Fore!: Act 4 Dialog Recap

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If you’ve been zapping through your tapping and it’s all been a bit of a blur or if you just fancied a reminder of what the writers got up to this time you’re in luck.

Here’s all the dialog and tasks for Act 4 …

What’s in this post:
• Prize Track: Down Putt Not Out parts 1 to 5
• Outro: Fore-Get Me Not

Act 4 Prize Track: Down Putt Not Out parts 1 to 5

Down Putt Not Out, part 1:

Burns: What are the bedraggled hoi polloi doing here?
Wiggum: The whole city heard about the big match and came out to watch!
Golfing Homer: Good morning, Mr. Burns. I’m here and ready to help you win.
Burns: Exactly what I like to hear! And I see you brought your own caddie, too. Looks like a smart fellow.
Golfing Homer: Are you looking at the same Bart I am?
Aristotle Amadopolis: Good morning, Montgomery. I’d like to introduce my partner, Richard Texan.
The Rich Texan: Howdy, Burnsy! Nice day to do the Texas two-step with the white ball, eh cowboy?
Burns: Could someone interpret what this rube is saying?

• Collect Scorecards – x 115 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
• Make Golfing Homer Tee Off – 4 hours
• Make Burns Tee Off – 4 hours
• Make Amadopolis Tee Off – 4 hours
• Make the Rich Texan Tee Off – 4 hours
• Make Springfielders Cheer Inappropriately – x 10, 4 hours

Lenny: Look at that! Homer’s drive put Mr. Burns only two feet from the hole!
Carl: Even old man Burns can’t miss a putt like that.
Barney: And with Amadopolis’ drive ending up in the lake, *belch* they had to play Rich Texan’s ball.
Moe: Which landed right in the dregs… That’s bar lingo for bunker.
Lenny: Who woulda thought that Homer and Burns could work so well together.
Carl: I’ve been waiting for Homer to do something idiotic, but he hasn’t.
Moe: Black is white, up is down… I’m not sure of anything in this world anymore!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Golf Clubs

Down Putt Not Out, part 2:

Aristotle Amadopolis: Oh, come on! You hit into the woods again?!
The Rich Texan: And you’ve spent so much time in the bunkers we coulda been buildin’ sand castles on every hole!
Aristotle Amadopolis: At least I can sink a putt longer than six centimeters!
The Rich Texan: In America, we use inches — Texas-size inches!
Nelson: Ooh! A fight!
Jimbo: Finally golf is getting good!
Kearney: Ooh, a knee between the legs!
Dolph: That’s why you don’t mess with Texas.
Smithers: Mr. Burns, it appears that Amadopolis’ partner is now riding off into the sunset.
Burns: Capital! Aristotle, I am more than willing to accept your surrender.
Aristotle Amadopolis: Not…on your life! I will beat you single-handed…once my single hand heals from punching that Dallas dimwit.

• Collect Scorecards – x 115 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
• Make Golfing Homer Continue to Not Screw Up – 4 hours
• Make Burns Consistently Remember Homer’s Name – 4 hours
• Make Smithers Be Confused How This is Working – 4 hours
• Make Amadopolis Try to Play Through the Pain – 4 hours

Rumble Announcers: …after nine holes, the Burns-Simpson team leads by seven shots over the Amadopolis-nobody team.
Rumble Announcers: Amadopolis’ game has improved since his partner stormed off.
Rumble Announcers: We’ll have to wait and see, on the waning holes, if he’s able to come from behind. Now a word from our sponsor!
Krusty: “Coming from behind”? Krusty Burgers’ new bean burritos are eaten in the front and coming from behind before you know it!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Crowd of Golfers

Down Putt Not Out, part 3:

Quimby: Hey, Jimmy. Where is everyone?
Jimmy: There’s a big match happening at Springfield Glen today between Mr. Burns and Mr. Amadopolis from Shelbyville.
Quimby: Not a huge promotional match?! Everyone will be talking about Springfield Glen when they should be talking about my municipal club!
Quimby: Time for Diamond Joe to take care of this the same way I always do.
Jimmy: I just got an ominous chill down my spine.

• Collect Scorecards – x 100 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
• Make Springfielders Learn How to Watch Golf Live – x 10, 4 hours
• Make Quimby Take Matters Into His Own Hands – 4 hours

Fat Tony: Mayor Quimby, you requested my services?
Quimby: Yes, Fat Tony. Do you know anything about this match happening at Springfield Glen today?
Fat Tony: I am aware of it.
Quimby: I need your help to ensure that the outcome is desirable for the city.
Fat Tony: Legs, do I have any action on the best ball match today?
Legs: Just a general bet that the Texan wouldn’t make it to the back nine before giving the Greek a shot in the olives.
Fat Tony: So I’m covered. Now, what is it you would like, Mayor Quimby?

