Black Friday 2023: Basics and Bugs

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Please read this carefully and can I ask that you only post on this thread if …
You cannot buy Donuts
You bought Donuts that showed they include Tokens but got no Tokens
You have questions about how the Prize Track counts the Donuts you buy

As usual for this time of year the current mini-event also brings the Black Friday prize track and mystery boxes.
Having covered the new stuff for Cold Turkey, except for those prizes, it’s time to turn my attention on to the Black Friday content.

I’ll begin with this to cover the basics and the bugs and then later I’ll have a Breakdown post, a combined Rundown and Prize Guide, for the prize track.

After that I’ll cover the buy-it-now stuff back in store and then the Gold Box followed by the rest of ’em.

I will say that apart from some new additions to the Gold Box it looks like the same stuff as used in the last couple of years, so a Search here for the 2021 Black Friday stuff may be worth a go if you can’t wait.

The Basics:

For the Prize track you need to buy Donut packs.
From what I recall, and I’m waiting on confirmation on this, only the packs that include Golden Tokens will count.

You can only buy one of each pack with Tokens, buy a second pack of the same value and it will not include any.

There is a But … If you buy one of each pack and are still hungry for Tokens you will get offered 12 Tokens with the 300 sprinkles pack, and can buy up to 9 of those.

The prize track is cumulative, so you don’t need to start small. Figure what you want / are willing to spend and buy the biggest pack you’re OK with to get all the prizes up to that value.

If you’re just after Tokens consider those included in the prize track and maybe you could buy a smaller bundle than you thought.
You can work out how many items you have in that Gold Box by tapping the ? when you open it and dividing 100 by the odds % it shows. For example 4% odds means 25 items.


The Bugs

If you buy a pack that clearly stated it included Tokens but you don’t get the Token(s) then contact your App Store right away and request a refund. That should give you the chance to try again once that purchase is cancelled.
Be sure to check the pack description mentions the amount of Tokens it includes before you pay.

For players in Belarus, Belgium, China and Russia:

In these countries Loot Boxes (Mystery Boxes) are banned. I figure it’s only the real money ones this applies to, but it does mean that in order to comply with local laws EA or more importantly the App Stores cannot sell these Donut packs.

It also seems that the App Stores cannot resolve to sell only the Donuts, so not only will you not be able to get Tokens or complete the Black Friday event you won’t be able to buy Donuts for any other item. Sorry.

For Kindle players in the US:

I’ve seen many of you say you can’t access the Currency section of the Store to buy Donuts, and more bizarrely I’ve seen one Kindle user in the US unable to download the app due to “Geographic Restrictions”. What ?!?
I suspect these issues are linked and I’ve reported the latter to EA, who are looking in to it. Hope to have some good news soon on that.

EDIT, Nov 21st: For some bonkers reason Amazon had TSTO blocked in the US, but they seem to have put that right now. Don’t ask !!

For anyone else who can’t buy Donuts:

First up if you use a VPN then turn it off. It’s possible the servers a VPN is routing you through will throw up those geographic restrictions.
It’s strongly recommended you never play with a VPN anyway.

If none of the above applies it’s likely a “Your-End” issue. It may be Parental Controls, App Store settings or an invalid or out-of-date Payment Method.

For Kindles I found this article on Amazon’s forum and I also found this article on Apple Support for one iOS player who commented they were having problems.
They didn’t reply so I don’t know if that helped or not.


Back later with that Black Friday Breakdown

9 responses to “Black Friday 2023: Basics and Bugs

  1. What combination of purchases is required to get the Homer Whale?

    • You’d have been better reading today’s post first …

      If that’s all you want and you’re sure then you just need to get 60 Donuts.
      That includes 2 Golden Tokens and will get you 5 more Tokens and the Homer Whale from the Prizes if you’ve not bought any other pack with Tokens already.
      As it says in the post, buy the biggest pack you’re OK with and get all Prizes up to that Bundle value.
      It also warns only packs with Tokens count towards Prizes, and you can only get one of each pack with Tokens – unless you go mad and unlock the chance to buy more Truckloads !!

  2. I’m one of the Amazon Fire tablet folks who couldn’t buy donuts earlier. Happy to report that the problem seems to have been solved. Thanks for pursuing this!

  3. Man of your word and true to form. Thank you for the post.

  4. Is there a way to buy someone else donuts? My mom plays the game and I’d like to gift her the lard lad building at the end of the Black Friday prize track but don’t know how to buy it for her.

    • There no real way to do that directly, but you could give her an Apple or Amazon or Google Play gift card (depending on what kind of device she plays on) in the amount she’d need to buy the donuts necessary for that. I think that’s pretty much your only option.

  5. I don’t know about the other countries but here in Belgium the issues with the donut store are resolved. I guess it wasn’t a matter of “complying to local laws around the sale of in-game content” after all 😉 Whatever, I’m just happy to get the Black Friday prize track after all, and I hope there will be a solution soon for everyone else🤞

  6. I’m one of those that can’t buy donuts because they’re missing from the screen.
    The cash purchases are there.
    The multipliers are there –
    but no donuts. When i click the black friday prompt to buy donuts – my currency screen comes up completely black except for the currency title.

  7. Thanks Graham. So concise and clear!

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