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Episode Recap: Lisa With an “S”

Hey hey friends!  Wookiee back and at my usual antics post school craziness and here with another episode recap for my favorite readers (no Totbox… it’s not just you and a few… I’m equal opportunity).  Of course, that means it’s time to take a break from building my giant snowman and slurping hot squishee to catch up on the latest episodes.  Thankfully we’ve done pretty well this season and aren’t too far behind.  One of the features we like to have on this site is recaps of new Simpsons episodes for all our friends who can’t watch them immediately or like our silly reviews of them.  I love when there are new episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. on TV and this week’s episode was an interesting one.  It seems the writers liked the character of Laney Fontaine from “My Fare Lady” (S26:E14) so much they decided she needed a whole episode involving her.  No issue on my end, I love the vocal talent of Tress MacNeille (why have they not paid her to voice her characters in our game already?)  It’s my privilege to not only watch new episodes, which I would do with or without this awesome site, but then break them down for all of you. I stuck to the stream of consciousness format which most of you should be familiar with by now.  Without further ado… here’s my thoughts on Season 27, Episode 7: “Lisa With an ‘S’”.


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