Donuts for Fences?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with some GOOD news from the Easter Update and the Easter Box prizes.  It seems as tho EA is enjoying poking fun at themselves…but they’re also listening to what the Tappers are saying!  They’ve heard our complaints about getting stuck with a bunch of fences on the prize wheel before and this time they’re doing something about it!

For those that like to be surprised I’ll post this below the fold….so caution SPOILERS AHEAD!

After you’ve completed Part 3 of the Main Questline, Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins, a stranger will emerge from the shadows and give you a little more detail about why you’re collecting…..

Lisa: What are you gonna do with all those eggs, Dad?
Homer: Haven’t thought about it.  I’m simply obeying my brain’s deep-seated, irrational impulse to collect things.  It’s a weakness we all share, and one evil game designers are expert at exploiting.  Thanks, game designers!  But why are we talking, when we could be collecting?
Burns shadow: Psst…I’ll tell you what you can do with them.  Collect enough eggs and I’ll trade you a mysterious box from my extensive collection of rare objects from around the world.
Homer: Ooh!  More collecting!  Pretty sweet…
Lisa: Dad, is this really the most productive way to spend your time?
Homer: Lisa, someday you’ll understand that collecting things so you can trade them in for collectibles from some dude’s collection is the only way to feel good about yourself.
Lisa: But they’re random prizes, Dad?  What if you just get a bunch of fences?
Homer: Hey yea, I hate winning fences!
Burns shadow: If you suck out and get a total of 50 Easter fences from boxes I’ll also give you a free 15 donuts
15 donuts?!  Holy crap!  I love winning fences!!!

At this point you have to buy a box.  To buy a box (any color) you need to earn 500 eggs from THAT color.  Once you’ve earned 500 eggs you can tap the trophy at the bottom right of your screen:
Photo Apr 15, 12 38 44 PM

That will open up the Easter Prize Boxes:

Select the one you currently have enough eggs for (remember 500 eggs for 1 try).

Photo Apr 15, 12 42 23 PM

Then tap the 500 under the box.  That will start the prize box going….

The next part of this task (to earn 15 donuts) will be to win (and place) 50 fences.  Each time you win a fence it’s 3 fences in 1:

Once you’ve won and placed 50 fences the following will happen:



Talk about a sweet reward!

So there you have it Tappers!  EA’s answer to too many fences!  It’s great to see that they’re listening to Tappers and it’s not a small 1-2 donut reward!

What do YOU think of the event so far?  How about the chance to get free donuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

71 responses to “Donuts for Fences?!

  1. Not even made the 50 fences and now they steal my eggs because the obliged update.

  2. I am in level 39 i havnt played in awhile n just started again n im just begining sins part 1 easter thing how long do i have to finish all the parts ???

    • The end date is set at 5-13-2014 8:00GMT…I do not however see a “kill date” for the event. (The day they strip all the files out of the game so you are unable to complete anymore tasks associated to it.) So I would just keep playing along on the questlines until at least the 13th. (Since the prizes awarded are eggs, I assume you can’t go any further beyond the event.)

  3. I wish you could trade I have around two hundred fences and who know how many beach towl thing.

  4. Not sure if you guys mentioned it anywhere yet, but the 15 donuts for 50 fences also applies to the Pastel Fences. You only need a total of 50 Easter Fences and Pastel Fences.

  5. I wish they’d give us something for ponds, too! At this rate, I’m going to be the guy that needs that 81st to finish, but I’ll have tons of fences. And 15 donuts!

    I haven’t opened anything good yet, but I’m still loving the event. And not in a rush to get everything immediately, so all in good time…

  6. What up with all the cute little flying bugs? Like humming birds? I keep tappin on them, I thought they were small bunnies! I need glasses! Lol

  7. I’m stuck on the “Sucking Out” task. How do I “Place Easter Fences”? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • As you get eggs and purchase your egg boxes, you will win easter fences here and there. Once you win them, you place them down in your town. The “Sucking Out” portion will keep count as you place them in your town. If/when you hit 50 of them placed in your town, you will be awarded the donuts. So just keep playing. It is just there as a side quest. It won’t effect your regular game play.

      Info on the boxes can be found here…

  8. I’m stuck on the Sucking Out task. How do I “Place Easter Fences”? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • You place the fences by willing them in the Easter boxes. You can check out this post for more info
      You don’t need to complete this before being able to move on to the next part tho. You just have to buy the Easter Box. The fences can be placed throughout the event, you don’t need to place them to keep moving through the event. 🙂

  9. So I have to win and place 50 fences before I can move on to the next quest. Even tapping as often as I can I have only gotten 1 box a day. I do not want to spend donuts on fences but 50 fences is really a lot to win. Yes Wookiee, I am whining about this part of the event.

    • Good question. The answer is this is a “Side Quest”. So no need what so ever to complete it to have to move on. It will just sit in your task bar until you either get the 50 fences or the event ends.

      So no worries at all. 😉

    • I’m sittin right next to you with no fences & having to place 50 to move on.

