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Black Friday 2023: Rest of the Mystery Boxes

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Black Friday 2023 Mystery Box Contents:
Having covered the Gold Box that costs Tokens here’s a look at all those other Black Friday boxes that you can chance those sprinkles on.
I’ve listed these in order of cost.

Some items will be in more than one box so if it’s an option to empty these start with the cheapest, but if you’re short on sprinkles find a box that’s more likely to give you items you like rather than having a few goes and getting things you wish you didn’t win.

A reminder that most of these won’t show what’s bundled and may be internal rather than in-game names. I’ve had to fix a couple that really were confusing but I’ve not had chance to go through it all. Sorry.

Box order and costs:
Because there’s a lot of info here these are links so you can find each box and there’s a link at the end of each box to return to this list.
Creatures Mystery Box: Costs 15 Donuts
Bronze Mystery Box: Costs 20 Donuts
Alter Egos Mystery Box: Costs 20 Donuts
Youngsters Mystery Box: Costs 40 Donuts
Silver Mystery Box: Costs 50 Donuts
Retail Mystery Box: Costs 50 Donuts
Imports Mystery Box: Costs 50 Donuts
Hidden Agenda Mystery Box: Costs 60 Donuts
Women Mystery Box: Costs 60 Donuts
Decorations Mystery Box: Costs 70 Donuts
Cyber Monday Mystery Box: Costs 75 Donuts
Character Mystery Box: Costs 80 Donuts
Building Mystery Box: Costs 80 Donuts
Men Mystery Box: Costs 80 Donuts
Great Outdoors Mystery Box: Costs 80 Donuts
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Black Friday 2023: Gold Mystery Box

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OK then, time for a look at the Black Friday Gold Box for this year.

Apologies that this doesn’t have what’s bundled with anything, and in some cases they’re internal names rather than the display names you’ll see.
To deal with that I’d need to go through every last bit of info for every single previous event right now. Sorry, but that’s not an option. Not if you want the info this month at least !!
I do plan to create a set of master lists at some point, but it’ll be next year at the earliest before that’s ready.

This is the box that costs Tokens. You will have been given one for free but if you want more it’ll involve real money to buy Donut packs.
Click / tap here to find out more about buying Tokens.
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Black Friday 2023 Breakdown: Bundles and Prizes

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Well it took a lot longer than planned, but here’s a breakdown of the Tokens and Prizes on offer for this Black Friday.

Some of this was covered in the Basics and Bugs post but I’ll be going over the important stuff again here to be safe.
Warm up your scrolling finger, it’s going to be a long one !!

Before I get going, the issues for Kindle players in the US should now be resolved. For some bonkers reason Amazon decided TSTO was blocked over there but they appear to have put that right now.

Coming up:
• Buying Bundles and Tokens
• The packs on offer
• The Prizes
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Black Friday 2023: Basics and Bugs

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Please read this carefully and can I ask that you only post on this thread if …
You cannot buy Donuts
You bought Donuts that showed they include Tokens but got no Tokens
You have questions about how the Prize Track counts the Donuts you buy

As usual for this time of year the current mini-event also brings the Black Friday prize track and mystery boxes.
Having covered the new stuff for Cold Turkey, except for those prizes, it’s time to turn my attention on to the Black Friday content.

I’ll begin with this to cover the basics and the bugs and then later I’ll have a Breakdown post, a combined Rundown and Prize Guide, for the prize track.

After that I’ll cover the buy-it-now stuff back in store and then the Gold Box followed by the rest of ’em.

I will say that apart from some new additions to the Gold Box it looks like the same stuff as used in the last couple of years, so a Search here for the 2021 Black Friday stuff may be worth a go if you can’t wait.
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Donut Mech Walkthrough

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So, it turns out that last Thanksgiving both Safi and Alissa were so snowed-under they didn’t manage to post about the Atom Smasher event or Black Friday. I’ve only been doing this 11 months and there are times I felt burnt out, and they’ve been doing it for years !!

Anyway, with the Donut Mech in this years Gold Box I figured a Walkthrough might come in handy, better late than never and all that !!

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks

Lets get started then, shall we . . .

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