THOH XXXIV: Act 3 Turbo Tappin’

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It’s time to take a look at the quests and tasks to get those Act 3 prizes.

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• Prize Track: The Monsters Mash parts 1 to 5
• Currency Jobs

Prize Track: The Monsters Mash

The Monsters Mash part 1:
● Old Country House (Building)
Old Country House
• Collect Hand Axes – x 115 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
• Make Bart Be Disappointed by His Heroes – 4 hours
• Make Taekwon Dracula Challenge Dracula – 4 hours
• Make Dracula Suddenly Remember an Urgent Appointment – 4 hours
• Make Homer Root for Monster Fights – 4 hours

The Monsters Mash part 2:
● Carnival Haunted House (Building)
Carnival Haunted Houst
• Collect Hand Axes – x 155 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
• Make Taekwon Dracula Challenge Everyone in Springfield to Fight – 4 hours
• Make Springfielders Make Excuses Not to Fight Monsters – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Homer Throw Rich People Under the Bus – 4 hours
• Make Lisa Be Unsurprised Rich People Are Fleeing – 4 hours
• Make Burns Try to Escape the Earth – 4 hours
• Make Itchy and Scratchy Try to Ditch the Earth – 4 hours

The Monsters Mash part 3:
● Itchy and Scratchy Rocket (Decoration)
Itchy And Scratchy Rocket
• Collect Hand Axes – x 155 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
• Make Lisa Try to Get the Mayor to Actually Lead – 4 hours
• Make Quimby Make Excuses Not to Lead Anything – 4 hours
• Make Miss Springfield Start Dating Taekwon Dracula – 4 hours
• Make Lenny Try to Bribe Monsters With Apple Strudel – 4 hours
• Make Homer Eat All the Strudel – 4 hours

The Monsters Mash part 4:
● Burns’ Escape Pod (Decoration)
Burns' Escape Pod
• Collect Hand Axes – x 155 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
• Make Springfielders Complain About the Monster Apocalypse – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Homer Try to Take Lisa on a Trip Across the Country – 4 hours
• Make Lisa Avoid Hiking with Homer – 4 hours

The Monsters Mash part 5:
● Chainsaw Willie (Outfit for Willie)
Chainsaw Willie
• Collect Hand Axes – x 195 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
• Make Lisa Nurse Xylemites Back to Life – 4 hours
• Make Homer Compare Xylem to Root – 4 hours
• Make Xylem Decide to Take Up Martial Arts – 4 hours
• Make Bart Be Embarrassed by Alien Posers – 4 hours


Currency Jobs: Collect Hand Axes
Hand Axes, act 3 currency
● Find Hand Axes in Tool Sheds – 4 hours, earns 5 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Quimby, Wiggum, Skinner

● Order Hand Axes Online – 4 hours, earns 8 Hand Axes, act 3 currency
Alien Bart, Mighty Oak Leader, Kung Fu Werewolf, Ninja from the Black Lagoon


Back after the Calendar with a look at the Premium offering.

20 responses to “THOH XXXIV: Act 3 Turbo Tappin’

  1. Do any Characters have a job in the Country House? Does it do anything interesting like the Bad Dream House?

    • Bart and dunno, behind with my tappin’, sorry
      The Prize Guide that should have been done and up yesterday is now there, but no idea what the Tap To … is on these things yet.

  2. I hit store instead of place for Itchy and he’s MIA in my inventory. If you get the chance to place him, then place him!

  3. Wish I could play, but I’m on the Home Screen and can’t get the game to load, so sorry for your problems but 2 weeks without TOSH, sucks!!! So boarded of playing other games. Anyone else with iOS still stuck on the Home Screen with the donut spinning?

  4. I finally got Itchy. Looks like they just did a quick patch to provide Itchy.

  5. I just received Itchy from the game, but I am not sure how to get Scratchy. They said he is behind the paywall.

  6. I can’t reply to my post about not having itchy, because it hasn’t appeared yet – so this is my repost

    Thank you EA! I had Scratchy, didn’t have Itchy but EA released it for me


  7. Well this sucks. We are told Finnish everything, get something cool.
    But then we are told to do a task involving a character we can’t even get anymore

  8. How can we get Itchy to finish this quest?

  9. No Itchy for me either so I have hit dead stop 😞

  10. I also have Scratchy but not Itchy. You cannot start that task without both. It shows the task as locked. Itchy is not even available for me to purchase right now.

  11. Same here don’t have itchy

  12. Unless they push a freebie, those without Itchy are stuck.

  13. I know, I don’t have itchy and I’m stuck. Tried seeing if it was available for purchase also. This has never happened before.

  14. I DON’T have Itchy. I do have Scratchy. Does this mean I can’t pass this event?

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