Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

So there I sit in the Italian Bistro, enjoying my beverage and pasta.  Why I chose this one, well, because I like it and hey, I get to order for free.  The food is great, the cooks care about what they make and there’s no family drama going on or screaming kids while I eat my spaghetti.

Then, there’s a commotion in the kitchen.  The elder chef is ranting about his meatballs to the owner and how he’s the best meatball maker and there’s another chef keeping his meatballs from being recognized as the best.  He’s not a big fan of her in the kitchen.  They apparently aren’t fond of each other… who knew while we all enjoyed our delicious food?

Wow… what’s going on?

Jeesh, they’re only meatballs.  Granted his seem a little more salty but it’s actually a pretty easy recipe.  Isn’t everyone just making them from Mama’s original recipe?  Hmmm…let’s listen in.


Apparently he also doesn’t like pasta or any other confection you put stuff into, and there’s a furry breadstick maker who he’s ok with but he’s created a recipe book and kind of a big deal.  Watching him rant while the other chefs keep on making their delicious food is actually pretty hilarious.  The meatballs are burning!

Ok, enough with this ridiculous and mildly confusing analogy.  There’s no French wine involved and this particular restaurant is much better known for it’s Sangria and Margaritas anyways….Maybe I was clueless while I enjoyed my food?  Maybe the kitchen was too far away from what really mattered (the food for all of us)?  Is this a takeover by Fat Tony and the mafia?  Chefs argue just like Gordon Ramsey?  <Mind Blown>


While no trouble in paradise situation or drama to really get involved in, there is a point to this post.  Namely, Cranky Old Guy and Ryan are leaving Addicts.

The who, what, when, where, why and how really isn’t important in the grand scheme of things.  They have their own site now and will be continuing their particular sauce concoctions over there.  With so many restaurants all competing for crumbs of furry breadsticks, there’s no point in drama over small peices of the proverbial pizza pie.


Here at Addicts, we strive to maintain an atmosphere of non-drama so suffice to say we wish them the best of luck.  I’m sure they’ll do great at whatever restaurant they choose to work at.  I personally will miss them but the beautiful thing about free will is I can check on them whenever I like.  The internet is cool like that.

Thus closes a small chapter here at Addicts but trust me when I say, the reads here will continue to be what you have come to expect.  We’ll continue to keep cooking up our particular brand of hilarity and kookiness and hopefully you keep coming here for our free food.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

P.S. I love breadsticks

Note from Alissa: This story was (and is) meant to be fun and make light of a situation we’re all saddened about.  Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.  So if we’ve offended anyone we do apologize immensely.  Our brand of humor sometimes needs to be taken with salt and a lime (and of course a shot of Tequila helps too!) 

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15 responses to “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

  1. Capital City Goofball

    Thanks for the update, was wondering what happened to COG’s posts, as I liked them! It’s always good to get variety from many when it comes to the game posts, so I appreciate you sharing their website with us. I truly enjoy being an Addict myself, so I will be sticking around here, too!

  2. Change is a part of life. It’s good to see the folks at Addicts take things in stride. Best of luck to all parties, but the fuzzy breadsticks served up here, are among my favorites.

  3. I can’t get past why an Italian bistro is best known for its margaritas and sangria. No wonder the cranky old chef is having a fit in the kitchen: he’s clearly Spanish and trying to figure out how the heck he ended up cooking in a bistro di italiano! 😉

    Cordialmente. I migliori auguri per il vostro viaggio!

    (“Regards, best wishes on your journey” – but my Italian is pretty shaky.)

  4. Drama-Free restaurants are the best! I do enjoy all your specialties but wasn’t too fond of the Cranky Old chef’s cooking. Oh, and I love Tequila! 😀

  5. I have been playing the game at least three times a day for the past year, I LOVE IT!!! With the Christmas update, the spinning of the wheel is really driving me crazy. I see all of my neighboreenos with the Claus building but when I spin the wheel all I ever get is $1000 Cash. I used thirty donuts and every time I spin the wheel, I get cash. Am I the only one with this problem?

    • Nope. There’s one item for everyone that’s just killing them on the wheel (for me it’s the Ice sculpture. No matter what I do I can’t get it!). Check out this post by Wookiee to see other’s frustrations and some tips for spinning the wheel (in the comments). 🙂

      • ice sculpture for me too! i’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t get it, therefore if I do it will be a pleasant surprise.

  6. Mmmm……meatballs…..agghhgghhgh!
    Know that story all too well anymore unfortunately Best of luck to COG and Ryan and to Addicts, keep on trucking or cranking out hairy meatballs or fuzzy pasta or whatever it is that we do these days….

  7. Oh great, now I want meatballs and a margarita, and that is simply not fair as I am fresh out of ground meat of any kind, and currently being snowed in here in Massachusetts!
    I do, however, have tequila and lime juice… we can work with this. Maybe if I have some, inspiration will strike, and I’ll think of a way to turn my pork lion roast into meatballs… or um maybe do a chicken parmesan thing only with pork? Hmm…
    So, this is where you were leading… drat. Kinda sad. But, stuff happens… you go that way really fast, and if something gets in your way, turn.
    I’m not much for going fast, you guys are the awesomest.
    Sometimes when you’re cooking, you have to substitute ingredients and find that it turns out just fine… or discover a new favourite recipe.
    Now where did I put that meat mallet thingie…

    • 🙂 Lucky for you Bunny, Wookiee and I love our Tequila (seriously…we do)! We have plans for lots more Margaritas & Meatballs in 2014! (and some sangria and Chicken Parm too..oh and Breadsticks…can’t forget the breadsticks!) Lots more fun in store…and as always this will be a Drama free zone! Who needs drama ruining their tequila buzz and meatball hangover anyway? 😉

      • Woo! Sounds like a party, and you definitely must have the breadsticks! Oh there is nothing quite like some tequila, a nice crusty fresh bread and some delicious cheese… Saint Andre, the most dangerously delicious cheese ever made (my opinion and I’m sticking to it!), it’s like butter, only… cheese. Or cranberry Wensleydale. Oh … this is a terribad time to go all foodie on me! I can’t get to the store! My tummy is grumbling. lol
        Looking forward to a tasty year of drama-free enter-tap-ment, with some delicious side dishes of witty discussion and Bunny peeking under the edges of updates!

  8. What a fantastic Analogy…..I for one enjoy various takes on “Meatballs” and its fulfilling to sample other people’s “wares”….keep up the great work!!

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