Food Wars: Ends VERY soon

Sorry guys, wasn’t well yesterday.

This ends in a few hours, 15:00 UTC today in fact.
That’s US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm.

Now I’m off to go get the store items while there’s still time …

12 responses to “Food Wars: Ends VERY soon

  1. Food Wars ended and I have been unable to access the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box. Very annoying. I’ve tried getting info directly from EA but still nothing. Anybody else having this problem?

    • My A town has, but my B and C towns work !?!
      It’s been flagged but unlikely to be fixed before the next update

  2. Back in the day, there were events that required you to visit your neighbors, and drop and/or collect items from them. Are those type of events gone forever?

    • I miss those too.
      They did have a play with bringing back tappables a while ago, then stopped again.
      Who knows what they might do in the future though, and they ain’t saying.

  3. Yes! Please let there be Princess Tempura and Meganaut *crosses fingers*

  4. There’s a post on the TSTO fb page with the splash as anime characters…maybe a clue

  5. When is the next event?

  6. Oh no. This was one of the best mini events I’ve played.

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