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Fore! Act 2 Premium Bundle

Right then, you’ve got your Rundown, Turbo Tappin’ and Calendar up so lets take a look at the premium offering for this act –
Jimmy and Springfield Municipal Golf Course

As ever this isn’t exactly a Should I Buy, more like it’s a look at what you get if you decide to spend those Donuts so you can make your own minds up.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks

Lets get started then, shall we . . .

Basic info:
• Name: Jimmy
• Type: Character
• Premium: Yes
• Voiced: No
• Questline: Yes
• Animated Job(s): Yes, 4 and 12 hour jobs
Earns event currency for Acts 2 to 4

Bundled with:
Springfield Municipal Golf Course
• Name: Springfield Municipal Golf Course
• Type: Building
• Built: 6 seconds
• Earns: 200 $$s and 22 XP every 8 hours
• Job(s): Yes, Jimmy


Questline with Dialog: Swing and a Miss

Swing and a Miss, part 1:

Jimmy: *reading a letter* Dear Mister Jimmy, we at the Adult Education Annex would like to offer you an amazing opportunity…
Jimmy: …giving you the ability to bring your talents to more students and earn even more money by teaching at our facility.
Jimmy: Business has been booming lately, and I WOULD like to get my champion chipping and putting prowess in front of a larger audience.
Jimmy: What the heck. I’ll give it a try.

• Make Jimmy Go to the Adult Education Annex – 4 hours

Jimmy: So, I just show up next week and you’ll have a class ready for me?
Wise Guy: Yup.
Jimmy: Just like that?
Wise Guy: Yup.
Jimmy: You’re not even going to check my credentials?
Wise Guy: Yup. Oops. I mean nope.
Jimmy: Really?
Wise Guy: Yup.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Swing and a Miss, part 2:

Jimmy: Welcome to Introduction to Golf. My name is Jimmy, and I’ll be your club pro today.
Jimmy: Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves.
Jasper: We don’t wanna introduce ourselves.
Jimmy: What do you mean?
Jasper: Why should we? We already know each other.
Jimmy: Well, I don’t know any of you.
Jasper: Whose fault is that?
Jimmy: Ugh. When did seniors start doing things instead of sitting in windows, staring out at nothing.

• Make Students Introduce Themselves – x 3, 4 hours
Can send: Jasper, Herman, Cletus, Snake, Apu
• Make Jimmy Try to Remember Everyone’s Name – 4 hours

Herman: So you’re going to teach us how to play golf, eh?
Jimmy: Absolutely!
Cletus: Is it true that if you kill a deer with a ball, yer allowed to eat it?
Jimmy: Uh…I’m not entirely sure about that one, to be honest.
Apu: Can one hide from their family on a golf course? Say for a month or two when they are out of school for the summer?
Jimmy: Oh boy.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Swing and a Miss, part 3:

Jasper: Why’d you bring us outside? The light out here hurts my cataracts.
Jimmy: We can move over to the shade.
Jasper: Are you crazy?! The shade makes my lumbago flare up.
Jimmy: Oh, brother… I just wanted to bring you out here so I could show you the basics of a golf swing.
Snake: And I can show you the basics of stealing your golf clubs and running off!

• Make Jimmy Practice His Swing – 4 hours
• Make Students Not Pay Any Attention – x 3, 4 hours
Can send: Jasper, Herman, Cletus, Snake, Apu

Jimmy: All right. Are there any questions?
Herman: How do I swing through the ball when I got no right arm to swing through it with?
Jimmy: I do apologize for my thoughtlessness. There are special circumstances for every golfer. Today I’ve been trying to just give a more general overview—
Herman: General? Where? I’m AWOL. They’ll never take me back alive! *runs off*
Jimmy: I’m going to get blamed for this. I just know it.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Swing and a Miss, part 4:

Wise Guy: Don’t you have a class right now?
Jimmy: If hiding from that awful class is class, then yes!
Jasper: Hey golf guy, my rheumatism needs a rub down!
Apu: Oh! Mister Jimmy! Where did you go?!
Jimmy: Aah! They’re everywhere, like locusts!

• Make Jimmy Run From Students – 4 hours
• Make Students Chase After Jimmy – x 3, 4 hours
Can send: Jasper, Herman, Cletus, Snake, Apu

Jasper: Come on, youngin’. We’ve got more questions for you.
Jimmy: How is it you’re able to chase me down so fast?
Jasper: You get to my age, you learn the shortcuts. Now let’s git our game on!
Jimmy: Ow! Ow! Stop hitting me with your cane, I’m coming!

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP

Permanent tasks:
Jimmy Practice his Swing Jimmy Victory Pose Jimmy Run from Students
• Task: Get a Drink at the Clubhouse
• Time: 1 hour
• Earns: 105 $$s, 26 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Springfield Municipal Golf Course

• Task: Practice His Swing
• Time: 4 hours
• Earns: 260 $$s, 70 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Play a Round Completely Alone
• Time: 8 hours
• Earns: 420 $$s, 105 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Springfield Municipal Golf Course

• Task: Run From Students
• Time: 12 hours
• Earns: 600 $$s, 150 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Give Golf Lessons
• Time: 24 hours
• Earns: 1,000 $$s, 225 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Springfield Municipal Golf Course


There you have it, over to you. Is this a must-buy, a maybe or a hard-pass?
Your opinions might help any Addict who’s not made up their minds yet so please share your thoughts in the comments.

Back in a bit with the Gil Deal post.

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  1. Thanks for the info . Strange to name a building a golf course ? Description leads to thinking we are getting another course. Part 2 looks pretty naff compared to Part 1

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