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A Bont Of Friendship? A Bunny TOO Obsessed!

Christmas Morning 2013, we were given another mini task into the game. This one involved those that had purchased Hank Scorpio and his lair. The dialog was as follows…

A Bont of Friendship 1

The task lasted 6hrs with a reward of 35 Gift Cards & 90XP

A Bont of Friendship 2

Now the interesting part was this…

A Bont of Friendship 3

So I sat here…on January 6th, 4:00:00 GMT…waiting and hoping that maybe another little surprise would hit our Springfield. It was worth a shot, right? In the meantime, the rest of the dialog…

A Bont of Friendship 4

So…time ticked away…and…NOTHING!

Dangit. This is what happens when you are an Addict. You obsess over EVERYTHING in the game. (I know a bunch of you were obsessing too. Don’t lie.) Lol.

I was soooo hoping for some commotion in Springfield, but alas…just another script. Oh well, it was still a funny lil mini quest.


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