Shiver Me Barnacles: Boardwalk Boost

Ahoy there Addicts, some good news. As you may well have seen by now there’s been an increase to the limit of how many Boardwalk Tiles you can craft.
In this post, because it’s no doubt been a while for many of you, I’ll cover placing the new Marina Bay Entrance and crafting those tiles.

Lets get started then…

Placing the new Barnacle Bay Marina Entrance:
• This only goes in the first row of Ocean Tiles up against the Beach
• It’s 12 x 12 but moves in 1/4 tile steps like if you place or move road tiles and the like, so you’ll need space on the Beach and the Ocean
• It only goes on the Springfield Ocean, you can’t drag it over to the Springfield Heights side of those mountains.
Placing the Marina Entrance

Crafting Boardwalk Tiles:

Cast your minds back and if you tapped on the Squidport Entrance it offered you the chance to pay to make Boardwalk Tiles
Squidport Make popup

For a lot of you you’ll have run into the old 200 tiles limit and got this
Squidport Limit popup

If you tap on the new Barnacle Bay Marina entrance that also offers the chance to craft those Boardwalk Tiles
Barnacle Bay Marina Make popup

If you tried that when you first got it and had hit that limit then that didn’t work either
Barnacle Bay Marina Limit popup

The good news:

If you had reached that limit then either when you complete the event or if you run out of time and the event ends there’s a bit of dialog with a system message that shows up announcing an increase in the limits
Boardwalk Tiles increase popup

It’s not all good news. If you’ve had that Yellow Submersible as the only way to get those tiles for a while you might already have more than the new 500 tiles limit, so it won’t help after all.
It also doesn’t seem to affect the limit on Pier Tiles.

If you tap the Squidport Entrance after that message triggers and hadn’t gone over the new 500 tiles limit , or you had less than the old limit anyway, then you can make more. Cost and time taken goes up in steps, this is my A town with 421 tiles in that game.
Squidport Crafting Boardwalk popup

If you then tap the Barnacle Bay Marina Entrance you can make another
Barnacle Bay Marina Crafting Boarbwalk popup

They are separate. You can make a tile at each entrance so you can make two new Boardwalk Tiles at a time

AFIK the new limit will apply to all, but it’ll be weeks before my test town gets to that and I can check. If I remember when I get over 200 tiles in that I’ll come back and let you know

Have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with the dialog post

14 responses to “Shiver Me Barnacles: Boardwalk Boost

  1. I have 464 and cannot make more – what up EA?? Anyone else?

  2. Why does it keep showing me that there are “new” items to buy, and there aren’t?!

    • When you level up it changes the costs of buying $$s with donuts ( why would you ?!! ) and they are considered as new items plus anything that might unlock at that level but if you’ve not finished tasks from an earlier quest the newer items can’t yet be bought.
      In my new game I’d go to the Currency section first to clear those and then check what was actually new.
      After you reach level 60 it’s only event stuff that shows as new, or when the Shattered Dreams box unlocks because the contents change each event ( usually )

  3. I wonder if EA will ever increase the ocean size. I’m not inclined to get more board walk tiles. No room. My ocean is filled with boats, islands, fish, docks, etc!

    • Agreed, I wouldn’t mind more ocean to space out the boats and islands from the boardwalk. For the moment I will try to rearrange the tiles I have to realign my current boat parking with the new marina entrance.

  4. More sea and land is whats needed

    • I agree about the sea, but not necessarily about the land. The game just recently have us a whole new chunk of land! I’ve been playing this game for 9 years and I still have plenty of unused land left, in both “regular” Springfield and in the new area over the mountains. I don’t understand how so many folks use up so much land so quickly!

      • In my case it’s buying multiples of things in each event and leaving ’em lying about. Piles of bits for the Injury 500 track and a whole heap of bleachers took up most of the New Frontier land until I got round to storing ’em !!
        Got a post nuke A town needs sorted before I crack on tidying up the B town but spending all my time on that new test town and barely tapping the older two.

    • Dave - Costello86

      I agree about the sea. Just 2 or 3 extra rows would make such a difference!

    • I agree. I’ve spent my fair share of real $ on this game over the years..but there is no doubt I would spend more on land if that was an option. Not sure what would be a good price structure, but I would pay for more land..anyone else?

      • Don’t give them ideas !!
        It’s already hard enough for players to get the Golden Goose Realty and get that token only land if they weren’t lucky or realised how much it was needed years ago

        • Dear EA…I know my opinion is very important to you…so would you mind….lol

          And my Red Sox are going to stink again this year…Sale…what a disaster..

      • Nope. Sorry.
        I play another game that does that. And it’s quite frustrating.


  5. I didn’t realize I could make 2 times at a time!!! That’s huge! I’ve always neglected making boardwalk tiles so this is great.

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