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and a Mystery Box token

Down Putt Not Out, part 4:

Old Jewish Man: Hey look, Abe. There’s your boy, golfing!
Grampa: Homer? Something’s about to go horribly wrong.
Jasper: Why do you say that?
Grampa: Forty years of horrible with that kid, that’s why.
Burns: Simpson, we’re twelve under par with only one hole left to play!
Smithers: And the other guy’s sixteen shots back. There’s no way Homer Simpson can screw this one up.
Caddy Bart: Then you don’t know Homer Simpson!

• Collect Scorecards – x 130 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
• Make Golfing Homer Head to the 18th Tee – 4 hours
• Make Smithers Worry About Divine Intervention – 4 hours
• Make Grampa Worry How His Boy Will Muck This Up – 4 hours

Agnes: Even that no-good Homer Simpson gets something right for once! What’s your excuse, dummy?
Skinner: If I wasn’t always called dummy, I might succeed at things too.
Agnes: I doubt it, dummy.
Willy: Ach! Look! There’s some ugly slag on the green!
Agnes: Hello. I’m standing right here!
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s a chunk of scrap iron.
Squeaky Voice Teen: It appears that men from the steel mill were given orders to leave it here by mistake.
Burns: What are you doing about it, Amadopolis?
Aristotle Amadopolis: Nothing. We’re going to have to play through it. Unless you’d care to concede?
Burns: Not on your life!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Sand Trap ATV

Down Putt Not Out, part 5:

Roscoe: I’m sorry about this. We got a call that said to leave our steel waste here.
Evelyn Peters: It will all work out. Please, don’t waste your time on your waste. Now come sit with me and watch the end of the match.
Caddy Bart: See? I told you not to say anything, Mr. Smithers.
Burns: Blasted refuse! I’ll move it with my bare hands!
Smithers: Sir, no! You’ll throw what’s left of your back out.
Caddy Bart: That slag knocked Burns’ second shot into the lake, and your fourth shot into the lake, and his sixth shot into the lake, and…
Golfing Homer: Get to the point, boy.
Caddy Bart: …you’ve finally managed to get a ball onto the green, but you’ve lost fifteen strokes.
Caddy Bart: And Amadopolis found a way around the junk, rather than trying to smash through it…
Golfing Homer: The point, boy!
Caddy Bart: You have to sink this putt or you’ll lose.
Golfing Homer: But if I make it, I’m the hero?
Caddy Bart: So said the loser.

• Collect Scorecards – x 165 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
• Make Golfing Homer Make an Impossible Putt – 4 hours
• Make Caddy Bart Watch Homer Succeed at Something – 4 hours
• Make Springfielders Lose Their Minds – x 10, 4 hours

Aristotle Amadopolis: Wait, but…how? That’s impossible! It ricocheted over fourteen times!
Golfing Homer: I’ve spent thousands of hours on the minigolf course. Ricochets are my thing.
Golfing Homer: AND romancing your mother inside minigolf windmills.
Caddy Bart: Ugh! You just ruined minigolf and windmills for me!
Aristotle Amadopolis: Well, that’s it, Monty. You’ve won this round, so I’ll honor our agreement. You won’t see me on this course again.
Burns: Smithers, quick…cheer for me!
Smithers: Yay.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Golf Green + skin


Outro: Fore-Get Me Not
This will pop up when you complete all 4 prize-tracks

Fore-Get Me Not:

Blue Haired Lawyer: Mayor Quimby, after the issue with trash on their golf course, the Springfield Glen Country Club has called a vote.
Blue Haired Lawyer: They have removed all restrictions on membership for all citizens of Springfield.
Quimby: They’re willing to have me as a member again?
Blue Haired Lawyer: Yes. Your eligibility has been restored.
Quimby: Err, uh…excellent!
Blue Haired Lawyer: They are also waiving your back dues, so long as you can cover this year’s fees upfront.
Quimby: Err, uh…less than excellent. How much is that going to be?

• Make Springfielders Enjoy the Game of Golf – x 10, 4 hours
• Make Quimby Try to Find Some Available Cash – 4 hours

Moe: Mayor Quimby! What brings you into my fine…uh…dump?
Quimby: Give me a pint of whatever swill you call “beer”.
Moe: Coming right up. It’s my duty as a bartender to ask: What’s on your mind?
Quimby: I finally got what I wanted. Springfield Glen will let me apply for membership.
Quimby: But all my money’s in the municipal course, and even though it’s successful, the profits are going into city coffers and not my back pocket.
Moe: Which is only right, right?
Quimby: Why am I talking to a bartender who doesn’t understand graft?

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP


That wraps up this event, I’ll be back tomorrow with a reminder this is almost at an end and then go checking for updates …

In case you miss that and you have your device set to automatically update apps I’d recommend turning that off if you still have things in store you want to get. I think there’s an update due tomorrow for a mini-event on Wednesday

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