  10. We got cat lady soooo mono meaning one and rail meaning rail if you catch my drift

  11. I’m hoping that the shadow figure speaking just so happens to be Mr. Snrub!

  12. OMG!!! Everyone go see Saramary’s Stewie!!! 🙂

  13. Wow…but 50 fences…a bit steep…watch, a crapload of people will get stuck at 48, exactly the number of fences I got in the VD event… 🙂 …but now the egg baskets being only single use is just…bawz 🙂

    • From the pink and blue box combined, I just hit 50. Lol

    • Lol I currently have 48 fences. I’ve placed most of them though, I like how tacky they make the singing sirloin look. And they are extra (girly) security around the prison!
      I really love the Easter update! I think the developers have done a great job of distracting tsto players from “the other game” 😛

  14. I am finding it very hard earning eggs. One egg for a bunny, sharing doesn’t really help, pink eggs are harder to get it’s all very difficult. I am not a donut hacker so how am I supposed to get these prizes? They all looks so cool but right now it looks like I’ll get 1 blue box a day and 1 pink box every couple of days, getting a 1/3 chance of something good so what can I do?

    • Between the bunnies and visiting neighbors, you should earn 800 ish a day. Certain character tasks also earn as well as you are awarded eggs for each portion of the questline. The free Frink Egg Generator unlocks during Part 8 of the questline and will also increase your egg production. Gonna be a lot of tapping for all of us but we will certainly win cool prizes.

  15. I confess to buying the truck loads of eggs to try and get stuff from the boxes and as I’ve been getting the exclusive items I’ve either been getting eggs or fences so being able to place them and get donuts was brilliant! Also, I finally got Shary Bobbins – may have done a little shriek of joy.

    • Ooo I’m jealous! I’ve already unlocked everything but Father Sean & Shary in my B game (the one I rush everything with donuts to do walkthroughs based on), those should be coming soon tho! 🙂

      • It was driving me nuts – the cycle would land on her for a second or two and then change at the last minute. I was convinced I wasn’t going to get her and then finally did. I’ve also got Father Sean too. Spent a few donuts but really glad I’ve got them now. Huge supply of fences and beach towels now though! 😉

      • Do you buy the donuts in the one you rush or do you have a cheat code?

        • We don’t use cheats. We legitimately spend money on donuts.

          • Alissa, Bunny, & maybe Wookiee are smart enough to use cheats, but have more integrity than that. (well maybe Wookiee is smart enough 😉 ok I’ll stop with the man bashing LOL) You know you would be missed around here 😀

  16. So far this update is amazing. So many new items! Can’t wait to get the egg council guy; what great fan service!
    It’s so frustrating being at work on the first full day of the event, those bunnies won’t zap themselves!

    • I’m loving this update so far! I mean it’s been less than 24hrs, but I like all of the twists and turns built into it 🙂
      And yes…I know about zapping those bunnies while at work! A lot of sneaking the phone while pretending to be busy 😉

  17. Are the fences for donuts repeatable?

  18. Ivanbezdomnyscat

    I haven’t won ANY fences yet. How do I complete this quest I don’t win a single fence????

  19. Just a quick question but has anyone else’s game been crashing a lot with this update. I get on and the game is incredibly slow and as soon as i try to visit a neighbor it crashes. Half the time it crashes even without visiting a neighbor.

  20. how many characters perform tasks for eggs

  21. During the Christmas update, I was hating EA’s guts because the update was plagued with glitches and annoying wheels.

    Right now, I am loving EA. It’s basically a win-win. Either you get a good prize, or a bad prize with donuts. Or if you’re an addict, all the good prizes, some bad prizes, and donuts.

  22. I have to wait 24 hours? WAHHHHHH 🙁

  23. I’ll probably have a better understanding once Homer, Apu, and Willie are done the “prelude” task around noon tomorrow and I get an idea of the rate at which one obtains eggs. However, I was just wondering, do you think a freemium player with 100 neighbour’s can accrue 50 fences in the allotted time? Or is it highly unlikely, don’t get your hopes up Safi?

    • If you visit everyday, I’d say there’s a high chance you could earn that many. Question is what to build with all those fences?

      • Judging by the colour scheme, I wonder how it would look around Duff Brewery? I don’t have Duff Brewery (or any premium building), however it was one I’d like to get someday and that I have saved a space for in my “industrial section”.

  24. Hi— I have the Homer bunny screen, but can’t seem to purchase anything from the menu that is new—actually the crazy cat lady is a must for me!! Restart again? Thanks.

    • Nope, you have to complete the first part of the questline (you need Homer, Willie & Apu free for 24hrs). After you complete that initial task you’ll unlock the Easter content. 🙂

  25. Nice that EA has something for those with rotten luck… I like that ‘suck out’ phrase.
    Ah well… Maybe next year for Binky and Bongo!

  26. 15 DONUTS, mmmm, salivating.

  27. Wahhhhh ~ Bunny, I keep checking my Android device and still don’t have the update ~ LOL I want to playyyyyy… Happy Tapping!

    • Try restarting your device 🙂

      • I finally got a message from the play store to update, which I did and then when the game loaded it had the update too. Thanks for the support. 🙂

      • That’s what I had to do… switch my phone off and on again as nothing was showing for me at all even though people on Android were getting it. I didn’t even have to update it, it just started updating as soon as my home screen appeared

    • K…it is most likely there and you just dont realize it. Look at your on screen icon on your phone. It AUTO updated. If you see Homer Bunny…you got it. Go into your game and it will load. If not, restart your device. Look again. 😉

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