THOH XXXIV: Outro, Kang and Kodos

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As mentioned in the Rundown, it’s a bit different this time for the Outro becasue EA decided to throw in a nice surprise …

Kang and Kodos, woohoo !!

For Android players and a lucky few on iOS it’ll be so long ago you saw the first part of the message from Kang and Kodos I’ll recap it and then get on with the Outro and the twist.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• A Special Message From Kang & Kodos, part 1
• Outro tasks: Just Wait Till Next Year
• A Special Message From Kang & Kodos, part 2+

A Special Message From Kang & Kodos, part 1:
This message was set to pop up at the start of Act 1:

Kang: Another one of these silly Treehouse of Horror events? Don’t these humans ever tire of monsters, spooky decor, and jokes about Homer eating all the candy?
Kodos: How would we know? We haven’t been prominently featured in one of these events for years.
Kang: It’s an outrage! We used to rule the Treehouse of Horror! When did parodies of movies become scarier than aliens?!
Kodos: Perhaps we could get more attention by, as the humans say, “playing ball”. We could give them some sort of reward for completing the entire event this year…
Kodos: …and maybe next year the whole event will be about us!
Kang: Sellout.
Kodos: You’d rather just sit on your butt and read what everyone else is saying, like all the dummies playing this game?
Kang: I don’t have a butt! But fine, I’m in. Let’s “play ball”.
Pirate Kang: Behold my festive and holiday-appropriate costuming.
Kodos: Splendid! Can you even see how to fly the spaceship now?
Pirate Kang: No. But we’re in deep space. There’s nothing around us for mi— *CRASHES SPACESHIP*
Kang: Who parked their Tesla out here?!
SYSTEM: Complete all four acts and the outro to receive a special reward from Kang and Kodos!

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP


Outro tasks: Just Wait Till Next Year
As many of you know this triggers when you finish all parts from all 4 acts. The dialog will be in with the Act 4 Dialog Recap.

• Make The General Scold Springfield – 4 hours
• Make Springfielders Blame Homer – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Homer Deny He Ate All the Candy – 4 hours


A Special Message From Kang & Kodos, part 2/3/4/5 !?!:
This will show up when you complete the Outro.
It had me confused for a while, with four almost identical parts, but that’s so they didn’t run into bundle issues.
I’ll get to that after the dialog.

Kang: As you may recall, we promised to give you something for completing the event. As if anyone could recall anything after so many weeks.
Kodos: Tell me about it. It’s amazing a holiday that humans don’t even get a day off for can go on for so long.
Kang: But the joke is on you, silly human. Instead of giving you a prize, Kodos and I are instead going to invade Springfield!
Kang: Mwoo-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Kodos: Wait, if we invade their town…then we’ll be in their town. Isn’t that just giving them us?
Kang: *scratches head with tentacle*
Santa Kang: Merry Christmas, human! We’re giving you the gift of us!
Kodos: Why are you dressed like Santa Claus now?
Santa Kang: Since “playing ball” got us more Treehouse time, maybe we can horn in on the Christmas event this year too!
Kodos: You know they’re not going to let us get away with that again, right?
SYSTEM: Thank you for getting into the spirit of Treehouse of Horror year after year! Please enjoy this special treat from us.

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP and …
Kang Kodos
The first 3 versions weren’t too tough to figure out –

• If you don’t have Kang or Kodos you will get both.
• If you only have Kang then you will get Kodos.
• If you only have Kodos then you will get Kang.

This means if you see that dialog you will end up with both Kang and Kodos and it won’t cost anything. Lovely !!

The fourth version is for players who had them anyway –

• If you already had both you will get 24 Donuts.

There’s also the usual free token for the Shattered Dreams box for everyone that completes the Outro too.


Back after the Calendar with a look at the Premium bundle.

42 responses to “THOH XXXIV: Outro, Kang and Kodos

  1. The game erased my 24 free donuts after the game lost its connection to the server!!!!! Is there anything that I can do to fix this? Or do I have to contact EA for support?

    • Open your Store and tap the Help button over the top right of the pop-up to start a ticket and try Missing Content > Had content and lost it

  2. Do you know what
    the shattered dreams mystery box for this event is?

  3. The game’s not working after the latest update (4.64.5) on my Fire tablet. Anyone else experiencing this?

  4. I just saw in my friends town what looks like a Bart and a Millhouse (?) riding and falling off a skateboard with flames coming out if it. Do you know where to find this task Graham?

  5. Only 24 donuts instead of one or two full characters ? Seems like a ripoff if you already had them.

    • The usual trade for a token you don’t use is 12, but if you had them it’s been for a while and they helped earn a lot more

    • What would seem to you like a more equitable reward for those of us who already have those two characters? Just curious…

      For my game, pretty much no amount of donuts they could give me would make a difference, since I already have way more than I’ll ever be able to spend, do it makes no difference to me whether they give me 24 donuts or 240 donuts. I’m pretty much at the “whatever” point about stuff like this.

      I do think, though, they could get more creative with their rewards for long-time players who pretty much have everything they’ve offered (save perhaps some items that have only sold for real money and items we didn’t want, even for free), and who often have amassed large amounts of donuts already. It’s so rare that there’s a mystery box available to me or, when there is, it’s because there’s an item in it I never wanted.

      Maybe they should have a special mystery box with new items that are only available to us “whales” and/or new for-donut items in the store that cost more than any newer player could ever afford?

      But I don’t feel “entitled” to anything, given that I’ve largely played this game for free, with only very occasional small-dollar purchases (and, if I’m honest, not even any of those in quite a while). I’m just grateful that they keep this game going and give us new content and amusing writing.

      • you can hardly see anything in your town cause its so cluttered with stuff. Maybe store and re-organize to enjoy it more?

