Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 4 Prizes

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Right than, let’s go over the prizes from this act.

There’s no character this time so I’ll cover all five prizes –

• Decoration: Vacant Cloud
• Building: Heavenly Showroom
• Decorations: Gates of Heaven, Heavenly Fence
• Building: Celebrity Heaven
• Building: Hindu Heaven

Prize 1:
( A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 1 and 155 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds )
Vacant Cloud
You can buy more once unlocked
• Name: Vacant Cloud
• Type: Decoration
• Cost: 10 Donuts
• Built: Instant
• Bonus: No
• Earns: Nothing
• Animated: Tap to change appearance
• Job(s): No

Prize 2:
( A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 2 and 155 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds )
Heavenly Showroom
• Name: Heavenly Showroom
• Type: Building
• Built: 4 hours
• Earns: 120 $$s and 12 XP every 6 hours
• Job(s): Yes, Ned
Ned has a 16 hour task, Catch a Show

Prize 3:
( A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 3 and 155 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds )
• Name: Gates of Heaven bundle
• Type: Decoration
bundle includes Gates of Heaven and 14 Heavenly Fences
You can buy more fences once unlocked
Gates of Heaven
• Name: Gates of Heaven
• Type: Decoration
• Built: Instant
• Bonus: No
• Earns: Nothing
• Animated: No
• Job(s): No
Heaven Fence
• Name: Heavenly Fence
• Type: Decoration
• Cost: 2 Donuts each or get 20 for 30 Donuts
• Built: Instant
• Bonus: No
• Earns: Nothing
• Animated: No
• Job(s): No

Prize 4:
( A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 4 and 115 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds )
Celebrity Heaven
• Name: Celebrity Heaven
• Type: Building
• Built: 4 hours
• Earns: 300 $$s and 30 XP every 24 hours
• Job(s): Yes, Krusty
Krusty has a 16 hour task, Try To Argue His Way In

Prize 5:
( A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 5 and 195 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds )
Hindu Heaven
• Name: Hindu Heaven
• Type: Building
• Built: 4 hours
• Earns: 200 $$s and 20 XP every 12 hours
• Job(s): yes, Apu
Apu has a 16 hour task, See If He Can Book a Room In Advance


Back on Monday with the Dialog Recap.
Have a good weekend everyone.

19 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 4 Prizes

  1. I just started this act a day or two ago (had two vacations and health issues in the last few weeks), so I’ll obviously not finish it before tomorrow morning, and I’m totally OK with that. I’m not enjoying the buildings and the lack of characters is disappointing.

  2. Do we know if all the items on this current prize track will have the clouds on them permanently like the previous heaven items?

    • I would say they are permanent or it would defeat the purpose of a “heavenly event”.

      Cloud prizes are permanent clouds.

      It’s not a surprise but if you can’t buy things like fences with game cash there is really no point in having or collecting it anymore.

  3. Anyone else disappointed that the Heavenly Fences are a premium item?

    • New items for $$s are a rarity nowadays

    • That’s pretty standard, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back for IGC sometime in the future. In the meantime, they’re sorry if similar to the gold fences you can get for the golden statuettes currency in the Springfield Heights area of the store.

      • I’d be very surprised if they went and changed the cost

      • Those are actually a lot smaller and look silly in most cases in normal springfield.
        Bought around 200 of them but I do agree it’s ridiculous and just a way to get some people to spend money

  4. Hey Graham. I know I asked concerning a loading bug the other and we were able to rectify it. 2 months later, it’s back a I’ve been unable to log in since last night. I tried updating my details on the EA website but it’s still not loading. Any other suggestions or am I doing something wrong ?

    • What exactly is happening ??
      I’ve not had problems with my games but there have been some troubles with EA online recently.
      some quick(ish) things to try …

      Shut your game down completely and restart it – If it shows in Recent Apps usually just swipe it off but depends on the device, or find the app in Settings and Force Close. It can get stuck in a Can’t Connect loop and that helps.

      If you usually use WiFi but Mobile Data is an option use that to log in then turn WiFi back on – you should be able to do that with the drop-down menu on your device – or find a different WiFi to log in ( work, friends, public network )

      Reboot your device

      If you have access to another device, or someone will let you use theirs, load the game on that until it shows the Your Other Device warning then retry on your preferred device. Doesn’t matter if it’s old and the game won’t run well as long as you can log in.
      Make sure to log out / shut down / uninstall the game on the alternate device once you get the splash screen showing you logged in on your usual device if you’ve borrowed someone else’s !!

      Re-install the game – takes a while for the game files download so make sure you’re on good WiFi !!

  5. Doesn’t the shattered dreams box normally have a countdown timer we can use to tell when the next event will start? Or does that timer only appear when the current event ends?

    • There’s usually a timer, but the box itself only appears once you complete an event or recently if the event timer runs out so I haven’t seen it yet to check.
      If you’ve got the box that timer normally shows.
      It looks like that’s set to end the same time as the event so maybe there’s no one week break this time ??
      I won’t know until the next update hits, but if that’s this Tuesday I’ll know that’s right.

      • I heard from a tiny…I mean an extreme tiny drone..a bumblebee perhaps..or a ladybug..maybe a deer tick..perhaps it was when a fiddlehead was uncoiled…but the sound was …somewhere…it said..and I quote..”it’s all Jeff’s fault!”…Graham turned quick and faced me…”Blimey!..you don’t even know a Jeff..or any other writers!” As I contemplated raining blows upon him..with soft, foam, “Incredible Hulk” hands…I thought to myself…he’s right…I don’t know any Jeff’s…

    • what is the theme and prizes in the box?

      • Theme is World Travel
        I’ve stripped about 5,000 lines to leave 800 odd that need more work before I can say what’s in these things though, sorry

        • I appreciate the effort! I will hopefully be on track to get to the box. Fishing season has really slowed my event currency intake

          • Catch + release or get ’em cooked ??

            Just says limited time BTW, so use the event item timers to figure when the shattered dreams box runs out, has the same end date / time

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