Update Alert: Mirror Mayhem

Mirror Mayhem Splash
We interrupt your regular scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement: There an app store update circulating to get your games ready for the next event …

Mirror Mayhem

Starts tomorrow, Wednesday August 2nd, 15:01 UTC
15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm BST


Act 1 starts at 15:01 UTC on Wednesday August 2nd
Act 2 starts at 15:01 UTC on Friday August 11th
Act 3 starts at 15:01 UTC on Sunday August 20th
Act 4 starts at 15:01 UTC on Tuesday August 29th
Event ends at 15:00 UTC on Wednesday September 6th

App store sites:

I’ve been checking the websites and found it shown on the following –
( these may help if your app store isn’t playing ball, but they’re from a UK search and may not be the one for your region )

Android: Found here
iOS: Found here
Amazon: Not yet – nowt new there !!

What EA Said: The overview …

Marge asks Homer to clean out the attic, whereupon he discovers a strange looking mirror. It turns out the mirror belongs to Grampa, but when asked about it, Grampa warns everyone not to go near the thing because it’s got magic powers! What kind of magic powers, you ask? Grampa forgets…
Homer figures out that not only does the mirror have the ability to show him a world very unlike his own, but it allows him to bring Mirrored versions of Springfielders through into his world, and quickly realizes that he might be able to make some money off of this. But when Mr. Burns finds out about this and demands to use it, he and his Mirrored counterpart quickly set into motion a terrible scheme to destroy the polar ice caps for their own benefit. With Homer and Mirror Homer scrambling to find a solution, it looks like Springfield is in for a dash of some Mirror Mayhem.

Who you’ll want free:

For the Intro –
Homer and Grampa, 6 seconds

For Part 1 –
Homer and Grampa, 4 hours

For the Currency Jobs –
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grampa, Ned, Burns, Smithers


Back when it goes live with the Rundown

11 responses to “Update Alert: Mirror Mayhem

  1. Glitch on my iPhone every time I start the game I have to log in get my user identity verified then download 2.7g

  2. Still missing buildings and mountains. Really makes me think about not playing anymore.

  3. How in the world is that glitch for s22 users still not fixed?? Nearing two months of this now, come on.

  4. 😏Hmmmmm, not quite sure about this one, appearing like ‘bizarro Hank Hill / downscale anime style’, but any oddball creativity is okay…

    Consistent events have been swell but the splashscreen would be better with a couple characters like Homer, Bart, Burns & Comic Book Guy cringing for more mandatory land🤓

  5. Sounds like a stargate sg1 episode

  6. Based on the icon and splash screen I was hoping for a death note themed Halloween update but this event is to early for the holiday.

  7. Thank you. Am currently downloading the update.

  8. And again a glitch no buildings and mountainrange on s 22 ultra

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