it then and been ready for today’s 11:00 start time. I actually did wait until 11 before sending my characters off on tasks to see if a new event would kick in, but I stupidly didn’t think to check for an actual update (since I thought I remembered that mini events don’t always seem to require one, although I should have realized it would, to remove the old event splash screen, etc.). Oh well…I should have known better. Off to do the update!

    • Been there done that, why I try to have the bones of an Update Alert ready as I go scouring app store websites on a Tuesday so I can post as soon as they release ’em.

      In the old days the update might be late Wednesday or even sometime Thursday or beyond, and the number of times I’d check all Wednesday night then give up only for the game to tell me some days later I needed to update to visit neighbors and I’d be grinding through the night trying to catch up.

      At least these seem like easy targets, but there are less people earning and the math don’t work . . 3 cycles with the premium and no rushed tasks is 94 of 95 – deep joy !!
      Fausto helps when you unlock that 3rd prize though, so that’s good if the tasks and targets work better

      • I wasn’t worried about not having enough time to complete the event, but I really wanted to play it, so I just rushed the needed characters to free them up to play. I mean, what’s the point of having a ton of donuts just sitting there, when I can use them for something like that? I was happy I did, too, as I really enjoyed the start of this event!

  3. Love this! ive been updatiung my squidport and SH marina recently!

  4. The vanilla tapped out intro screen looks so bland after the Wyrmfire screen.

  5. Sounds different this time, not the usual character’s being used, looking forward to it.

  6. I’ve never been known to be mature.

  7. Randy lane Waybright

    I.I’m gettin a “version not for your country “. Will it be available any time soon?

    • I just googled “tsto app” and opened the UK ones to check it had the update – don’t have anything iOS and less hassle than kicking the amazon and android app stores.
      Try that search for the version where you are

  8. nice, they are bringing in other characters to use besides the normal gang

  9. Thank You. ^^

  10. Thanks again for the update! Absolutly the best website on the internet for people that are playing this game. Also love the fact that it’s a very mature community. EA does need to give more space at the sea side I think if this gives items for your boardwalk and/or sea. The beachhouse items are to much but I don’t want to store them cause of the bonus XP %. What do you guys think?

    • Those Beach Hidaways take a lot of room for 100% bonus, but it’s a 100% bonus . . .
      Stored all the SH items in my original town, but I’ve got thousands of Snowcats and a ton of other stuff that takes less room for what it gives

    • It’s not always a mature community…lol

    • I’ve just said eff Springfield Heights content. I’ve stored everything regardless of XP percentage. That’s just me though. I prefer a clean and organized town and SH content is non-canon, large, ugly, and repetitive. You’ll be happier if you store it all.

      Outta sight, outta mind I say.

      • I like my Springfield Heights….it’s reasonably nicely designed (if I do say so myself). But you definitely need to keep most of those items separate from the main Springfield stuff, since the scale is quite different than most of it. If you want to check out my SH, feel free to send me a friend request (same handle).

        • i just added you. I am excited to see it. I turned my SH area into downtown springfield area with all my all buildings (bookacino, casino, ziff, auto show, costingtons, coliseum, meuseum, marketing agency, stem hotel, music acedamy, circut circus, and sportswardsies)

          • Accepted! Let me know what you think!

            • i think you’ll enjoy this event and re-organize your squidport! looks like youve already started.

              thanks for the add!

              • Ummm…I’m not sure what you’re referring to… I haven’t done anything new to my original Squidport, other than add the new boat to it, which I might move to the new boardwalk area that I just this morning laid down some tiles for on the other side of town (although that new boat doesn’t look half bad next to The Swanky Fish). I’m actually fairly happy with my existing Squidport area, and hadn’t really planned on reorganizing it. What do you think needs redesigning about it? I’m open to ideas…

                I’m a little nervous there won’t be enough new stuff for the new boardwalk area though… I’ll have to wait to find out what’s in the last prize bundle.

                Also, I thought you were originally going to look at my Springfield Heights area?

            • I’m just not a fan of SH heights stuff. Hard to like.

      • 😏Ehh, not if you’re concerned with XP / Earnings👌

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