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Christmas 2015 101: Gingerbread Mansion

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) from the Addicts community for helping me out and writing this post!  

Merry Christmas, Tappers!  Things are certainly growing more festive in Springfield every day!  Merrymakers getting hopped up on whatever is in a Hot Squishy, we have (or are working on) a Snowman large enough to block the sun, and decorations are keeping us all in the spirit!

By now, many of you have wrapped up the Effigy in White questline (or are close) with the Best Snowman Ever.  A post on that will be coming up shortly.

Once you complete your snowman, Ned will realize it’s time to bake up “some similar-sized gingerbread-y!”  Who knew Flanders could be so competitive?


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