Heaven Won’t Wait: Ends Soon

Heaven Won't Wait Splash

Event ends May 17th, 15:00 UTC
15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 16:00 BST

If you get the quest showing in your taskbook you can finish it after the timers run out, so if you’re behind with your tapping then try and get the tasks for Part 5 of any unfinished act in there.

If you’ve not decided what to buy from the store it’s make your mind up time, those will vanish when the timer runs out.

The Shattered Dreams box has the same end date so expect an update later.
If you’re scrabbling for the last few Donuts to get anything do not update until you get it. If your device updates automatically head to your app store and find that in settings to stop it from happening if you need to.

If I’m right back later with an Update Alert, TTFN

9 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Ends Soon

  1. first time that ive ever missed a shattered dream box. the final 4 hour tasks after unlocking the final prize is was did me in. Unbelievable

  2. One game no space quest, my second a run through like other people, but my third game I had to do the quests( donut rushed).But it has gotten stuck part way through and can’t be completed.

  3. I also had that happen after the update, but I also lost the donut and shattered tokens bundles. My shattered tokens box is full of content that I want, and now I can’t buy any tokens. 😩

  4. Hey, I got the same when I updated, went theough the Deep Space Homer Questline.

    I checked on the character section and can see there is a new section called For All Rich Mankind. I guess this is the next event!!!

  5. Just updated the game is anyone getting the deep space homer storyline appearing?? Very strange!!

  6. Mark Bennison

    So I got an App Store update. When I opened TSTO after this I had some old quest play out – Cheap Space Homer – in which all parts were already done, so just the dialogue to tap through, but the parts were in a random order (I had the final goal part before part 4, for example)

  7. Both my games have downloaded the update now, and they both asked for the month and year of my birth, and then let me in without any more fuss..

    They then took me through the Cheap Space Home quest in a random order, apparently without actually doing the tasks 🙂

    • I can’t even enter that, it either only enters 1 in the month (not my birth month) or enters 1 2023 (definitely NOT correct!) and I can’t change it. I even uninstalled/reinstalled it to see if that would work after rebooting the device didn’t fix it. I’m about to go to work so I don’t have time to mess with it anymore at the moment. (I play on a Kindle and there is plenty of memory space on it)

      • Scroll and see where it gets you, hit OK when it’s right.
        My Kindle, as said in the new event Rundown, showed no numbers so I scrolled blind until it came up.

        It’s a right old pain but it’ll get you tapping and leave you in peace when you’re logged in again – not seen it back on any of my 3 games so far anyway

        I’ve let the EA AHQ team know – EDIT – but they need at least three examples / Me Toos on AHQ to forward it, drat !!

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