Mirror Mayhem: Ends Soon

Mirror Mayhem Splash
This is the final Act
The whole thing wraps up on Wednesday September 6th at 15:00 UTC
15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm BST

If you’re running behind try to get the dialog to show for part 5 of any unfinished act and you will be able to complete it later.

If you want anything from the store or Mystery Box get it before the timer runs out.

I’m off panic buying as usual, see you when the next update hits.

Still here ??

Go, go tap !!

PS – the Shattered Dreams timer ends on the 13th, expect an Update Alert in a week if things go as usual.

11 responses to “Mirror Mayhem: Ends Soon

  1. I loved this event. I bought all of the donut items apart from moe. A little annoying that it didn’t came with a station and the buildings don’t fit perfectly, would’ve been nice to have a mirror Flanders house instead of leftie store. Need to farm up donuts for Halloween and Xmas

  2. thank goodness this is over. Bring back the actual artwork.

  3. When will the event tasks leave my game? I don’t want/care to finish getting the prizes I’m on.

    • you have to finish the last task that is available to you for it to disappear

    • The main event tasks should already be gone (the ones that earn event prizes), now that the event is over, but the “extra” tasks (like the ones with Mirror Bart and Bart) won’t go away until the update (and maybe not even then…you may have to just finish those to get rid of them). And, as the post says, the Shattered Dreams box will be around until the 13th.

    • You either have to complete ’em and then store the item if you don’t want it or just ignore the tasks.

      When I started a 3rd town in January the plan was to ignore quests so I’d see the prizes as returning content in store to research future posts and try asking Help to remove the quests. Possibly due to me making a mistake and firing up Help logged in to my A town while asking about the C town I got nowhere with that ask when I tried a few months back.

      Until 2 weeks or so ago I had every single part 1 prize task to do for the year so far, but decided to go get Mirror Houses and start clearing ’em.
      I’ve got Mirror Homer and Mirror Lisa from Acts 1 and 3, the Token from Act 2 after those houses, Act 4 part 1 and the first prize prize for one of the Acts from Heaven Won’t wait and Fore to wrap up still.
      Another15 taps or so to go and a couple of side quests, so hopefully by the end of next week I’ll be free of event jobs and can use the UO to send everyone at last – until I dig out the stored items and clear any quests they come with.

    • Thank you everyone! I played TSTO nearly from the start, had such an awesome town. Lost track of playing due to life events and recently realized I couldn’t get back in my game! Now starting over from scratch and have forgotten how some of these things work!

  4. First event I haven’t played.and I’ve had the game since the start. Looking forward to Halloween. Enjoyed the break

    • I also didn’t play this event as well. It was a nice long break. I look forward to downloading the game again.

  5. Thanks, Graham. I just finished earlier today. I am just glad the end of this means only one more mini event until the Halloween multi-event.

  6. Huh, way behind for some reason on this event. Luckily I have lots of donuts.

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