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Addicts Question Corner Winter 2016: Act 1 (Gnome Issues, Singing Stones, Clues for What’s Next, WTF is Going On Around Here?!…and more!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! (Or as Jim Nantz would say…Hello Friends)

Ah do you hear that?  That’s the sound of Tappers everywhere taking a breath and my heart rate very slowly coming back down to normal levels.  Ah….

With all of the craziness of the first 2.5 days of this event, it’s time to return to normal.  Normal is needed around here for so many of you, and for the sake of my sanity.

Believe it or not, through the insanity of the comments, some of you have had legitimate questions/concerns about this event.  So in the spirit of returning to business as usual, let’s address those questions in another rousing edition of Addicts Question Corner!

If you’ve got a question about the event check out this post first, if you don’t see your question addressed leave it in the comments below and we’ll get to it.  Now on with the show post!

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