Shiver Me Barnacles: Rundown

regular splash screen
I hope you’ve all headed to your app store to go and update your games. If you have here’s a quick look at what’s new for this event. In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Cash offering
• Intro quest
• Currency jobs

Prize Items:

Prize 1:
Boardwalk Carousel
• Name: Boardwalk Carousel
• Type: Building
Shiver Me Barnacles Pt.1 and 95 Slarg Fish

Prize 2:
Barnacle Bay Marina
• Name: Barnacle Bay Marina
• Type: Decoration
Shiver Me Barnacles Pt.2 and 125 Slarg Fish

Prize 3:
• Name: Fausto
• Type: Character
Shiver Me Barnacles Pt.3 and 125 Slarg Fish

Prize 4:

• Name: Tents bundle
• Type: Decorations –
Boardwalk Animals Tent, Boardwalk Art Tent
Shiver Me Barnacles Pt.4 and 95 Slarg Fish

Prize 5:
Boardwalk bits n bobs
• Name: Bits n bobs bundle
• Type: Decorations –
Tire Mooring Post, Barnacle Bay Lamppost, Metal Boardwalk Railing
Shiver Me Barnacles Pt.5 and 145 Slarg Fish

Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
Skipper Jack
• Name: Skipper Jack
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency
Bundled with:

• Name: Rotting Pelican
• Type: Building

Cash Offering: In-app purchase, bundled with a 300 Donut pack
Nathaniel Bundle
• Name: Nathaniel
• Type: Character
Bundled with:
• Name: Candy Shoppe
• Type: Building
Also has a boarded Shop skin / facade

Intro Quest: The Clam Before the… Other Clams

• Make the Sea Captain Yell at Quimby – 6 seconds
• Make Quimby Regret Whatever Caused This – 6 seconds
• Make Wiggum Call the Police – 6 seconds
• Make Lou Explain Why it Went to Voicemail – 6 seconds

Currency Jobs:

• Hand-Catch Slarg Fish – 4 hours, earns 5 Slarg Fish
Sea Captain, Quimby, Wiggum, Homer, Marge, Fausto

• Purchase Slarg Fish in Bulk – 4 hours, earns 8 Slarg Fish
Skipper Jack

That’s enough to get you going, back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’

35 responses to “Shiver Me Barnacles: Rundown

  1. Bug alert : I finished the update but all the children characters I had sent on a mission on the merry-go-round 🎠 on the barnacle bay marina are stuck there whatever their new missions are 🤔!!!

  2. Where oh where does the barnacle bay marina sign go?! I can’t place it anywhere

    • First row of ocean tiles to connect to beach

      • I found it initially confusing, because I thought I could use it to bridge three land to the first row of pier tiles I already had. Took me a minute to figure out that this item included a row of pier tiles and I first had to remove my existing ones.

  3. I finished Part one and then got a screen notification I could now buy up to 500 boardwalk tiles! Woo hoo. Finally. One problem:. Where are they, or the link to purchase? Looked all over and couldn’t find them.

    • Tap on the Squidport or the new Marina Bay entrance and it’ll let you make ’em. Basically you pay there to have them built and wait until they’re ready.
      AFIK each entrance will make one so you can make two at a time, but until I get there I don’t know for sure or how long they’ll take or what they’ll cost.
      It’s probably been a while for many of you only having the sub getting tiles and I wonder what happens if you got over 500 with that ?!?
      I’m on 421 last time I looked in the A town – nuked so they’re in inventory – and not sure in the B town. Hope it applies to my research town too, but I don’t do events in that so I can get the store guide costs for all returning content.
      Don’t think the higher limit applies to the SH pier tiles though.

      BTW it’s only one part, the next event will be 4 acts probably but for this that’s all folks

      • Michael Holmes

        You can’t build anymore tiles using Marina Bay if you’re already at your maximum of 500 on the existing Squidport. Its a case of sharing boardwalk tiles between the two entrances, alternatively you could build a new boardwalk using tiles from Springfield Heights ( again this assumes you’re not maxed out on tiles) Hope this helps 🤷🏼‍♂️

        • For the benefit of others it seems someone did not read the post I replied to before replying to my reply.
          The post that started this after seeing a message saying there has now been an increase in boardwalk tile limits – was 200, raised to 500 when you complete the event – and asking how to make more

  4. lang geleden dat ik zo heb gelachen. dank u wel

    [ EDIT – Google Translate from Dutch:

    been a long time since I laughed like that. thank you

    Please post in English, thanks ]

  5. Does skipper jack not have a questline?

  6. Thank goodness I have the Yellow Submersible! I love mini events (good job, EA!), but I was really hoping to see the Boat House building as a returning item, and at least one new boat as an event prize (like a sailboat or a cruise ship) instead of a premium item (Rotting Pelican). I was also hoping that this event was going to be similar to the Northward Bound event with the introduction of new ocean tiles and a farming system and/or special building to gain access to said tiles. Maybe next time…

  7. Must say, I got the donuts bundle and the rotting pelican, couldn’t resist. Enjoying the nautical theme event. And finally another boat to dock at my pier.
    Not touched my dock area in forever, nice to get back to it.

  8. Hey, I still have the task from the Christmas update: Day Old Donuts! – Spend a Golden Token on Donuts. I don’t have golden token anymore, but the task has not been deleted with any updates. Anyone else have this issue?

  9. I bought Nathaniel and candy shoppe but no facade that I can find in inventory. I wonder if it activates after his quest is done.

    • I’ll have a look when I do the walkthrough

    • The boarded up façade will be in your inventory. you have to go there and activate it. Then it will show as a choice when you tap on the building.
      If it isn’t .. then it will show up after Nathaniel’s tasks are done.

    • Someone on the forum posted they couldn’t find the skin and followed that up saying up never mind – so I guess have a look again in inventory

      • Yes I found it in inventory!! Boarded up candy shoppe for those with huge inventories like me!

        • Greg Jablynski

          Under what category in inventory did you find the facade?

          • Didn’t buy myself, but try the “show all”, usually new stuff is near the start, and if not try businesses then buildings.
            For the first if it doesn’t say “Inventory” at the top then tap that go back arrow in the top left of the panel.

  10. BUG ALERT !
    The water does not ripple around the Rotten Pelican.

  11. Yay – this update have Father Ben a solo 12-hour task! 😀

  12. 🤓Fun stuff with indirect appropriate current event style topical satire👌

  13. No new water to help with all this new watery goodness? 😭😭😭😭


  14. Portuguese Fausto! Long overdue addition to the game. Looking forward to starting this event later.

  15. Loved the opening dialog for this event! I actually laughed out loud at one point. Wish I could have heard him actually sing his sea chanty, or at least heard the tune in the background as I read it.

  16. my hot take:

    mini events > large muiltiple act events.

    mini events recently have had better prizes, better stories, and dont feel like such a drag. Im a big fan of this event.

    ONLY thing i am sad about is that “Anchor Management” isnt in the store 🙁

  17. Grabbed Skipper Jack and The Rotting Pelican. Thinking about the cash bundle. This looks like a good excuse to redo my Squidport area.

  18. My bonus percent dropped significantly with this update. 4400% to 2600%……

    • Quit, log out and log in again then have a root round. Gone scouring inventory and all the usual suspects for bonus multiples ( wailing walls, JEBs News vans, billboards, snowcats, mini-nukes ) all show the expected %

      You may need to contact Help and perhaps request a rollback, so don’t delay as it’d take you back to how it was a day or 3 ago and you’d need to redo the start of the event, but 1,800% worth of bonus is a huge drop from 4,400

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