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Bunny’s Blurb…Be Afraid

Well hello there all you fellow Addicts. Getting annoyed that the snow still hasn’t dropped yet? Getting a lil…impatient? Lol.

Snow Bunny

No worries, you will be quite happy here shortly. In the meantime, it is time for some random rambling from your resident Addicts Asylum Patient Zero. You ready for this? Well too bad, you are gonna get it anyway.

A lot of people, mainly the orderlies here, ask me why I am so crazy. Well, I don’t know. Neither do all the other voices in my head. That or they just refuse to tell me. In my crazy lil way, I think this game fits me just right. There seems to ALWAYS be something going on. Something to do. It fits very very well with that ADD of…SQUIRREL!

So…where was I? Oh yes, my cray cray (yah I just said that). Even now as I sit here in my hotel room on vacation, I just can’t seem to pull myself away from this game…more so…from this blog. Lol. I REALLY do enjoy writing for all of you. Letting you see a side of me that most in the real world run screaming from….errr…I mean LURVE. Yah, that’s it. They LURVE me. Now why am I just randomly typing up this stuff? To confuse you of course. Is it working?

Just don’t worry. I know you all are anxiously awaiting that new Christmas Event to drop. Trust me, so am I. My eyes are going buggy “frakkin files” to see if there is any hint of anything at all that I can find. As soon as something hits, we will be here…feeding you hungry hungry monsters as fast as we can. 🙂

So sit tight, keep your eyes on us. In the meantime, feel free to poke around the blog. Catch up on some stories you might have missed. See if there is something that catches your eyes. See if there is something that annoys the heck outta yah and let us know so we can bug you for being annoyed…errr…I mean…so we can make it all pretty and fix it for you. 😛