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To Hold Shovels Or Not…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Real quick, I’m getting this question asked A LOT in the comments…once you unlock Baby T-Rex should you hold shovels for the next Era or Keep using them?

Honestly, there’s no right or wrong answer to this.  If you unlocked Baby T-Rex this easily you likely won’t have an issue with the next Era (which is also 48 Gems) so it’s kind of a moot point for you.  But you’re also going to need shovels to earn more Fossils, Specimens and Tachyons…you know to finish the Prehistoric Prize Track.

So if you’re really paranoid and worried about saving shovels then do a mix of saving shovels and using them until you’ve unlocked the final prize in the Prehistoric Era.  If you’re not worried (and honestly, if you’ve unlocked Baby T-Rex at this point you shouldn’t be worried), keep using them.  Earn all those Fossils and get as many bonuts as you can!

If you do decide to save, I’d do a mix of saving and using.  Or even wait until the day before the Prehistoric Era ends to start saving…this way you’ll continue to earn Specimens (for Crafting) and Tachyons (for the Panini Press).

Everyone got it?  Good.