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Level 48 Where Did THAT Come From – Gold Navy

Woo hoo! So Level 48 dropped in the midst of all our holiday fun and this fuzzball was pretty stoked. Not only was it more Simpsons fun for all of us, but I got things I mentioned in other posts. Add to that some extra goodness and let’s just say there’s a walking carpet in Southern California with a big smile on his furry face. But enough about me… I’ve got a job to do and you know what that is… let y’all know (or remind you) just where THAT comes from. Before I begin, let me apologize for the delay in the Level 48 posts.  They were written up but delayed by all the holiday madness. For this Level 48 edition, we’ll take a look at Gold Navy.

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The Kidz Aren’t Alright: Janey Powell

Do you hear that? Me either. It is so nice and quiet and… OH NO!! Spoke to soon! Here comes the kids! D’OH!!

In this little game of ours, there are so many fun characters we get to tap daily.  Here at Addicts, we love doing character profiles for all of them and have a blast bringing you the Real Housewives and Mad Men of Springfield.  But does anyone think of the children besides Helen Lovejoy?  It can’t be easy growing up in a town as eccentric as Springfield.  SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Well, we thought of the children, decided that the kids aren’t alright and figured it was time someone took them out of the time-out chair so we can give you an idea of what it’s like Growing Up Springfield.

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