A Hard Play’s Night: Prize 2, Whitewashed Fence

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Right then, on with the prize posts for this event.
As with the last mini-event I’ll do these as a post per prize so there’s one a day this week.

This one’s for the second prize – Whitewashed Fence

In this post:
• Basic info: What you get and how you get it
• A note on Bart Sawyer’s quest

Basic info:

What you get:
Whitewashed fence (Decoration)
Whitewashed Fence
• Built: Instant
• Premium: No
• Bonus: None
• Earns: Nothing
• Animated: with Bart Sawyer’s job
• Job(s): Yes, Bart Sawyer
Bart Sawyer has a 4 hour animated job, Do Some Whitewashing

How you get it: A Hard Play’s Night part 2
• Collect Playbills – x 125 Playbills
• Make Ms. Peyton Try to Control the Meeting – 4 hours
• Make Parents Continue to Object – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Marge Happily Pull Out Her Stage Binder – 4 hours


A note on Bart Sawyer’s quest:

I’ve seen some reports of players having problems with Part 3 of the questline for Bart Sawyer.

As with Princess Opal there are two versions of the job, one if you have the Fence and one if it isn’t available, and it seems it’s causing issues with the quest figuring which job to assign again !!

From what I can tell the solution seems to be to store the fence and get on with the quest, but I haven’t tested that myself yet.

I’m a bit behind with my tapping but should be finishing the prizes by the end of today and then I’ll crack on with these quests. By doing something different in my 2 bigger towns I should be able to see what happens and what works.

Be nice if the Princess Opal quest was fixable too !!


Back tomorrow with the third prize post, Springfield Playhouse (Building)

15 responses to “A Hard Play’s Night: Prize 2, Whitewashed Fence

  1. This worked to clear the Bart whitewashing task, but unfortunately it doesn’t clear Princess Opal’s task. I wish EA would just clear it. I’m fed up with seeing it now.

  2. I’ve been asked to make the latest suggestion to fix the Princess Opal glitch public, so if you want to bombard it with Me Toos or please fix posts see …

    • Okay – I’ve “Me too”ed! Thanks for re-rolling this ball for us

      • I’ve been banging on about it for forever, and hopeful it’s finally gonna get fixed. Sent in 3 suggested fixes at least.

        First time I had a comparison that was player-fixable.
        Might’ve been others but none I could recall.

    • I clicked on that link and it says my request is processing…forever. Hoping to get a fix for princess opal!

      • AHQ had a bit of trouble loading last night – I just checked back here and a few other sites and it’d sorted itself when I checked back – and seems to be fine again now

  3. So, the quest and the fence …

    It seems when part 3 of the quest first triggers it remembers the state of the fence the last time the game loaded / synchronized, so if the quest goes screwy change the state of the fence to get the right task –

    If it’s placed store it.
    If it’s stored place it.

    Pop to the Friends Towns bit and back once it’s changed.
    This will save your game and synchronize it as well as giving you the opposite of the 2 jobs you had at first, so you end up with the one to match the quest.

    I tried testing this to destruction in 2 towns and then sent this info on with a suggested change that should finally fix that cursed Princess Opal task too, if the Devs update the code that is ..

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but every few months I lose 600 donuts. They just disappear. Last few times I contacted EA and never got a response. Just not sure why it keeps happening.

  5. Regarding Bart Sawyer:
    – store the fence
    – Bart Sawyer’s task should now be highlighted
    – assign Do Some Whitewashing
    – this will bring the fence out of storage and Bart will start the task

    • Not quite …
      There’s a version of the task without the fence, where the animation includes a “pretend” fence.
      The fun bit seems to be the quest and the jobs list deciding which of the 2 jobs to use and not picking the same version.

      • I stored the fence, the task was highlighted in yellow, and I was able to assign Bart Sawyer to complete it. Then it moved on to task 4. It worked for me.

        • Yup, but the fence stayed in storage and you saw a temporary animation not a placed actual fence …
          I’m gonna hit that in about 4 hours in 2 towns, one with the fence left stored and one with it out, and see for myself.
          I do know for certain that there are 2 different Do Some Whitewashing jobs so if you did the quest before the prizes and had no fence you could still do the job and one that goes to the fence in your town to do it if you have it there ( and it works !! )

          • Yep, the fence stayed in storage. What I really need is a way to get Princess Opal to read tarot cards and clear her from task book purgatory.

            • With luck this Bart Sawyer fence job might just be the answer for the devs, as long as I don’t find a way to completely beak it that is. I’m one of many sending her to read those Tarot Cards but can’t make her read Tarot Cards and it’s .. erm .. annoying

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