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Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

So there I sit in the Italian Bistro, enjoying my beverage and pasta.  Why I chose this one, well, because I like it and hey, I get to order for free.  The food is great, the cooks care about what they make and there’s no family drama going on or screaming kids while I eat my spaghetti.

Then, there’s a commotion in the kitchen.  The elder chef is ranting about his meatballs to the owner and how he’s the best meatball maker and there’s another chef keeping his meatballs from being recognized as the best.  He’s not a big fan of her in the kitchen.  They apparently aren’t fond of each other… who knew while we all enjoyed our delicious food?

Wow… what’s going on?

Jeesh, they’re only meatballs.  Granted his seem a little more salty but it’s actually a pretty easy recipe.  Isn’t everyone just making them from Mama’s original recipe?  Hmmm…let’s listen in.


Apparently he also doesn’t like pasta or any other confection you put stuff into, and there’s a furry breadstick maker who he’s ok with but he’s created a recipe book and kind of a big deal.  Watching him rant while the other chefs keep on making their delicious food is actually pretty hilarious.  The meatballs are burning!

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