Cold Turkey: Turbo Tappin’

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It’s time to take a look at the quests and tasks to get those prizes.

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• Intro: The Hunting Homer
• Prize Track: Talking Turkey parts 1 to 5
• Outro: Them’s the Breaks
• Currency Jobs

Intro: The Hunting Homer

• Make Marge Roll Her Eyes – 6 seconds
• Make Homer Continue to Brag – 6 seconds


Prize Track: Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey part 1:
● Mendoza’s Tower (Building)
Mendoza's Tower
• Collect Gravy Boats – x 155 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
• Make Apu Finally Sell Some Turkey Chili – 4 hours

Talking Turkey part 2:
● Ice Sculptures Bundle (Decorations)
Ice Sculptures Bundle
• Collect Gravy Boats – x 115 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
• Make Mendoza Take Homer Captive – 4 hours
• Make Homer Get Captured – 4 hours
• Make Wolfcastle Shake His Head – 4 hours

Talking Turkey part 3:
● Police Headquarters (Building)
Police Headquarters
• Collect Gravy Boats – x 155 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
• Make Homer Escape – 4 hours
• Make Wolfcastle Complain About Soreness – 4 hours
• Make Cletus Sign Away His Turkey Farm – 4 hours
• Make Brandine Start Thinking of Names – 4 hours

Talking Turkey part 4:
● Live-4-Ever Boat (Decoration)
Live 4 Ever Boat
• Collect Gravy Boats – x 155 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
• Make Homer Follow Police Instructions – 4 hours
• Make Wiggum Pout About His Sandwich – 4 hours
• Make Mendoza Search for Homer – 4 hours

Talking Turkey part 5:
● Scoey (Character)
• Collect Gravy Boats – x 195 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
• Make Homer Sign Away Rights to Wolfcastle – 4 hours
• Make Wolfcastle Buy Homer’s One-liner – 4 hours
• Make Wiggum Arrest Mendoza – 4 hours
• Make Mendoza Get Arrested – 4 hours


Outro: Them’s the Breaks
It’s just Dialog, no tasks


Currency Jobs: Collect Gravy Boats
Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
• Look for Used Gravy Boats – 4 hours, earns 5 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Grampa, Wiggum, Lou, Eddie

• Order High-end Gravy Boats – 4 hours, earns 8 Cold Turkey Currency - Gravy Boats


Back tomorrow with a look at the Premium offering.

23 responses to “Cold Turkey: Turbo Tappin’

  1. What happens to part 3 if I don’t have Brandine yet?

  2. Question, if I have the lard lad that produces doughnuts already and win the one that is on the Black Friday event will they both produce or only one of them?

  3. Normally, buying the pack with the required donuts, means you get all the prizes in the track in a single hit.

    I’m undecided on whether I’m going to buy it though, as none of the mystery boxes are available to me (I’ve been playing for over a decade, and I’ve clearly got all the prizes on offer… I’ve not seen a mystery box for a year or so), so I’d be converting the coins into donuts.

    That said, the prospect of the new lard land etc., is quite tempting.

    • I’d be very interested to know if there’s a firm answer to what happens to tokens after the event finishes. I have paid my 49.99 for 900 donuts and so I’m left with more than 50 tokens I can’t use because I’ve also been playing for a long time and there were only six items in the Gold Mystery Box for me. Do I have to painstakingly cash in my tokens for 12 donuts each, or can I keep them for another event, maybe even the Christmas/New Year event?

      • I’m pretty sure the only tokens that transfer are shattered dreams..

      • I’m 99% sure you’ll lose these tokens.

        Wishing I could buy them from you 🤣

      • Usually it’s a certainty that event tokens can only be used for the event in which they appear, or can be traded even after the event ends for Donuts.
        This year however the tokens I saved from last years Black Friday showed up in my 2 older towns. Hadn’t bought any and one town had 5 and the other had 7 tokens when I looked in the Box – but that might be down to the Day Old Donuts task that was stuck there for a year for many players, so they may have “transferred” the tokens to work with either because of that ( or I got a lucky glitch ).
        I’m in no hurry to trade, so I’m willing to see what happens next year, but them not working for anything except a Black Friday event is a safe bet.

        • Thanks for the info. I don’t necessarily need another 600 donuts right now, but I’d hate to waste 50+ tokens. Should I be brave and wait till next year?! Or do I take the “donut in the hand”?! I may need other tappers to help me decide.
          12 months from now the Lard Land Shop alone will have earned me 2,190 more donuts (365 x 6, assuming I check in every day), so 600 is not a lot in comparison. But I’d still be kicking myself in a year if Black Friday rolled round and my tokens weren’t there.

          • You might want to also check out EA’s TSTO forum site to see whether anyone has already addressed this issue and, if not, post your question there, too, to reach even more players.

            • Thanks for the advice, Sandra. Unfortunately, I just checked out the official EA forum and found out that it’s closing down in a few weeks. Also, I can’t post on it because new members are not allowed to start threads. So I’m not sure I’m going to get an answer there. I searched the forum without finding anything conclusive.

  4. I don’t think so. Apparently I overlooked spending the token last year and the task was stuck on my taskbook all year with nowhere to go. Fortunately for me they reused the old code and I could clear it when the event started. I only had a single token, so it seems to have been lost.

  5. Truly aggravated that Golden Goose Realty is basically permanently paywalled behind a ridiculously overpriced loot box system.

  6. I bought 900 donuts and got all the Black Friday prizes including Lard Land. Lard Land earns 6 donuts a day and you have the option to buy more of the Lard Land items for donuts.

  7. I have a number of gold tokens that came with the donut purchase. I now have the option to convert each of these to a dozen donuts. What happens if I don’t convert them? Do I lose them or are they carried forward to the next Gold Mystery Box offer?

  8. Its nice we get a character this time, I know I’ve been one to complain about past minis where we haven’t..looking forward to completing the event.

    I got a few more black Friday questions. Again, i know you aren’t there yet as you mentioned in your posts but I got some decisions to make by next week.

    For the $49.99/900 donuts do we get all the prizes/tokens in the black friday prize track up to and including lard land?

    Also, if I make progress clearing out some of the 140 items in the gold token box, is there any chance they’ll add more prizes as I clear them out or can I be certain it’s 140 max?

    Thanks again.

    • Yes for 900 donuts you get all the prizes on the track. You don’t need to buy them in a single transaction. the prizes you see in the golden mystery box is everything that’s being offered that you don’t already own, there shouldn’t be anything new added as you clear it out.

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