August 2023 Event SPOILERS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s ready for what’s next in our pocket-sized towns?  Well, you’re in luck because we’ve received our info packet from EA and we’re FINALLY allowed to share the details with you!  Curious about what’s included in the next event?  When does it start? How many donuts do you need?  Who should you keep free?  Want some major event spoilers?!  Well look no further…we answer all of that and more here…

Just a reminder for our hearing-impaired readers, or those who check the site at work.  You can totally watch this video without sound.  Aside from the subtitles, I have TONS of detailed graphics on this video that will outline all the event details.  

Thoughts? Excitement? Are you ready for it?!  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

66 responses to “August 2023 Event SPOILERS!

  1. Reading this thread there are some comments that aren’t pc, swearing, friend requests, not what this was ment for, one of the reasons I don’t post much these days.

    • If you mean what I think you mean then it deserved a reply and as I don’t have access to the Addicts email that either meant posting it or sending an email from my own address which would probably have made things worse.

      • I’ll add – even though I know what button to tap to see the info on who posted a comment I feel I have no right or reason to do so.

    • One errant friend request, 1.5 “swears,” and something “not PC” (not sure what that’s referencing, “feebs” perhaps?) In the comments on this post is enough to keep you from posting on this otherwise terrific site? Alrighty then! What goes on on this site is overall pretty well moderated and respectful (especially nowadays), with only the occasional slipup…thinking maybe this internet thing just isn’t for you. Too bad, though…we can always use more active participants, especially participants like you, who wouldn’t do the things you’re calling out here (and I mean that sincerely). Oh, well…we’ll endeavor to persevere without you.

      • In 6 months or so I’ve only binned two unsuitable posts and a handful of duplicates ( usually from newbies that didn’t realise they needed moderating ).
        You’re a well behaved bunch on here 😊

      • Ment PG 😆 not PC hehe am cool with the site otherwise 😎

  2. Can’t wait!!
    Need friends for my town…

  3. aaronjstclair

    Looking forward to this one as it’s from one of my favorite episodes!

  4. Brandon Lehmann

    I think a really cool event would be one where the buildings that I’ve collected over the course of 8 years….load.


    • Hope you get your wish 😊
      Not affected myself but seen screenshots and posts from frustrated and sometimes angry players on this since day 1 and I’d hate it to happen to me.

  5. I wonder if those buildings with monorail tracks will actually be linkable to monorail loops…hrm…

    Wait shorter jobs (4hr) earn quicker than the 8 & 12 hrs?

  6. This update is about as close a design match update as I could ask for. For long time commenters I know I sound like a broken record that my NW land passage is my designated Shelbyville, Springfield’s allegedly poorer sister city. I’m only 3 land plots from completion. The only downside is so far my Shelbyville is quite colorful but the mirrored buildings are mostly greyscale but I’m sure I can make it work.

  7. YES, Charrey! I totally missed the Golden Goose Realty when it came out…grrr.

  8. I’m not generally a fan of character or building skins, but I also don’t like out-of-place characters (aliens, monsters, dinosaurs…) wondering around my Springfield, so I feel like everything in this event would’ve been better off as a skin.

  9. Can’t wait for this one! Wish they would do another Stonecutters and the Ghostbuster-ish Halloween one.

    Also, don’t know who has the copyrights but Futurama would be a nice add-on the way Krustyland was.

  10. Bart character looks like L in Death Note. Except for his hair and the book he’s holding.

  11. Thank you for the info.

  12. I normally participate in every event, but because this one is so far out of character for the Simpsons art, I think I actually might pass on this entire event, and save my donuts for the next real simpsons event

  13. Question for probably Safi. I’ve been playing since pretty much the start. My A town is lvl 939 max item limit all land open 910 million in cash. My B town is around lvl 600 most land open 100 million cash. I’m lazy. Enjoy the game but don’t send chars out on jobs. Burned some cash over the years farming for donuts.
    What is the fastest was to generate cash for beloved billionaire club? Other than the obvious, send whole town out on 12 or 24 hr jobs and wait weeks or more…
    By the way, great job over the years guys.

    • My answer, shorter tasks or bigger bonus
      roughly 5 1 hour jobs pays 2 4 hour jobs and more than 1 8 hour
      This game wants you to work for it, no easy ride

      If you have a shed-load of donuts blow ’em on Skyfinger taps might work. I used to break even doing that every 4 hours with the collider on if Bart didn’t spoil the party but I had a 16k+% bonus and maxed cash to go farm with

    • This is what I did. Seeing as XP only counts towards donuts, plus it costs money to level up and get donuts
      1- put away as much of your XP stuff as possible
      2.- shut off the XP collider
      3- have as many cash earning buildings out in your Springfield as possible. I happened to have 300 brown houses that I originally used to make money!
      4- when the screen comes up to level up, accept how ever many donuts you get. It costs too much money!
      5- use the job manager to send all your people on jobs. Use the lowest amount of time your patience will allow. This does cost money but there is no way I am choosing jobs for 600 characters!

