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Another Update from Alissa 2/2/14:  Bunny, Wookiee & I are still here…we PROMISE.  And yes…I’ve let Bunny and Wookiee run off some energy today and let them out of the basement and attic…for now.
We’re still in a bit of a holding pattern while we’re waiting for our domain name to completely move from the old hosted area (WordPress.com) to our new private server.  However, we’re still here and we will STILL be updating, reading and approving (And responding) to your comments.
Our site WILL NOT be down at anytime while we’re waiting.  All content from Addicts will be accessible in both locations, however only new content will appear on the old site for now (which i’m pretty sure most of you are still seeing).  Once the domain name switch reaches our locations we’ll be able to update the new site…we’re still waiting too just like you guys.
We will move every single comment and post from here to the new server once it’s complete (i’m hopeful by tomorrow morning).  So you can relax and just keep Tapping away and we’ll be here to answer all of your TSTO (and life) questions.  If for some reason you can’t get us here just drop us an email at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.

Enjoy your Sunday Addicts!   Continue reading