EA Servers Down

As many of you are already experiencing, there is an issue with EA servers. Some may be impacted. Others (much like myself) may not be. EA Origin Servers Down 11 23 2014

If you are one of those impacted, hang in there while they work on it. In the meantime a LOT of EA access is down as well. Help and Support being a big one. That means NO Chat, Email, or Phone Calls for assistance right now. So hang in there.

For the rest of us, I do not know how far or wide this will spread, so use caution while in the game and watch your progress in case some is not saved. (Screenshots do wonders.)

Their site still shows them active on my end, but follow what EA reports. https://www.origin.com/en-us/status




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  1. I’m getting a Bart screen. Guessing servers are down at the moment?

  2. hey guys anybody else having issues with thanksgiving and the kindle fire will not load last update freezes at the start on .01 or on our older kindle makes it to update 10 then stops at 20.4 . both times the server drops off. my poor wife hasn’t been able to play for a week now even bought her a new kindle and that didn’t help. have deleted and reinstalled many times on both kindles. its working great on my 4s any ideas?

    lucky aka hdrigidrid178

    • Personally I’m not on Kindle…any of our Kindle users have any ideas?

    • I hadn’t been playing on my Kindle Fire HD 7 (original version) for a while because my iPad has a much bigger screen, but I went and updated my Kindle for you to see I’d have a problem, too. Unfortunate for you (but fortunately for me) my KFHD7 HAD no problems with the update.

      It’s weird that you would have problems with two different Kindle devices… Is it possible that you have something installed on both (or have chosen a particular setting on both) that for some reason interferes with the update? Or perhaps your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough to sustain a prolonged download without interruption? Other than those possibilities, I’m out of ideas for you. 😔

      • thanks for trying your kindle glad to hear it still works on on yours. but bad news for kindle users the 4 gen fire IS NOT COMPATIBLE with tapped out! this from the amazon rep we spoke to this am they are working on problem but couldn’t say when it would be fixed, as to why the older kindle wont load my guess is the o/s update for kindle. so if you haven’t updated your o/s on kindle DON’T. i solved my problem by taking the new kindle back to hh greg and upgrading to an i pad mini and shes playing now . if they never fix it so the old one works no big deal its mine now and works fine for books
        thanks again

    • I play on kindle fire and have been having this problem for 2 days now. Downloading updates freezes and says “cannot connect to server”. I have tried deleting/reinstalling game but same result. I have been playing for almost a year and never had a problem before now. Suffering severe TSTO withdrawal.

  3. Is it still down? I can’t connect to the server.

  4. was in the middle of buying donuts when it went belly up and now have no donuts and minus £13.99!

    • Tell them. Report it.

      • Hi bunny. have reported and waited 24hrs but still no pink sprinkles. just got home from work and checked. Am gonna chase it up tonight so any suggestions please? 🙂

        • I know the server crash probably put them behind a bit. If you go back to the same site you used to report the issue, you can check to see the status of your case. It can take up to 72 hrs for them to complete at times. Sometimes more, but they usually will update it if it will. If anything, now that we are back in the normal week, you can also check to see if there are other options to contact them to resolve it today like chat or call.

    • Thanks bunny. just checked again and the little monkeys have closed my case. live chat isnt available right now either. boo hoo!
      Guess my sprinkles will have to wait a while longer to get to me now. Thanks for the info though.

      • Do you have an email if it’s closed? Check spam and junk. They gotta email you the resolution to do so. It goes to email linked to your account.

        That’s how it always works for me…

        “Dear… thanks for contacting us…the resolution is…case is now closed…”

  5. I’m having a lot of problems with it crashing and freezing up. It’s very annoying. Its becoming no fun at all to continue to play this game. I’ve been playing since spring time 2013.

  6. My friend prizes show my next one to earn when I hit 5000FP is Mr. Teeny, but I have him (and he’s even doing his task with Krusty right now). How do I fix this so I don’t waste my FP? Is this because of the problems EA is having?
    Thanks for any thoughts you may have…you are experts!

  7. Had no problems all day for all three towns.
    Woo Hoo for me !!

  8. I’m back in too!!

  9. Back in now and hope it lasts!!!!!

  10. I only had a glitch 4 hours ago on Simpsons when I was going from Krustyland to the Friends Town page, but closing and reopening the game fixed it..

    Also been playing Sims Freeplay almost all day and there hasn’t been any server problem there at all.

  11. I was just able to log on but now my Krusty is acting weird. It has a multicolored explanation point over his head and when I click it it takes me to decorations and purchase Krustyland. Are you required to purchase it at some point. I am level 45 and I do not want to start it yet.

    • No matter what town you are in the ! does mean there is a task required for you to complete. You don’t have to do it right this minute. You can still trigger it though to get the ! to go away. 😉

      • Thanks you Bunny, I bought the shuttle and I can now access my other characters again. I appreciate all that you all do to help us out

  12. Yeah I had this issue for about an hour.

  13. It’s back up now (at least for me). Yay!

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