      It shouldn’t take you too long to purchase the building and a few gold tiles. Good luck!

      • Why would you want to turn off the collider and XP-earning stuff? As long as you take whatever you get from your first tap in a bonuts (bonus donuts) round, those bonuts cost you nothing in IGC (in-game cash)! You’re strategy is totally backwards. You should WANT to have those XP-earning items out (assuming that, by “XP-earning” you mean items that increase your bonus multiplier), since your bonus multiplier multiplies both XP AND IGC! In fact, I’ve been using the bonuts I earn from the bonut rounds to buy Burns Mystery Boxes to get MORE items that increase my bonus multiplier. That’s helped significantly increase the rate at which I earn IGC from my building and task collection. (For that reason, I also keep my collider running, using donuts collected from other sources, like donut-earning buildings, Where’s Maggie game, etc, to “pay” for that.)

        I also went back to playing the Itchy & Scratchy Scratch-R, as well as the horseand races car races, always choosing the “favorite,” for a little extra bump in IGC and try to remember to send characters to the stages (those tasks earn more) and the “leftover” quasi-NPC characters on flights at the airport.

        I had previously avoided getting my bonus multiplier too high (once I was into the 2,000 % territory) so the extra bonut rounds wouldn’t slow me down, but, now that I always just accept whatever I get on the first tap, that offsets the time I used to spend choosing until I got the three-donuts box.

    • Don’t you have God as a character in your town? Mine earns 5 million a day with his 24 hour task

  14. charlesthefirst1

    I definitely need more land. Otherwise I have to store parts of my town or squeeze everything together NYC style.

  15. Steven Dagnello

    Here’s a handy tip for all you addicts. Get the Walking Quickie Mart. Never send Apu on his ” Bolt down products” quest. Then, you can use the unemployment office to send the majority of your characters on a 4 hour task to get “motion sick”. For premium rate. … I fit 600+ characters in there at a time. Nothing like seeing them all come out at once!😆

    • Oldie but a goodie.
      Any premium task that has a Group Send and a character specific task works.
      If you get that stuck in a loop glitch where you collect but it shows still busy pop to the Friends Towns bit and back and collect again and again and again on every re-load too
      ( I went from just about $10 mil to maxed out billionaire doing that way back when, took about 3 weeks )

    • I should add – it was in the middle of an event so I didn’t need the busy characters for other tasks.
      If that does happen store the building to break the loop and free everyone then put the building back

  16. I’m looking forward to this one. I participate in all events, no matter if I use the buildings or not. And I also agree to the land tiles. I would appreciate if it were easier and faster to get them.

  17. Andrew Cornthwaite

    I can’t see the spoilers page. What’s with the new type the words in to see it. The button at the bottom doesn’t appear no matter what device or how many times i refresh. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Huh ?!? Type what where ??
      The embedded player works both as-is and in full-screen for me
      Perhaps try on Youtube … ( or is that where it’s a problem ?? )

    • Same thing is happening to me. I can’t get past the enter the word to prove I’m not a robot page.

      • What browser are you using ??
        Perhaps it’s because I’m on Chrome and signed in but I’ve never seen that

  18. I have not looked into the spoilers so I am intrigued by what are saying about the game. I am planning not to look at spoilers just to keep things interesting.

  19. For those of us who are spoiler averse, can you just share when it’s scheduled to start?

  20. Need more land tickets. I have every single thing in this game and am out of room. Why don’t they offer more land? I have building packed on each other and my inventory is stacked. Been playing this since it came out. So ask ea lol

    • I’ve been kicking up a fuss on this for a while – no luck
      Perhaps Black Friday, but depends how many other items in that box …

    • When I first started playing the game…I definitely spent my fair share of real cash on the game..loved it!..then I came across this site and learned of “farming”, nevertheless, my real cash spending went down. I still spend real dollars here and there..for some of the more interesting/fun items that come out…..BUT…if LAND was available for CASH money..there is no doubt I would spend more. I recognize not everyone agrees with this..and “free” land should ALSO be available sometime/somewhere …but for those like me, wouldn’t it be nice to just buy.. oh, 10 spaces for “some price”…maybe next month..another 10 land tiles?…seems like an obvious increase in positive cash flow…to me anyway.

      Someone mentioned earlier about Bob’s Burgers. That’s the first thing I thought of too. That episode where practically every scene was drawn by a different artist. That was a GREAT episode! The anime characters of the Belchers and other characters from that episode reminded me of the look of these new Simpsons skins/characters.

      Hope everyone is safe from this heat…even warmer than normal up here in Great Northern Maine! Actually…not really a lot hotter temperature wise than most Summers, but DEFINITELY much more humid/muggy than I ever remember.

