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Hey! Who are all these people?

Notice a bunch of random people walking around your Krustyland?  Wondering who the heck they are?  Well if you ask Krusty they’re “The dregs of humanity….(aka) Customers”.  As you move further along in the Krustyland Quest you’ll notice more and more visitors appear in your park, some carrying knives and axes, but don’t worry they’re not there to hurt you!
tsto krustyland visitors
The visitors that appear in your Krustyland are directly related to your Krust-o-Meter rating.  Unlike in Springfield, where your Conform-o-Meter generates a bonus multiplier, the Krust-o-Meter generates visitors who earn tickets.  The higher your Krust-o-Meter, the more visitors will appear. Continue reading

Ticket to Ride: Breaking Down the Krustyland Attractions

So by now most Tapped Out players should be well into the Krustyland expansion, but you may be noticing that the higher you go the more expensive the attractions cost.  So for those who like to prepare and budget their tickets here’s a complete break down of the Krustyland Attractions.
TSTO Krustyland attractions
So fasten your seat belt, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times because away we go!  Continue reading