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So much is going on all at once. I am bouncing EVERYWHERE!! I am LOVING EA for listening to my pleas. THANK YOU GUYS N GALS!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Now…hopping around like a crazy lil Bunny that I am. There a few changes to the game that I am LOVING to see. Makes a lot of things go quicker and easier to navigate. So here goes.

First off…Friend Points or FPs. You know get them EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously. Almost ANY handshake you get…1 FP. (Mainly Buildings.) Now before you get all giddy, there is a catch. This ONLY applies to those that have NOT got all the prizes yet (of course…those done have no need for them. Lol.) So for those of you that were behind or just about there, here is your chance to catch on up. (So don’t need to vandalize anymore really.) WOOHOO!!! Friend Point





Now there are also the AWESOME sounds of springs in the air as well as cute lil Spring like activity “buzzing” around. Bees can be seen all over, Humming birds flapping away, and lil butterflies.

bee butterfly humming birds



Of course…BUNNIES!!!!!!! Cool Pink, Yellow, and Purple in Springfield.


bunny 1 bunny 2 bunny 3

Then there are the “Chocolate Bunnies” in Krustyland (more info on those coming soon.)
UPDATE: So I looked and looked and looked. The information on the “Chocolate” Bunnies is sketchy, but so far I see them doing no more than just look cute and add to the decorations for the Event. You will see them at your neighbors as well as in your Krustyland. Can’t zap them. They produce no eggs. Just hop n hop n hop n hop. I will update if EA changes this. 

bunny 4


Our decorations got a makeover too.

easter fence easter flower easter hedge easter ribbon tree


Speaking of…how do these changes impact how our 2D and 3D art pieces look? Here are some of our images from Mine and Wookiee’s towns. They look quite cool with the changes.

Easter Changes Wookiee

Easter Changes Prison




Speaking of, EA did a really cool thing with the decorations…now if you have a ton in your inventory of one item (like me) and you are trying to place a lot all at once…it will place it automatically next to the same one you just put down in the same direction you were going. WOOHOO!!

Now with buying and placing them…ALSO streamlined. It stacks them next to each other and IMMEDIATELY collects the money from your account. Once you exit out of the buying screen for that item…your XP WHOOOOSHES past at a million miles an hour and collects for you. So frakkin AWESOME! (WARNING: This also means that it will auto-buy them for you too. So be careful when placing them that you stop before your money is all gone. Same with stored items…it jumps to buy when you run out.)


It gets even better. Tasks are more streamlined too. Have a character on a needed task, just click on your task book icon and it will show you RIGHT THERE who is needed on the task…click “DO IT” …and it takes you to them to start it.

new task bar 1

new task bar 2

Now…you have them on the task and want to know how long they have left…go back to the task icon and click on it…it shows you. Best part is…in the past you had to wait for them to start task or get to building to rush it. Not now. Just pay them donuts and BAM…DONE!new task bar 3


Need to find them when done…no worries there…click on  “GO TO”…and it takes you RIGHT TO THEM!!!

new task bar 4


GLITCH BE GONE!!! For myself, my B game had that annoying layering glitch and people walking under everything. ALL GONE !! WOOHOO!!

So many amazing changes to the game. EA is really listening to us and putting some great ideas into effect. I will bounce back in with more changes as I see them. For now…ENJOY!


~BunnyBunny Icon


















100 responses to “Random Changes EASTER BUNNY EDITION!!

  1. Yeah but Agnes iss no longer dating comicbook guy for 2hrs task, but he helps her cross the street. The animation hasn’t changed, but the text. I find this a bit disappointing…

  2. Here’s a little change with this update that I noticed. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned already.. They’ve apparently fixed the glitch with the jet bikes. You can no longer stack them or place them on parking lots. Tried to move one of mine for remodel and wouldn’t let me place it on another lot square, but would on expected areas such as grass, and pavement. Luckily it let me leave it on the lot space it was on and I could tweak things enough to leave it. Too bad all vehicles can’t be placed on parking lots and roads. Maybe someday….

    • That was definitely and odd glitch. They fixed a lot of the layering issues and with it, it changed that ability with the jet bikes.

  3. sick of getting kicked out every third or fourth neighbor, worst update ever

    • This is a BIG event, with a LOT going on. Some neighbors towns may be quite busy already with decorations. Check to see if it is a neighbor issue or a connection issue. Try tappin on that exact neighbor over and over. If they kick you out of the game, it could be there town is overloaded and you may want to skip them.

      If it is EVERY neighbor, it is a possibility the connection is not strong, EA server is slowed down with all the new players, or another issue. You may want to contact EA if it persists and open a help ticket.

  4. Woohoo!!!…I forgot what I was going to say…

    …oh yeah…ain’t it funny that the gift boxes are just spinners in disguise?!? LOL 🙂

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