Another Update from Alissa 2/2/14:  Bunny, Wookiee & I are still here…we PROMISE.  And yes…I’ve let Bunny and Wookiee run off some energy today and let them out of the basement and attic…for now.
We’re still in a bit of a holding pattern while we’re waiting for our domain name to completely move from the old hosted area ( to our new private server.  However, we’re still here and we will STILL be updating, reading and approving (And responding) to your comments.
Our site WILL NOT be down at anytime while we’re waiting.  All content from Addicts will be accessible in both locations, however only new content will appear on the old site for now (which i’m pretty sure most of you are still seeing).  Once the domain name switch reaches our locations we’ll be able to update the new site…we’re still waiting too just like you guys.
We will move every single comment and post from here to the new server once it’s complete (i’m hopeful by tomorrow morning).  So you can relax and just keep Tapping away and we’ll be here to answer all of your TSTO (and life) questions.  If for some reason you can’t get us here just drop us an email at

Enjoy your Sunday Addicts!  

UPDATE from Alissa: We’re back…kinda sorta maybe.  All of the info (posts, images and your AMAZING comments) have been ported to our new server.  However, now we’re just waiting for the domain name to play catch up across the internet.  So some of you are still seeing the old site (if you see this message you’re seeing the old site) and others will see the new site.  We’re hopeful it’ll all be resolved shortly.  Believe me Bunny, Wookiee and I are going NUTS with out being about to post and answer your comments….we miss our favorite Addicts!!

That reminds me…if you posted a comment yesterday and have yet to see it post…we have it I promise.  It’s still in moderation because we want to make sure it carries over to the new site.  I promise you that I will make sure your comment gets posted on the new site

 Just a quick FYI to all of our AMAZING Addictereenos. You may have noticed a few changes around TSTO Addicts the last few weeks…mostly the changing of many of the site graphics.  We’ve been sprucing up the place for you guys, including our AMAZING header graphic created by our friend Toxic Shark (you may remember his work from such posts as this one)  You have brought us so much pleasure and joy in providing you with up to date content for The Simpsons Tapped Out that we have just about burst our lil seams here.

We want to continue to keep bringing you bigger and better things, so on Friday January 31st, 2014 …starting at 12:01 AM EST, we will going through a site maintenance to expand. YOU should not notice any differences as far as being able to access all of the content here. This maintenance will continue over 24hrs (so no worries, we will be back in time for Superbowl madness).

The only item effected will be our ability to communicate to you here (ie: Comments). No worries, we also have alternate ways to reach us.

Addict Forums:



Feel free to drop us a line at either location if you have questions or need assistance and we will get back to you ASAP. Otherwise, we will be back to harassing you…errr…I mean helping you on Saturday.



P.S. We have a few posts scheduled to drop before midnight tonight to keep you entertained while we’re gone…including the Springfield Showoff!  And be sure to check back Saturday for a special Super Bowl edition of TSTO Anonymous!

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11 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping: SITE MAINTENANCE FRIDAY

  1. Bad enough to be addicted to TSTO but i never thought i’d be addicted to TSTOADDICTS LMAO !!! Be so glad to have all of you back again!!! i just know Bunny needs more “water” and Wookie needs to ramble so please Alissa, let them roam wild for awhile. i know they need it, not to mention, you too!!!

    • Gonna have to face it…you’re addicted to us. 😉

      I need LOTS more water. Wookiee needs more cheesey poofs. Alissa needs a vacation. 😉

  2. I’m reminded of a song…
    Where oh where
    Are the addicts tonight?
    Why have they left us
    Here on our own?
    My town is in shambles
    And I have no guidance.
    The website’s updating
    And ttttffffppppttt
    They’re all gone….

  3. Hurry back you guys (sniffle). It’s just not the same without y’all.

  4. east coast NC still seeing old site miss you guys

  5. It’s been 24 hours. Are you guys back yet? I miss you!!!

    • We are here…but not in full functionality…yet. We are watching from a far. AND I AM GOING FRAKKIN NUTS!!! (Yes…more so than usual) 😉

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