Fore!: Gil Deal

Fore splashscreen
Well Ol’ Gil’s back with another deal for us, let’s see what he’s up to this time.

The Driving Range is an upgradeable building that comes with 3 skins you unlock by completing the questline and a nice twist, but I’ll get to that.

In this post:
• Glitch
• Gil’s Dialog
• The Basics
• The Upgrades
• Golfers Group
• Questline
• Choose a skin

Before I get going I will say I think this is great, but it’s HUGE!! It’s almost the size of 2 Lard Lads.
Make sure you have room !!


I could do with your help. I have an issue with the timer resetting on this but without a few exapmples the AHQ team can’t send it on to the Devs.
If you bought this can you check yours and then head over to this AHQ thread to add your Me Toos or replies if you are affected. Ta.


Gil’s Dialog:

The Deal:

Gil: Hey, friends! Have I got a deal for you today!
Gil: With Mayor Quimby opening the new Municipal Golf Course, Gil’s been given the authority to allow you to buy in at a bargain basement price!
Gil: “Bargain basement” is where ol’ Gil’s been sleepin’ the past couple of nights! So what do you say?

Say No:

Gil: Was it something I said? Or didn’t say?
Gil: If you don’t buy it, I’m roasting lost golf balls for supper tonoght. Mmm…sweet, savoury Titleist!

Say Yes:

Gil: Ha-cha-cha! You did it! Now let my supervisor know ’cause I get a free set of steak knives with every sale! Not beef steak. Kangaroo steak!


The Basics: Costs 200 Donuts
• Name: Driving Range
• Type: Upgradeable building with 3 skins
Size: 8 x 20
• Built: 6 seconds
• Earns: See Upgrades
• Job(s): Yes, Golfers
Golfers have a 2 hour job, Hit Some Range Balls


The Upgrades:
Note: Earns more as you upgrade – woohoo !!

Driving Range:
The one you start off with –
Driving Range
• Type: Building
• Built: 6 seconds
• Earns: 135 $$s and 15 XP every 4 hours

Basic Driving Range:
Complete Driving It Home part 1 –
Basic Driving Range
• Type: Skin for the Driving Range
• Built: Instant
• Earns: 180 $$s and 20 XP every 4 hours

Refined Driving Range:
Complete Driving It Home part 2 –
Refined Driving Range
• Type: Skin for the Driving Range
• Built: Instant
• Earns: 225 $$s and 25 XP every 4 hours

Professional Driving Range:
Complete Driving It Home part 3 –
Professional Driving Range
• Type: Skin for the Driving Range
• Built: Instant
• Earns: 270 $$s and 30 XP every 4 hours


Golfers Group:

There’s a new Golfers Group. The following are some of the names included in that Group so far, but there may be others and more yet to come …

Aristotle Amadopolis, Bart, Carl, Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Nick, Homer, Jimmy, Krusty, Lee Carvallo, Lenny, Mr. Burns, Smithers, The Rich Texan

Let me know if I missed anyone. Ta.

As you’ve hopefully seen, the payout from the Driving Range increases as you upgrade it.
It seems the rewards from the Golfers’ tasks do the same. Sorry but I wasn’t paying attention to those while I hurried to get it done.

What I can say is once upgraded you’ll have a permanent task for these Golfers and it pays generously …

• Hit Some Range Balls – 2 hours, earns 350 $$s and 80 XP !!


The Questline: Driving it Home

Driving It Home, part 1:

Homer: Marge, what’s this strange field that just plunked down?
Marge: Ooh, a driving range!
Homer: Why can’t it ever be a drinking and driving range?! *eyes darting* Not that I condone drinking and driving, golf balls or otherwise.
Homer: I hope players didn’t pay anything good for this giant letdown!
Gil: Er…they might have.
Wiggum: All right, Gunderson. That’s the last scam you’re pulling on my watch.
Gil: But this driving range can be upgraded! The more you use it, the better it’ll be!
Wiggum: Don’t make me have to arrest you. It’s so close to the end of my watch and all that paperwork…ugh!