      • Fine….I’ll just be done then. People send me hate mail…thank you Patric the Prick. Mike out! This world is so full of hate..I thought this would be a safe place…by Sandra S Hill. Bye others..bye everything…fn jerks! I’m fn done with you fs

        • What on earth happened ??
          Patric is no longer with the Addicts team, it’s just Alissa, Safi and me

          • Patric had access to my email address…he sent me dozens of angry email because of my political views. He shared my email address with ….I’m assuming at least 20-40 different people..based on the hate I receive daily. I’ve tried to ignore it…but it has never stopped…and is now starting to get worse. I’ve tried to state an honest opinion about the game..yet at times, people get crazy and start sending the hate.

            Hey you knuckleheads out there..
            PLEASE..PLEASE come visit me…I’ve made my town obvious…I’m easy to find..l.l. PLEASE come and bring your threats against me…and yes even my daughter….and for that “real intelligent guy”. Out there….even my Mom…who I dare mentioned has Parkinson’s….that was pretty sick…….but yes…PLEASE…I beg you to show your pathetic face…come…I’m ready…any f’n time.

            Graham…you’ve been a blessing to this site..especially since they know you’ll do the heavy lifting….Patric….you son of a itch….all I said was I wanted to see your precious golf course….and for that…well you know.. You…you my good sir! Are a very..very pathetic old man that is so full of hate and lies it’s ridiculous!…..PLEASE come for me….or I may ….eventually go for you….you sad creature!… must be hiding SOOO much from your family…..I am horrified for them..honestly.

            Good luck with the site graham…

            Mike out for real….

            • I repeat – they’re nothing to do with Addicts and you should be able to add their email addresses to a Blocked Sender list so they can never bother you with any more emails.

              I’m fuming for you, definitely having a drink tonight
              Take care Mike, and I hope to see you keep posting

            • I let Patric drive me away from participating on this site for a couple of years (due to his unwarranted, unprovoked insults here) and came back to participating on this site once he was gone. Don’t let him drive you away from here, too. Just block his emails. Leaving here won’t affect whatever is going on in email and will just deprive you of the fellowship here and us of your company. He’s not a member of the Addicts crew anymore and hasn’t been for a few years now. I’m sorry if he’s chosen harassing you as a retirement hobby.

              • Almost 6am here and I’ve still not managed to calm down after reading Mikes post.
                Just block the numpty
                It’s not Alissa’ fault
                it’s not Safi’s fault
                It’s not my fault either.

                I’ve had moderator privileges for about 6 months, didn’t at first, but I don’t see your emails addresses. ( can’t see the Addicts inbox either )
                I know where to find the poster email details, but they are not on show with the post and I know I have no right or reason to look them up and no right or reason use them.
                If an official site response is needed then that’s down to Alissa as the owner of the site and not some unpaid staffer just writing a post or six.
                Dunno what the law is over there but here there’s the Misuse of Computers Act and it probably falls under Malicious Communications too if I figure it right – Hello Feebs …

                ( my reward as a long time Addict is seeing happy Addicts read and comment on my posts )

              • I’m so sad and disappointed to hear this. I had no idea. I am glad you came back Neigh-bor-eeno!

              • ❤️

              • Interesting……….

            • Mike please you’re freaking me out…..Please listen to Graham and contact your email carrier. Also, there are laws in place to ward off this type of behavior. It would be a good idea to contact the authorities. Please don’t leave us. We are not like those FXXK HEAD’S. take care and let us know that you are okay.
              Best wishes. 😎

            • Dont worry Mike. Its clear that he was never cherished in this community. and his political views are absolutely as wacko as he (and most on his side) are! he is gone, so you should stay! I encourage you to add me as a neighbor! im in the thread somewhere over there!

              • As I mentioned before, I’m very glad he’s gone, but I think I share some of his political views, and I’m definitely not wacko for that! Let’s keep it to personality, not politics.

              • Alright y’all, shutting this down now. Just because I’m not around all the time doesn’t mean the rules have changed…let’s keep things respectful even of those you’ve disagreed with in the past. In particular because they’re not here to defend themselves.

        • If I’ve figured this right go to your email provider settings and you should be able to block sender on him

  21. A death-tome inspired event with no anime Sherri and Terri? Pass. Was so close to redownloading tapped out for this too…

  22. Different, delirious… delightful.

  23. Looks like mirror world will need their own area for these delights.

  24. WOW. this has potential to be the worst event yet. This is a major swing and miss. Clearly trying to appeal to gen z anime weirdos and this is not the show/game for that…..looks like another grind for the end to get they shattared dreams box…sad cause i hit the jackpot mining donuts this morning in the frontier

  25. Just from the splash screen–looks freaking fantastic!

  26. Please ask them to bring back the Golden Goose Realty in any way or form!

  27. I may have missed it, but I don’t think you mentioned that some of the buildings appear to have monorail tracks on top. I think that’s kind of cool.

  28. I see a few of the buildings have monorail tracks on roof …

  29. Antony Edwards

    You didn’t mention something potentially interesting here. Several of the buildings have monorail tracks

  30. While it might be the usual 4 hour tap rinse repeat it looks decidedly different and interesting.
    Looking forward to this one

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