Mirror Mayhem: Act 1 Rundown

Mirror Mayhem Splash
I hope you’ve all headed to your app store to go and update your games. If you have here’s a quick look at what’s new for this event. In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• What EA Said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Cash offering
• Intro tasks
• Currency jobs

What EA said:

When Homer goes in for a closer look, he sees a strange reflection in the mirror. It’s more realistic than normal, which is weird because normally Homer doesn’t look realistic! Things get even stranger when the reflection asks how everyone is doing. Grampa warns Homer not to invite the reflection into our world, but Homer inadvertently does exactly that. However, it turns out that this “Mirror Homer” is completely harmless. In fact, he even offers to buy Homer a beer, so the two head to Moe’s where everyone is quickly enamored with Homer’s new friend.
This gets the two Homers thinking… Perhaps more people want mirror versions of themselves, possibly even enough to pay for it!


Prize Items: Folk and Mirrors

Prize 1: Magic Mirror (Decoration)
Magic Mirror
Folk and Mirrors part 1 and 115 Glass Cleaners Act 1 Glass Cleaners

Prize 2: Mirrored Bowlarama (Building)
Mirrored Bowlerama
Folk and Mirrors part 2 and 155 Glass Cleaners Act 1 Glass Cleaners

Prize 3: Mystery Box Token (Currency)
Mystery Box Token
Folk and Mirrors part 3 and 155 Glass Cleaners Act 1 Glass Cleaners

Prize 4: Mirrored Phineas Q. Butterfat’s (Building)
Mirrored Phineas Q. Butterfats
Folk and Mirrors part 4 and 155 Glass Cleaners Act 1 Glass Cleaners

Prize 5: Mirror Homer (Character)
Mirror Homer
Folk and Mirrors part 5 and 195 Glass Cleaners Act 1 Glass Cleaners


Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
Mirror Ned
• Name: Mirror Ned
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for Acts 1 to 4

Bundled with:
Mirrored Leftorium
• Name: Mirrored Leftorium
• Type: Building


Cash Offering: In-app purchase, 132 Donut Bundle
Mirror Disco Stu
• Name: Mirror Disco Stu
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for Acts 1 to 4 But …
It turns out all of Mirror Disco Stu’s event tasks use the premium buildings, but if you get Mirror Ned the Mirror Leftorium will work for all 4 Acts


Intro Tasks: Spring Cleaning

• Make Homer Begrudgingly Clean the Attic – 6 seconds
• Make Grampa See What the Commotion is About – 6 seconds


Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Glass Cleaners with the following:

• Check Grocers for Glass Cleaner – 4 hours, earns 5 Act 1 Glass Cleaners
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grampa, Ned, Mr. Burns, Smithers

• Order Left-handed Glass Cleaner – 4 hours, earns 8 Act 1 Glass Cleaners
Mirror Ned, Mirror Disco Stu


Right then, enjoy. I’ll be back later with the Turbo Tappin’

30 responses to “Mirror Mayhem: Act 1 Rundown

  1. Has anyone noticed the monorails on top of the leftorium and bowlarama… maybe a new monorail station is coming?

  2. linda kaserman

    Has anyone noticed that Maggie is missing from the Splash screen?

  3. I love this update! I love the introduction of the new character designs and don’t care that the models don’t fit with the normal Simpsons-verse designs. This seems fresh and radical. Ever since I spent over two-billion game bucks to get that gold-tile maker, I’ve found myself much more engaged with the game, since I’m building the game dollars back up. I farm donuts, and up until that gold-tile maker, the game had started losing meaning. When you’ve maxed out the money and have over 10k donuts, what can’t you do (beside buy characters with real money)? Each part of each event is done within a few days, and it seemed like just going through the motions. I love the splash screen and the the thumbnail of Lisa, and I’m excited they’re utilizing Tetsuro Araki’s models from the Death Note Halloween segment—and it’s not even Halloween!

    • As a long time player, too, you are right!
      However, I regret completing Sven Golly’s premium purchased tasks because I kept Sven doing his 24 hour task in order to send over 400 characters on his shared 4 hour task.
      I’m hoping Mirror Disco Stu’s premium tasks include a similar Springfielders tasks?

      • Post on that will be up tomorrow – ’bout 15 hours – but no group tasks
        Not got to anything for later acts yet though so who knows …

  4. Buying Mirror Disco Stu is worthless unless you drop 150 donuts on the Mirror Leftorium, too, which I won’t. I don’t farm donuts so I don’t waste them. I feel like I was tricked into dropping $ on a worthless character. Thanks, EA, great business practice there.

    • I’ve had time to look this up.
      All of Mirror Disco Stu’s event tasks use the premium buildings, but if you do get the Leftorium you can use it for all 4 acts

  5. Bought Disco Stu Mirror with the donuts bundle. Received both, so far OK. But i cannot send ihm to earn Event currency. I can choose the correct Job for him But Then the Game jumps to Mirror Ned (which I didn‘t buy).
    Anyone else here with that problem?

    • Can you tap on him, or use his sidequest thingy in the taskbook to find him and send him on event tasks that way ??

      • Yes, I can choose his non event quests and he does those jobs .

        • I’ve had time to look this up.
          All of Mirror Disco Stu’s event tasks use the premium buildings, but if you do get the Leftorium you can use it for all 4 acts

    • Yes. I found that Disco Stu performs his event currency task at the Leftorium, so I had to buy that bundle (I would have bought it anyway). Once I’d bought Ned and the Leftorium, I was able to send Disco Stu on the task.

    • Same thing is happening in my game.

      • I’ve had time to look this up.
        All of Mirror Disco Stu’s event tasks use the premium buildings, but if you do get the Leftorium you can use it for all 4 acts

  6. Every time I start up, the game does a complete reload.

  7. How about some cans, trash for the roads

  8. I have downloaded the update, logged on and in the process, 3,000 donuts have been removed from my account.

    A brilliant start to the event.

    • Contact EA Help, the US team should be around for another couple of hours.
      Ask them for a Rollback. You’ll get your game back how it was a day or three ago so you’ll have the donuts but lose anything you earned since and need to restart the event.
      Once done open the main page of the store and tap the cog icon in the top right and turn on Confirm Donut Spend

      • Sent a message to EA before posting on here and no response from them. Not hugely surprised because I doubt TSTO is a priority for them, even if I did spend money on the game.

        • Emails take time and then if you get a question back and need to reply to it …

          Best bet is try for Phone or Live chat during UK or US business hours
          ( the UK team is actually Ireland but … )

          • Thanks Graham – checked this morning and they have put the ‘case’ on hold until I provide them with proof that I paid for the donuts. Therefore, I have now asked for a rollback as you suggested because the donuts are earned. The fact that they didn’t tell me they have ignored the query via email, and I had to log onto the site to find they had done so is poor; however, the fact that they won’t intercede when content is missing because it wasn’t paid for is simply awful. If they took the time to look at my account they would see that I have been playing since the beginning and have financially supported the game the entire way – hence I am a customer. Tbh, things like this make me want to stop playing and no longer give EA revenue.

  9. I don’t see a mystery box. Is anyone else experiencing that or have I got all the things that would’ve been in there?

  10. Anybody buy the Disco Stu + Donuts, get charged, but did not receive either the character or donuts??

    • Contact your App Store for a refund and try again.
      If you’d got the Donuts but not Disco Stu I’d say check your inventory – these normally go there at first when you buy ’em

  11. So I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this or not but some the buildings have monorail tracks on them, on the roofs. Like the leftorium and the bowlarama. Just putting that out there. I connected my monorail to the leftorium and it worked.

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