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No other word for it but Déjà vu… July 4th items in the WDTCF archives

What’s up Tappers?  Seriously… does anyone else know a series of words to describe Déjà vu?  It’s a hard one to define any other way.

The July 4th update has come into our games and with it some really cool stuff. Add to that the return of previous items coveted by some and it’s a pretty fun affair for all.  Here at Team Awesome Sauce, we always love providing you with up-to-date content and info about all the buildings, characters and decorations.  What’s even better is when we’ve actually done this before an update even drops.  I dug through the vaults (lots of fur and cheetos dust in there btw) and figured rather than rehashing previous posts, I could just share posts you may or may not have seen.  Sound like a good idea?

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An accidental WDTCF – Rex Banner & the Nighthawk Diner

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