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Oh Bart!!!


So of course EA don’t want me to sleep,  so what do they do? CRASH IT ALL!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Come on EA. I got a flight. PLEASE FIX!!! 😉


So by now you ALL know it’s down. Bart all over. Games randomly logged out all over. Tears. Phones hitting walls and floors. Loud screams. Hair pulling. And that’s just at my place. Lol.

We’ll I’m hoping this is something simple and they come back up soon. Cuz you can’t even get in the help desk or forums. So hang in there. I’m sure the red lights at TSTO central are going nuts right now.

I’m sure y’all will have to log back in again when it comes back. I’ve been having to all day.


Looks like we may be slowly coming back again. Give it time to fully restore. Contact them if you must but know there still may be issues on the support side of things.

Again…this is a S L O W process while they try to get millions back on. So don’t all rush it or it’ll just crash again. Give then time to fully fix it. Try in a few hours even.  It will be a trickle effect. Not everyone will get right back on. Patience (yah right)  😉

EA Servers Down

As many of you are already experiencing, there is an issue with EA servers. Some may be impacted. Others (much like myself) may not be. EA Origin Servers Down 11 23 2014

If you are one of those impacted, hang in there while they work on it. In the meantime a LOT of EA access is down as well. Help and Support being a big one. That means NO Chat, Email, or Phone Calls for assistance right now. So hang in there.

For the rest of us, I do not know how far or wide this will spread, so use caution while in the game and watch your progress in case some is not saved. (Screenshots do wonders.)

Their site still shows them active on my end, but follow what EA reports. https://www.origin.com/en-us/status