        • Play nice !!
          As I always say there’s no right or wrong way to tap.
          It’s your town to do with as you please, and that goes for everyone.
          I’ve seen towns with buildings just jammed up against each other so close that when you do a friend visit you don’t know what you actually tapped !!

        • Are you talking about my town? Are you even in my friends list? With the exception of the upper-right-hand corner where I’m temporarily storing everything from this event in a bit jumble (I wait until the end of an event to decide what I’m going to keep or store and how I want to design into my town the stuff I’m going to keep) and the very bottom right of my town, where I had to put the two larger buildings temporarily for the same reason, I think my town is pretty well designed, with many different discrete areas from various events and/or with various themes. I try to design my town somewhat realistically…real towns, for example, rarely have single buildings each surrounded by a road.

          I’m sorry you don’t like my town, but I’m actually pretty happy with it, myself, and have gotten compliments on some of my designs in the past. But to each one’s own!

          Which one of my friendvilles is yours? I’d like to see how your design surpasses mine.

        • So, I decided to take a fresh look at my town while I was there getting the tasks going for the day, and I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. Which area(s) of my town were you referring to? Are you sure it’s my town you were looking at? Again, if you disregard the temporary dumping ground in the upper corner (in front of the Heavens area) and the two buildings I temporarily placed near the studios, I can’t see what you’re talking about. You have me very curious now…

          • Graham is right. Not my place to judge. BUT if you wanted my criticism I would start at your Springfield heights area

            • I honestly don’t get it… It’s well laid out with walkways and such.

              The oceanside condominium areahas lamp-lined walkways, buildings of various heights getting taller towards the back. Springfield Park, the area with the orange-roofed buildings, is logically laid out with walkways. One building has a fenced-in hot tub behind, two have garages, one with a car in front. The modern condos form a horseshoe around a fountain.

              The office buildings are laid out around a central square with parking garages, with a valet station and food truck on a wide open sidewalk.

              The pier and beach hideaways are thoughtfully laid out, in a walkable design.

              At the front of everything (nearest the mountains) is maybe my least favorite, least designed area, a grassy area with Rockstar Maggie’s performance building and the Ultimate Fighting Zoo… Honestly, I thought it at least made for a bit of an additional entertainment area (besides the theater, which I have in the area with the other special-currency earning buildings, again, nicely laid out), and, mostly, was the only place big enough for her performance building to fit. But it certainly isn’t crowding anything!

              I wish it was easier to take pictures of larger areas of my town without having to take several pictures and knit them together…I’d be interested to know what others think, as well.

              Also, you didn’t answer my question about which one of my friends you are! I’m super curious to see what you did with your Springfield Heights buildings now!

              • First off – if you’re happy with your town that’s all that matters.

                Sounds like you have the software / app and the know-how to edit and adapt pics so if you really wanted too you could do a whole map pic with the Town Portrait doodad and then crop and re-size it to show the section you wanted.

              • The problem with using the town picture is that my town is so big that the resolution is poor. But I have it a try and it’s not quite as bad as I thought. So, here it is…it’s still rather an eagle-eye view, and hard to see a lot of the details, but I’m curious to hear from others what they think.


              • That works.
                Some of the road edges and items are a bit fuzzy, but that’s common until you zoom in on the original portrait – which defeats the purpose of the bigger shot !!

                When you know how to call up the full-size pic and zoom in to scroll round it’s all fairly clear to see – and looks great …

              • 💜

              • One tip – save the edit as a PNG file if you can, same format the Town Portrait uses. Hopefully that’ll allow the “de-fuzzy on zoom” to keep working rather than it being permanent when the file is converted to a jpeg.

              • That was from the Town Portrait. I just took that screen capture and cropped it in the Photos app of my iPad, then grabbed it out of the Photos app with Imgur. I’m not sure where in thar process is have control over file format, but I’ll check that out at some point when it isn’t bedtime. I don’t know that I have control over the format it uses.

              • It’ll probably be in the Editor App to save as a PNG file and then point the uploader to the saved file

  6. My tree guy isn’t lit up in the characters section. Is there a fix for this yet. I may have missed it if you posted about it already. If so can you point me to the right direction. Thank you so much. Oh and so glad you got the run down on Oscuro I’m close to finishing can’t wait!!!!

  7. Thanks, Graham. I can’t wait to finish this event to get both. I have a question. I have been playing anonymously. Can I easily move my town to an EA account now or is that not possible? Thanks again.

    • Head to EA and set up an account if you haven’t already.
      Make sure you get and confirm an email to verify it’s you
      I’d suggest that you add a mobile number too. It’ll help if you’re ever locked out of your email and you can tap Phone at log-in and use the registered number to get the security codes the game uses instead of asking for your password via SMS instead of on an email.

      Once that’s done if you head to the Friends Towns section if the game is running and tap the ID Card thingy or if it isn’t and it starts on the splash screen you’ll get the option to Log In and that will set you up so your game is linked to the new account.

      • Thank you, Graham. It now shows that I am signed in and I feel a lot better about it.

        • Your game is now protected if you ever need to re-install or replace your device, and you can go pop your game ID on the Add Me and get neighbours to go with that Other Springfield if you wish …

        • As you’re likely new to the adding friends bit –
          If you see a number on the Bart and Millhouse button it means you have at least one new Friend Request.
          Tap that to pop to the Friends Towns bit then tap on the Handshake to see who’s sent the request(s) and tap to Add ( or Decline if you don’t want ’em ) so the ones you add will show up and you can visit their towns.

          You can also take the ID names on the Add Me page and tap the button in the Friends Towns bit that looks like an ID Card to send your invites and they can accept your friend request ( or not ) to add new friends too.
          NOTE: it says email, but it isn’t – it’s the ID for their EA name you use to search.

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