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Christmas 2015 101:Fortress of Lonelitude & Moonshine Shack

Putting this up top as many are overlooking it. You MUST follow Once in a Royal Quimby’s City Questline in order to get each attraction. It starts with the Exotic Petting Zoo, then Reindeer Burger Truck, then Fortress of Lonelitude, then Moonshine Shack. If you do NOT see the part of Quimby’s Questline that triggers the next Attraction, then you’re not complete with the Attraction before it. So to get Reindeer Burger Truck, finish to Level 3 of Exotic Petting Zoo. To get Fortress, finish to Level 3 Reindeer Burger Truck… and so on. You must complete each Attractions requirements to keep Quimby’s Questline going.


Hey there Christmas Miracles?

With all the cool new stuff that is in our silly lil games for Act 2, I figured it may be helpful to give you an idea of just how much help and beneficial upgrading some of the New “Locations” will be to you.

Fortress of Lonelitude Full Scalemoonshineshack03_menu

Let’s dive on in and take a look at the Upgrades and tasks for the Fortress of Lonelitude & Moonshine Shack Attractions  Continue reading