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Mutant Rabbit Mutate Task Locked

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing on by to give you all a quick update on the Mutant Rabbit and the locked task.

Mutant Rabbit Mutate Task Locked

So according to the task itself, all that we needed was …well…TODAY! So we waited and waited to see what would happen. Nothing at Midnight. The normal 8GMT hit and nothing happened. Most of the day has passed and it still has not unlocked. I looked and looked and still no changes that I can see.

I contacted some reps at EA, the reps available are in the same boat. No one seems to understand as to why the task is still showing as locked. I contacted an alternate source and am still waiting to see if they can get back to me (they’re on vacation). If I have any further information on it, I will update it here. For now…we wait. See if 8GMT 11/11 it actually unlocks. Or if Midnight at EA (PDT) it shows differently. Only time will tell. Lol.

UPDATE: Looks like AFTER Midnight 11/11 was the winner. Lol. The Should I Post has been updated with the task info.