Hey! Who are all these people?

Notice a bunch of random people walking around your Krustyland?  Wondering who the heck they are?  Well if you ask Krusty they’re “The dregs of humanity….(aka) Customers”.  As you move further along in the Krustyland Quest you’ll notice more and more visitors appear in your park, some carrying knives and axes, but don’t worry they’re not there to hurt you!
tsto krustyland visitors
The visitors that appear in your Krustyland are directly related to your Krust-o-Meter rating.  Unlike in Springfield, where your Conform-o-Meter generates a bonus multiplier, the Krust-o-Meter generates visitors who earn tickets.  The higher your Krust-o-Meter, the more visitors will appear.

Here’s the break out of how many visitors each Krust-o-Meter ranking will bring to your park:

# of
0 0
1 5
2 10
3 10
4 20
5 30

And while you can’t assign them tasks (they just wonder around aimlessly) they’ll still earn you tickets, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about!  The amount of tickets each visitor produces is based on how long it’s been since you last tapped them.  The nice thing with Krustyland Visitors is that the tickets continue to grow up to 24 hours at 4 hour intervals so there isn’t the rush to tap buildings, so as long as you tap once every 24 hours you’ll collect the full amount of tickets earned.

Here the break out of how many tickets you earn per visitor:

Time # of Tickets
Per Visitor
4 hours 2
8 hours 4
12 hours 6
16 hours 8
20 hours 10
24 hours 12

So if you have a Krust-o-Meter rating of 5 and have 30 random visitors walking around your Krustyland, you can earn an extra 60 tickets every 4 hours on top of the tickets earned from attractions and character tasks.  So work to make your Krustyland a 5 Bouncing Ball destination, and you’ll have enough tickets for the Tooth Chipper in no time!
krustyland TSTO visitors 2

17 responses to “Hey! Who are all these people?

  1. krustoferson123

    I only have 12 visitors and I have 5 star Krustometer ratings. Anyone else have this problem? I’m wondering if it’s because my Krustyland is rather compact. I could build it out more, I wonder if it relates to how much path you have.

  2. I already posted somewhere else but I wouldn’t want anyone to copy my mistake… when you first get Krustyland, you dont have many choices, however the ring toss, three strikes, & wheel of chance all give the same effect to your Krusty meter BUT the wheel of chance & three strikes will cost you 500 tickets each, yet the ring toss only costs you 35 tickets

  3. Here’s a question that just occurred to me, which should be a nice break from all of the Christmas event questions…

    So, I know that the value of the visitor’s tickets go up every 4 hours, but what happens if I collect them after, say, 5 hours? Does it only take 3 hours for them to regenerate, or does it reset the clock?

    I’m asking because it occurred to me that, if it rests the clock, I’d be better off not collecting them until the 24 hours are up, because, otherwise, unless I collect them right on time at the 4, 8, or 12-hour mark, I’m actually short-changing myself in terms maximizing my ticket income.

    • It is just like homes and buildings in Springfield. Resets as soon as you tap them. Then cycle starts again.

      • Thanks!! Can’t believe you answered so quickly, what with all the Christmas event madness going on!

        Guess I’ll stop being so diligent about collecting those tickets then, and figure out what the best collection scheme would be (I’m thinking just once per day).

  4. Are the customers’ tappable by visiting friendville neighbors, like the ones on the attractions and buildings?

    And re an earlier comment, I think it would be great if they added an ice cream stand! (A fortune-telling machine could be fun, too!)

  5. I’m at level 47 and have noticed the krusty meal deal is missing to purchase for 25. Do you know anything about it?

  6. What happened to the Krustyland visitors? Since the Aliens left after Halloween, the park is empty…

  7. I opted to wait on building my KrustyLand wanting to gather tickets for a few months first. Now that I’ve started, I wonder about a few things…
    Why does my second KrustyBurger not earn tickets? It was a 24 hour building…
    Several times I’ve sent a few people on lengthy quests only to find them “done” in half the time…not complaining, just wondering.
    Some rides start moving though no one is on them…and lastly…
    I see my random visitors with ice cream cones yet there’s no ice cream booth.
    Having KrustyLand has really added to the enjoyment of this town-builder…still won’t buy any donuts though.

    • They coded it so only one KB earns. No clue why as the duplicates in town still earn. I’ve seen several reports on characters earning quicker. Never had this happen in my game, definitely some sort of glitch. As for the moving rides, they’ve always done that and I like it. Laughing about the ice cream comment. Too funny. Glad KL improves your gameplay. I enjoy it as well.

  8. I posted a few of them on the “picture” site…gave them random names too. Lol

  9. You forgot the bonus 🙂
    for each star on the krustOmeter you get increased bonus % so you get more than 60 tix/4h if it is on max.

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