• Make Golfers Hit Some Range Balls – x 10, 2 hours
• Make Wiggum Try to Arrest Gil Anyways – 4 hours

Lou: Hey Chief, what’re you doing?
Wiggum: Trying to arrest Gil for bad deals. But he just keeps slipping out of my grip.
Lou: That’s ‘cause you were eating greasy chicken in the squad car. Come on. I saw him heading towards Lard Lad.
Wiggum: Lard Lad? Oh, boy!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and skin: Basic Driving Range

Driving It Home, part 2:

Homer: Hey! The ball-hitting place got fancier!
Gil: I told you it’d get better the more you used it!
Homer: Whatever it’s called, it’s still kind of a dump.
Gil: You just need to keep using it…like an old toothbrush, it’ll just get better!

• Make Golfers Hit Some Range Balls – x 20, 2 hours
• Make Homer Forget What It’s Called Again – 4 hours

Marge: Ooh, the driving range is looking better and better!
Homer: And the golf ball graveyard is looking nicer too.
Homer: Man, I hope the next level includes a donut shop.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and skin: Refined Driving Range

Driving It Home, part 3:

Homer: It doesn’t look like a trash pit anymore, so that’s good.
Homer: But no deal on a donut shop?
Marge: It isn’t finished yet. Maybe one more upgrade?

• Make Golfers Hit Some Range Balls – x 30, 2 hours
• Make Homer Hold Out Hope – 4 hours

Homer: Still no donut shop?!
Marge: But look how pretty the driving range is now!
Homer: I guess. But it would have been much prettier with donuts.
SYSTEM: You’ve fully upgraded the Driving Range, and unlocked the ability to choose from any of the visual upgrade levels!

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP and skin: Professional Driving Range


Choose a Skin:
Driving Range Selector
Once you’ve completed the questline you will be able to pick your favourite version.
They’re all animated when in use.
They will all pay that final higher rate.

I noticed when I got this screenshot something was wrong.
The timer should say about an hour to go !?!
Once I’d finished putting the Driving Range back and tidying up I closed and restarted the game the timer had reset to the full 4 hours.
If that happens in your game see the Glitch note at the top of this post.


There you have it, over to you. Is this a must-buy, a maybe or a hard-pass?
Your opinions might help any Addict who’s not made up their minds yet so please share your thoughts in the comments.

Back tomorrow with a look at the prizes.

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  1. So the golfers have two new 2 hour tasks either at the Golfin’ Dolphin or the driving range? Seems to me the braintrust at EA would have staggered the time on the tasks. Smh.

  2. Hi

    Is there any news on the driving range gglitch? I was hoping for a fix with Act 3, but alas, no…☹️ (I’ve added my name to your EA thread)

  3. My eyes and mind must be going…
    How does one upgrade?

  4. Thanks for the post, so no one has a task here!
    I already have it and upgraded it and I want some of my people to come to my new golf course.

  5. Michael Gahagan

    Unfortunately the missing buildings glitch also impacts the driving range. Be nice if the developers would get on fixing this

  6. It’s a small thing but Im slightly sad & I might not buy it now. The “driving area” were people would stand is on the wrong side for my design when placed. The driving area is current on the right end but my design has people entering from the left into my golf area. TSTO needs to upgrade buildings so they can be rotated 360 degrees

  7. Dave - Costello86

    Thank you.. as always I think the Gill deals are only worth it if you have more then enough donuts. On the other hand you won’t get another chance soon… so if you’re are taking this Golf theme serious get it while you can. It does look nice together with all the other items

    • Being a golf nut I’m loving this event overall but for some 200 donuts is a bit steep for basically an oversized decoration

      • I see it as a building that pays double the usual premium rate and has a generously paying job, but fair ’nuff if you don’t

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