THOH XXXIV: Act 3 Rundown

THOH 2023 splash
Right then, a shiny new act means a shiny new Rundown.
Here’s a quick look at what’s new for Act 3.

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• What EA Said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Gil Deal
• Currency jobs

What EA said:

While the classic monsters already in Springfield are attempting to buddy up with them and the rich folks of Springfield are attempting to bribe them, the Karate Monsters aren’t having any of that. They only respect people who can fight! Which is not anyone in Springfield. The people of Springfield try to adapt to living under monster rule but it doesn’t go well. Meanwhile, Lisa nurses the Xylem leader back to life, hoping the Xylem and humans can team up to fight the Karate Monsters. Unfortunately, the Xylem decide to embrace martial arts and join the Karate Monsters instead.


Prize Items: The Monsters Mash

Prize 1:
● Old Country House (Building)
Old Country House
The Monsters Mash part 1 and 115 Hand Axes, act 3 currency

Prize 2:
● Carnival Haunted House (Building)
Carnival Haunted Houst
The Monsters Mash part 2 and 155 Hand Axes, act 3 currency

Prize 3:
● Itchy and Scratchy Rocket (Decoration)
Itchy And Scratchy Rocket
The Monsters Mash part 3 and 155 Hand Axes, act 3 currency

Prize 4:
● Burns’ Escape Pod (Decoration)
Burns' Escape Pod
The Monsters Mash part 4 and 155 Hand Axes, act 3 currency

Prize 5:
● Chainsaw Willie (Outfit for Willie)
Chainsaw Willie
The Monsters Mash part 5 and 195 Hand Axes, act 3 currency


Premium Combo:
Cost: 150 Donuts
● Ninja from the Black Lagoon (Character)
Ninja from the Black Lagoon

Bundled with:
● Swamp Land (Decoration)
Swamp Land


Gil Deal:
Cost: 150 Donuts
● Mixed Martial Medusa (Character)
Mixed Martial Medusa

Bundled with:
● Parthenon (Building)


Currency Jobs: Collect Hand Axes
Hand Axes, act 3 currency
● Find Hand Axes in Tool Sheds – 4 hours, earns 5 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Quimby, Wiggum, Skinner

● Order Hand Axes Online – 4 hours, earns 8 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
Alien Bart, Mighty Oak Leader, Kung Fu Werewolf, Ninja from the Black Lagoon


Right then, enjoy. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’
There’ll probably be an Open Thread up in a while, so enjoy your weekend as I sit sunning myself …

11 responses to “THOH XXXIV: Act 3 Rundown

  1. Finally!!! Holyfreakinshirt!!!! I was able to get into the game for the first time since day two of this event. The weird opening screen code tells me they had some serious problems…and the “sorry we screwed up” gifts helped a bit.

    But it took me more than 500 donuts to blast through what I’d missed (thank goodness for donut farming), and I am finally caught up.

    I can now actually give my opinion about Act III and the rest of the THOH event, thus far.

    In a word…”meh…”

    There are a couple of nice decorations…but a load of random ones…and I am NOT compelled to spend donuts on any of the premium characters (bought Mighty Oak Leader and regretted it).There are already too many “randos” walking around Springfield. So…passed on almost all of them thus far.

    Nice to finally get in, but it’s a little like waiting in line at Disneyland for hours and hours, only to find out the “new ride” is silly, weak, and short.

    Ok…back to donut farming. MAYBE I’ll drop 150 on the upcoming Premium in Act Four. It’s a dooooozy of a cultural cross-over!

  2. It’s still not working on my iPad Pro.

    • Have you tried doing a complete uninstall/reinstall, waiting until ALL of the updates have finished before trying to log in and play (ignoring the message that says you can play while the game finished updating)? That worked for my iPad. (Just be sure NOT to do that unless you have an EA account, or you’ll lose everything.)

  3. Nice one EA, I spend 300 donuts on stuff then find out I cannot complete the task because I don’t have Itchy!🤬A fix for those of us who don’t have Itchy please!

  4. Robert Derbyshire

    I cannot get Prize two because it is telling me that Itchy, who I do not have, is required

  5. DeAmbria Edwards

    What all does Medusa do?

  6. didn’t we get the ‘burns escape pod’ or something incredibly similar from one of the space events?

  7. I’d love the swamp land, but not the character. I wish you could put the character in the inventory while keeping the building.

  8. Still no fix. Hopefully by Wed

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