Shiver Me Barnacles: Fausto Walkthrough

Shiver Me Barnacles Prize 3

Ahoy there Addicts. Lets take a look at the prize character from this mini-event, Fausto.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks

Lets get started then, shall we . . .

Basic info:
• Name: Fausto
• Type: Character
• Premium: No
• Voiced: Yes
• Questline: Yes
• Animated Job(s): Yes, 8 and 12 hour tasks

Questline with Dialog:

Portuguese Flotsam, part 1:

Fausto: Springfield, eh? It’s a nice enough place, I guess. Excuse me, do you know where I can find a coffee shop around here?
Wiggum: You can’t ask me for directions. I’m Chief of Police Clancy Wiggum. You new folks moving in and taking our jobs don’t even bother learning who’s who around here, eh?
Fausto: Err…

• Make Fausto Nervously Talk to Wiggum – 4 hours
• Make Wiggum Blather On – 4 hours

Wiggum: And the least you could do is run a donut shop! We’ve only got seven or eight of those, that’s not nearly enough!
Fausto: Can I leave now?
Lou: I apologize sir, he just gets really fired up when talking about donuts.
Lou: You’re free to go.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Portuguese Flotsam, part 2:

Moe: Hey, how’s it goin’, pal? What brings you to my humble abode?
Fausto: I’m just here for an ice-cold beer. I heard good things about this place.
Moe: Well, that’s great because this joint of mine is a town staple. Everybody loves coming to Moe’s.
Fausto: Is everything okay?
Moe: Well, you see, it’s no big deal but I thought you might be from the health department.
Fausto: The health department? No, no. I’m a fisherman.
Moe: Phew! Thank goodness. This place has had a bit of a rat problem lately.
Fausto: Rat problem? No thank you. I think I’ll go somewhere else for my drink.

• Make Fausto Leave Moe’s With a Beer To-Go – 4 hours
• Make Moe Capture Some of His Rat’s Fausto – 4 hours

Comic Book Guy: May I assist you in finding something?
Fausto: I’m looking for the first issue of “Watchmen”. Do you have it?
Comic Book Guy: I do have it, but I’ll have to charge you a pretty penny as it is extremely rare.
Fausto: Hmm, how much?
Comic Book Guy: How about this? If I ask you a series of questions and you get them right, I’ll give it to you for free.
Fausto: I’m game.
Comic Book Guy: Who drew the cover of “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”?
Fausto: Lynn Varley.
Comic Book Guy: Correct! But that question was too easy. How about this one: What is the significance of the number 12 in “12-Cent Archie”?
Fausto: Trick question! The significance of that is merely that 12 cents were the cost of buying a comic…
Comic Book Guy: Final question, what writer and artist team created the award-winning series “Sandman”?
Fausto: Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth.
Comic Book Guy: Correct? How is that possible?

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Portuguese Flotsam, part 3:

Ronaldo: Excuse me, Senhor?
Fausto: Si?
Ronaldo: You are new here, no?
Fausto: Si, my ship just pulled in a few days ago.
Ronaldo: I’d be happy to show you around.

• Make Fausto Get Shown Around Springfield – 4 hours
• Make Ronaldo Give Fausto the Tour – 4 hours

Fausto: It’s strange how there seem to be at least three or four times as many restaurants as houses.
Ronaldo: Si, the city is designed as if by a drunken child. But it’s good! Many places to work, and you can’t ever get thrown out!
Fausto: …ever?
Ronaldo: Ever!
Fausto: Maravilhas!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Portuguese Flotsam, part 4:

Ronaldo: Well, there is one bit of bad news.
Fausto: There always is.
Ronaldo: While you can’t ever get thrown out, there are several jails and you can get thrown in there if there’s nothing else for you to do.
Fausto: Of course there are. And since fishing season is over, I’ve got nothing to do for several months.
Sea Captain: Did my ears deceive me, or did ye say you’re looking for work?
Fausto: Ai! Where’d you come from?
Ronaldo: I’d get used to people popping up when dramatically appropriate. It’s quite common here.
Sea Captain: I’ve got a job for you. With the new Squidport expansion, we need people to advertise all of our new businesses and attractions.
Fausto: I’m not going to like where this ends up, am I?

• Make Fausto Advertise the Squidport – 4 hours

Janey: Oh my God, did you see that guy walking around with the Squidport advertisement? Talk about gross!
Fausto: *sigh*

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Portuguese Flotsam, part 5:

Fausto: Well, I’ve finished embarrassing myself for the day. Time to relax.
Fausto: Now if only I knew what to do with myself. I’ve always just been the guy who flicked a knife all day.

• Make Fausto Find a New Thing – 4 hours

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP

Permanent tasks:
Fausto Advertise the Squidport Fausto Find a New Thing Fausto
• Task: Repair Nets
• Time: 1 hour
• Earns: 70 $$s, 17 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: The Rotting Pelican, Barnacle Bay Marina, Squidport Entrance, assorted Homes

• Task: Play With His Knife
• Time: 4 hours
• Earns: 175 $$s, 45 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: The Rotting Pelican, Barnacle Bay Marina, Squidport Entrance, assorted Homes

• Task: Advertise The Squidport
• Time: 8 hours
• Earns: 275 $$s, 70 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Find a New Thing
• Time: 12 hours
• Earns: 420 $$s, 100 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Visit Ronaldo
• Time: 24 hours
• Earns: 600 $$s, 150 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Springfield Orphanage, assorted Homes
No idea why it isn’t the Filthy Angels Orphanage, but that’s what it said

Right then, that’s all the new and returning items covered but there will be an extra post up tomorrow that I think you’ll like before we get to the dialog on Monday

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  1. In addition to also not understanding “Rat’s Fausto”, I’m not sure what the reference is to the task list title: “Portuguese Flotsam.”

  2. I have Fausto, but his quest line didn’t start. He is in my Springfield. Any ideas?

  3. Brian Q. Lehmann

    Anyone have any idea what Moe’s task of “Make Moe Capture Some of His Rat’s Fausto” means in English? Like, is he capturing Fausto for his rats? Does Fausto have another meaning I don’t know? Or maybe it’s just missing some words?

    • Possibly means luck, depending on how you read the online definitions – but it’s not the easiest to understand

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